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Disky's Daily Rant



Posted by Disky , Oct 14 2011 · 235 views

I discover BZPower right when I should be finishing my cosplay for Comic Con/Anime Fest tomorrow.




My Hair

Posted by Disky , Apr 20 2011 · 158 views
Random Ramblings
It's straight. Just for a little while, it's not going to be frizzy or curly or hard to control.

It's straight, and I feel free. ;u;


Me At The Moment

Posted by Disky , Apr 19 2011 · 605 views
nuuuuu D=

I look just like a Cubchoo.

So many tissues wasted...


Happiness Starts With Your Desktop

Posted by Disky , Apr 16 2011 · 154 views
The Internet and BZPower

Recently, while still in school, I had been feeling a bit stressed by the workload being assigned. But every day, when I turned on my computer, I was confronted with my desktop (1024x768).

And that picture made me smile every time, no matter what. <3


Spring Break Is Near

Posted by Disky , Apr 14 2011 · 204 views
Random Ramblings

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Spring Break starts for me! I'm so pumped for this break. I've been stressed out by schoolwork lately so this will be a wonderful rest for me.
Of course I still have my Saturday program this weekend, but then I don't have it the weekend after! ^^ (I should be writing a research paper for that right now)

But I have lots of plans for this break:
- Going to the art museum for an art report. But I'm going with friends so I'll have fun doing work!
- I need to restock on certain acrylic paints and buy a spare pad of palette paper. I ran out of the paper today ;-;
- Write! I have something for this blog to write, and then a story I want to get down.
- Practice poetry. My English class will be making a publication of our works, so I need to fix up my poems. Plus, we're having an in-class poetry slam, so I need to memorize my poem for that.
- Draaaaw. I have had almost no time to draw stuff that isn't for school or that is a doodle in my notebook, so this time will be opportune.
- Watch anime. Besides ongoing shows, I want to start on some other completed show. Please recommend something to me!
- Order stuff for my piece of the mosaic for Brickfair.

Whatever the case, I am going to enjoy this break.



Posted by Disky , Apr 10 2011 · 136 views

sleepover was fun and had yummy food

But on Friday, one of my art classmates had pretty severe boy problems, and was barely able to paint. Her friend (also in my class) went up to her, and he said that she shouldn't hate herself for this because the world has six billion people in it, in which she's only met a few, and that among those six billion, one person would be just for her.




Posted by Disky , Apr 07 2011 · 148 views

Woooo I'm going to one tomorrow


...Or so it would have been. I have an academic program Saturday morning, so I need to go to sleep earlier and wake up early. I hope I don't ruin the party by being a good student. xP

See y'all Saturday, anyways~


When You Know You're Distracted

Posted by Disky , Apr 02 2011 · 149 views
I have no idea what o_O

So I have three poems due tomorrow, specifically poems inspired by other poems. So I take a piece of looseleaf, write my name, and prepare to title it "3 Inspired Poems."

And then I see my brother playing Pokemon while I'm writing.

I write "3 Inspired Pokemon" and don't notice that for half an hour.


Doctor Who Fans,

Posted by Disky , Mar 23 2011 · 208 views
and 1 more...

Now now, I don't know why the Doctor is called the Doctor. But while he is very cool, I have always wondered:

Would you trust the Doctor if he were to operate surgically on you?


Supersonic Electronic

Posted by Disky , Mar 21 2011 · 140 views

So onto my love rocket climb
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love!

Currently my favorite song. <3

Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


This block is dedicated to ChocolateFrogs who wasn't sure if I could even create this.

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