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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Eight Months!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Sep 03 2010 · 101 views
Today marks EIGHT MONTHS since I enlisted in was conscripted into the Singapore Army! This means I only have SIXTEEN months left! _icon_joy_.gif


Tmd's Where Have You Been All This Time Movie Round Up

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 21 2010 · 81 views
I know I'm really late for this. But I have heart disease, cut me some slack.

Repo Men
Some epic soundtrack dissonance and dark comedy aside; it ends up being your standard fare.The ending saves it from being "just another random movie".

Now this is a twenty-three-year-later-sequel done right. They know we know what the Predator looks like, so they don't spend too much time with them hidden as in the original. Nonetheless, they are able to maintain a good deal of suspense.
Beyond that, the style is very much like the original, yet different enough to really be a new film. They mention the original Predator's plot; bringing both movies together rather magnificently. Combined with a few shout outs ("Here I am! KILL ME!"), Predators is a sequel that works.

It made perfect sense to me. Nolan's direction and editing meshes wonderfully with the script creating a very solid film. Brilliant acting throughout and impressive visuals; this looks to be THE movie of the year.

Despicable Me
WAY funnier than you'd expect. I was laughing throughout and I swear, I could watch a film entirely about the minions. And for the first time I wish I saw this film in 3D.

Black Hawk Down

Sorcerer's Apprentice
A lot of lackluster special effects (except for the cleaning brooms scene), Jay Baruchel's ill-fitted acting, and a predictable and very meh plot doesn't do much.

They were so obsessed with it being "Bourne/whoever ONLY A CHICK!" that they didn't do much else.

The Last Airbender
Good grief. Lousy acting, awkward dialog, lousy direction, cruddy special effects, and a rushed story leads to, well, a lackluster movie. Shame too; there was so much potential in that world. There's also a fantastic shot at the end of a wave and ships that's absolutely beautiful. Makes you wish the rest of the film was worth it.

Makes you wish more than ever that Firefly wasn't cancelled. But it is an amazing movie that simply, well... completes it.

Terry Crews with an AA-12.
Not sold yet? This is a manly movie. Blood going everywhere, knives being thrown into peoples' throats, epic fistfights, and junk just blowing up? What more do you need? Though it gets draggy now and then during the exposition; once the pace gets going /it gets going/. Brilliant choreography and cinematography makes the action /really/ stand out. It's glorious.

I can't believe I watched a french film.
That said, it's a delightfully postmodern, feel good film.



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 20 2010 · 209 views

How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don't you think?



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 11 2010 · 154 views
We're not gonna die. We can't die. And you know why? Because we are so... very... pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.

This being summer and with no TV shows to idle my time away with as soon as they're put online and with me already having watched all five seasons of How I Met Your Mother, I needed something to watch.

So I decided to finally check out Firefly that had been casually recommended to me a couple years ago. With that in mind I... acquired... season 1 as I do all my TV shows and started watching last night.


Ten minutes into the pilot I was sold.

I love the world that's been created; there's a distinct culture to the life and the dialogue. I pat myself on the back every time I understand some of the Chinese. 'though the mispronunciations can be half jarring sometimes, it's fun.
On that note I've caught a couple of details of Serenity that are very much like a tank; the harnesses in the engine room or how the ramp has a smaller door, for example. Yay for having had rudimentary Armor/Turret technician training!

Very well cast and scripted too. I mentioned the syntax earlier, actually, but yeah!

And the score; I knew I'd heard the style before, like in the Uncharted games. Looked it up, and it's the same guy!

Okay, I'll stop gushing.

Time for episode six!

Oh, and btw, Kaylee wins. Forever.


Yay Yay Yay Yay

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 02 2010 · 135 views

$2.99 download on Amazon!

Right now!



Suburba Streaming

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 26 2010 · 145 views
Oh my word, House of Heroes' Suburba is streaming online. <3


The King Aside

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 22 2010 · 130 views
I bought Nico Stai's album PARK los ANGELES about a week ago. I like his music; acoustic music with the angst and un-serenity of louder music. Excellent dissonance.
I love "One October Song", with "Like Alcohol" being another highlight; but this one has been kinda apt in some ways lately.

