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Excellent Spring Break Kick-Off

Posted by Disky , Apr 05 2012 · 76 views

I got a fever. How exciting!

But in actual good news, my friend lent me her PSP for the break so that I could play Persona 3 Portable. I'll be all over the place during this break but hopefully I can play a good chunk of the game, at least. *v*

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Not entirely certain how I missed this when the entry was initially posted; but...

Persona 3 is said to be pretty good, though I've only played a bit of Persona 1, which I should probably play a little more of sometime soon.
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Wow hey a fresh comment

Persona 3 Portable was amazing. I wish that PSP was mine so I could play it through some more. xP
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Yeah; again, not sure how I forgot to respond to it when the entry was first made. =P

Good to hear. =D I want to eventually play P3; but that would require me to be able to track down a copy of either FES, or Portable, though the latter would require me to get a PSP too. =P
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I want to play FES so much... but sadly I don't have the means to.

I'm yearning for a PS Vita right now, though - not only could I play P3P, I could play Persona 4: The Golden when it comes out this fall. *u* but, dreams will be dreams
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No PS2, I guess?

Yeah; that's the only good thing about the Vita; it's a very good machine for Shin Megami Tensei games, as it has even single Persona game on it; just portable. =P(It's a totally different style of game, but you should try the three first two games. No, the three wasn't a typo, though I'm the king of those. =P)

Also, I really need to update my blog approval sometime; maybe now that I have Blender I can make something better than the one you have. =P
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You guessed right.

Wow I forgot blog approvals still existed... I should remake mine too even though I likely will never use it again. Just to be organized. xP
also no your approval is perfect as it is.
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Thought so, but wasn't sure. =/ Too bad; there's a lot of awesome games on the PS2. =/

Yeah, I forgot about them for a while myself. xD
Even with the eye searing blue, on green, which is on top of black? =P
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You didn't know? That color combination is what makes it perfect. =P
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Ah, I see. =D Well that certainly makes sense. =D Though, maybe updating it a little so that it looks a little neater, though it's nice to know that I can procrastinate in doing so for a while longer. =P
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Fine, be that way >(

Also, what is grammar in your last sentence? =P
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I said maybe. I'll probably just neglect it for all eternity after this still. =P

I have no clue; it's called typing comments up when you're trying and failing to do ten things at once. =P

Also, I evolved some of those Pokemon you traded me last year, finally. =D Still working on some of the others, though, they really should've put in more methods of rebattling trainers into Black and White. =/
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