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Art Class = Relationship Advice

Posted by Disky , Mar 09 2011 · 169 views

I have no idea what o_O

So my table in art class, despite our seats having been chosen by the teacher, is amazing. While painting, we all discuss and give each other relationship/dating advice... at least for those to whom it applies (not meeeee). But we sometimes have hilarious discussions. Best class ever.

Totally unrelated - here's my [terriblish] White team's status:
Male Lv. 37 Samurott (Kanda)
Female Lv. 33 Archen (Akemi)
Female Lv. 31 Munna (Yui)
Female Lv. 31 Pansear (Yoko)
Female Lv. 24 Sandile (Sarah)
Female Lv. 23 Vanillite (Togame)
Yoko I plan to replace as soon as I gain access to a certain Pokemon. I also question whether to have my Munna or not. Another possible member currently is my female Lv. 22 Whirlipede, Kusanagi. Otherwise, my team will change with time only~
But I def gotta evolve other people >__>

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Mar 09 2011 06:18 PM
Your team doesn't seem too bad barring the wildly unbalanced levels. =P

...although I'm not a huge fan of Vanillite. And why is Munna all the rage for some reason? O_o

...I'm just a noob level-grinding and looking for Drilbur in Wellspring cavern, though, so don't take anything I say too seriously, though. =P

For comparison, my team:

Dewott Level 17
Herdier Level 16
Pansear Level 13

Yeah, you'd crush me if we battled. =P
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Munna is the first Psychic type available in the game, plus it's cute. I'm debating whether to keep it or to train one of those Psychic blobs, Solosis.
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Mar 09 2011 07:02 PM
Solosis is supposed to rock with Trick Room. =P

How many badges do you have?
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Five badges now.
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Mar 09 2011 07:37 PM
One badge now. =P
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Blessed Blade
Mar 10 2011 12:10 PM
Disky: You're doing relatively better with levels than me. =P My highest leveled Pokemon is currently my Darmanitan, which I finally evolved last night.(Thank you Juniper, that Lucky Egg sure comes in handy. =P)

Also, as for the Munna, either evolve it(One Moon Stone, Voila, you have a Musharna), or train up a Solosis.

If you have access to Wi-Fi, of course, I could trade you a Gothita, as that has earlier access to some of the better moves(And some better moves overall); but Solosis will substitute fine.
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Blade: I'm not going to evolve Munna until it learns Psychic, at least. Unless Musharna has it so it can be remembered.

A Gothita would be sweet, though. :3
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Blessed Blade
Mar 10 2011 05:49 PM
Well, you could always just TM it. They're reusable this time around, after all. =P(Oh, that's gonna mess so many people up if they try to pick up a pre-Gen 5 game and use a TM to teach every single Pokemon it. xP)

Alright then. =)
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Information On Myself

Common Name: Disky
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Occupation: Student
Residence: United States
Birthplace: Ukraine
Nationalities: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Armenian, Mongolian
Status: Lifetime Premier Member
General Activities: Schooling, anime/manga, internet, drawing, writing
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Italian
More information to come.


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