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Glove life

Posted by Disky , Oct 25 2012 · 632 views

I have a reputation among my friends for having ridiculously cold hands all the time. I just have to poke them and they go crazy over how cold I am.

And my hands are even colder when I'm at home, so my mom is actually letting me wear gloves inside the house (well, not when eating and all that, but otherwise yeah) so that my hands don't feel like they're frozen.

So right now I'm wearing these really fancy blue gloves over my hands. My mom offered to let me wear these old gloves that are like 70 years old, but I declined... they were much too nice...
I'll be using these other gloves soon, from my childhood, on which I can cut the fingertips off so that it'll be easier to type.

Either way, this glove thing is working a bit. My hands still feel cold but it's not as bad. So yaaay.

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Oct 25 2012 08:22 PM
A friend of mine gets cold hands a lot, so he'll often joke on Skype that he has his "Hobo Gloves" on. :P
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I've had a bit of trouble with cold hands myself. I've no idea why, but in 2010/11 my hands often felt freezing and almost like the blood wasn't flowing through them. But that stopped as suddenly as started and it hasn't bothered me since. I hope it won't persist for you.
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Blessed Blade
Oct 25 2012 08:31 PM
My hands fluctuate from warm to cold a lot. =P Once I figured I had to wear gloves inside. That didn't exactly help, and I just stopped wearing them a few days hours later. =P Sometimes they're cold, but most times recently, they've been normal. =P But yeah, I understand that a lot. xD
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My hands rarely get cold, but my feet are pretty much constantly frozen.
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Ddude: That will be me soon. =P

Blade: My hands are warm on rare occasions, and I try to savor those moments as much as possible because I know only dreaded cold can follow.

Brickeens: My mom thinks I have terrible circulation in my hand, though I don't know. I just hope it doesn't persist for me either.

Sumiki: I know that feeling. Often not even socks can save us...
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Blessed Blade
Oct 25 2012 10:11 PM
That used to be me, a lot. xD Dunno what to say; can you warm your hands up by rubbing them together? That seemed to help me at times when they got cold.

And yeah, my feet are cold very often. =P
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I'm with Sumiki. My feet are perpetually freezing. Thankfully my family kept the glorious English habit of using hot water bottles.
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