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Disky's Daily Rant



Posted by Disky , Mar 19 2011 · 164 views

I walk into a Pokemon Center while playing White today, and I want to heal my Pokemon. When I talk to the nurse, she exclaims, "Hey! Today's your birthday!" and then proceeds to advertise Pokemon Centers by saying I should continue visiting them for many years to come.

I was like "whoa"


New Mouse Pad

Posted by Disky , Mar 18 2011 · 164 views

We had a half-day at school today for parent-teacher conferences, which my parents never attend. Per my birthday (which is actually tomorrow), I was out celebrating with friends, and I got a new mouse pad: One that has Shinku (from Rozen Maiden) on it. Wheeee
(as I was looking up that picture and writing this, one of the Rozen Maiden openings started playing in WMP ._.)

Other goodies: A crocheted Pokeball, two of those small voodoo doll things, a turtle cell phone strap, and a cube necklace. A pretty sweet day.

And my friend bought a Mincinno plushie for herself when we went to the Nintendo store. So cuuute~


Words Of Mystery

Posted by Disky , Mar 16 2011 · 162 views
I have no idea what o_O

So I walk into my apartment building to get to my home after school, and I enter directly after this man with an orange bucket. He has keys to the building, but I've never seen him before. Once we're both in, he looks back at me, and says something very fast.

He either said, "Wassup?" or "Nice hat." (I was wearing my Torchic hat)

I was so confused so all I did was give him a small smile in response.

What kind of ambiguous (not sure that's the right word...) things have you heard?


Art Class = Relationship Advice

Posted by Disky , Mar 09 2011 · 168 views
I have no idea what o_O

So my table in art class, despite our seats having been chosen by the teacher, is amazing. While painting, we all discuss and give each other relationship/dating advice... at least for those to whom it applies (not meeeee). But we sometimes have hilarious discussions. Best class ever.

Totally unrelated - here's my [terriblish] White team's status:
Male Lv. 37 Samurott (Kanda)
Female Lv. 33 Archen (Akemi)
Female Lv. 31 Munna (Yui)
Female Lv. 31 Pansear (Yoko)
Female Lv. 24 Sandile (Sarah)
Female Lv. 23 Vanillite (Togame)
Yoko I plan to replace as soon as I gain access to a certain Pokemon. I also question whether to have my Munna or not. Another possible member currently is my female Lv. 22 Whirlipede, Kusanagi. Otherwise, my team will change with time only~
But I def gotta evolve other people >__>


Pokemon White

Posted by Disky , Mar 05 2011 · 193 views

I obtained it today, at a pre-release event. :D It is beautiful. And waiting for hours with my good friends was so worth it.

Other goodies: An Oshawott/Mijumaru plushie and a [free] t-shirt.

I'll have the very few photos I took up... eventually. xP


Painting Lego Bricks

Posted by Disky , Mar 04 2011 · 169 views
The Internet and BZPower

So I had to bring in two objects to art class to paint (in acrylic). One was a tiny superhero teddy bear. And the other was a ton of LEGO bricks (whose colors were carefully selected to go with the color scheme).

Painting the bricks has been pretty annoying, specifically mixing colors for tan bricks and painting the studs in general.

But I am proud of my painting so far. :)


Limp Limp Limp

Posted by Disky , Feb 17 2011 · 230 views

On Tuesday in PE I ended up pulling a muscle on my right leg's calf while exercising, and ever since then I've had to limp everywhere. Stairs are a particularly powerful foe. Yet strangely, if I run, it doesn't hurt that much as walking normally does.

However, tomorrow is Friday, and then Midwinter break sets in. I should definitely recover by the end of the break. :D


Mensa Mind Challenge

Posted by Disky , Feb 14 2011 · 120 views
and 1 more...

From my Mensa Mind Challenge page-a-day calendar:

What kind of vegetable is a ZO–ZO?

(Happy Valentine's Day, everybody, btw)


Silence Is Power

Posted by Disky , Feb 12 2011 · 178 views
and 1 more...

So today I went to a university library. Since it's a Saturday, it wasn't very crowded, but there were people there.

But... it was super quiet. Like, even very low whispering seemed like screaming in that extreme silence. It was so intimidating. D:

Never underestimate the power of silence.

Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


This block is dedicated to ChocolateFrogs who wasn't sure if I could even create this.

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