The King Aside
Nico Stai

I'm falling into the habit again
Of dying at least three times each day
And I'm doing it better than you ever could
I'm making it look much easier too
The beat up dog is up early and clear
But what you're missing will never be there
Cause new york is slow and it's starting to show
I think I've just grown three sizes too small

The king aside I will be king
The king aside I will be king

So stay away or stay the same
A bit of shame is half the game
I'm falling into the habit again
Of saying nothing and making you pay
If I don't drip or start to shine
Sky above american eyes

The king aside I will be king
The king aside I will be king

So stay away or stay the same
A bit of shame is half the game
Oh no no
You better start to show it
Cause you know a good thief
Will never make you miss a thing
I'm falling into the habit again
Of picking up things that no one should hear
And I'm making it count
I'm making it count

The king aside I will be king
The king aside I will be king


Tmd Has Heart Disease.

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 16 2010 · 180 views
I was in the hospital from Tuesday to earlier today. Here's why:

Tuesday seemed like a normal day.

I got to work, training began, I climbed on the tank, into the cockpit and turned it on (It's like the Millennium Falcon!). We began taking things out of the turret, etc. 2pm I went to the hospital for a check up regarding my chest.

They hook me up to the ECG and I start on a treadmill.

During the test my heart rate hit 255 bpm.

To put this in perspective, my heart rate shouldn't really go past 200bpm.

They stopped the test.

I have Ventricular Tachycardia. If my heart rate hadn't slowed down I would've been dead in a few minutes.

So they figured they'd put me in the hospital. Makes sense, huh? Yeah, thought so.
Anyway, they did some tests, put me through an MRI on Thursday (I HAVEN'T SEEN INCEPTION YET. GRAGH.) and all that fun stuff.

Here's the low down:
  • I have pectus excavatum, obviously.
  • I have a heart murmur too.
  • I get VT (my bottom half of my heart will beat über fast. Deadly fast).
  • There's some fluid behind my heart.
  • My chest has shoved my heart to the side, making the right side stretched thin. (This could be a case of ARVD)

Now, most of you are probably thinking "HOLY COW JOSH ARE YOU GONNA BE OKAY? THIS COULD KILL YOU!"
Well, the fluid behind my heart is unexpected so I've been discharged from the hospital and put on medical leave for a week plus and given meds in hope that the liquid goes away. After that they're gonna do a biopsy to see how bad my heart is.
After that (tentatively scheduled to be the 29th), I'm going in for surgery to put an ICD in me.
Basically it's a magical machine that will zap my heart if the little bugger ever thinks about going into VT mode. Handy thing that (I'll be a cyborg! 8D). I'm also being put on medication to control my heart.

Granted, this kinda really sucks. I'm 19 and diagnosed with a heart condition that normally hits old people who had a heart attack. I'm gonna be on daily pills for the rest of my life and have to have an operation to replace my batteries every 6-odd years. Yeah, it really does suck.

But, ya know what? I'm cool with it. I'm not scared; I came to terms with death a long time ago, that's not my concern.
It's hard to explain all this without breaking the rules I'm supposed to enforce, so yeah. I know that I'm not the one calling the shots in my life; and I take comfort that who is is really in control. And things are working out so well, too. How, you ask?
The assistant doctor on my case goes to the same church I do.
The doctor proper (who looks like an asian Adrien Brody) is familiar with OM and the ships.

I don't believe in coincidences like this. I know I'll make it, and I know it'll work out for the best. It really will.

Still, for those of you who pray, dude, I'd appreciate it. It's not everyday you find out you have a life threatening illness.

But really guys, it's gonna take more than some heart disease to kill me.

I'll update as I find out more,
Hugs and kisses,


Go Oranje!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 11 2010 · 112 views
Hup Holland Hup!


Tmd's I Know I'm Late Movie Roundup

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 30 2010 · 81 views
I know I'm late, I had my brother in town, was hanging out and having fun. Not much time to write. But plenty of time to watch movies. It's what my family does.

Look, it's Ashton Kutcher. Kelso. That's points right there. But beyond that, it's a fun fun film. Just don't think too hard about it.

The A-Team
Understand these two things first: a) I've never seen an episode of the original, and 2) I expected nothing more than mindless action.
That said, I very very much enjoyed The A-Team. To my surprise not only was there a decent story to it but it actually had some depth. On top of that the script was remarkably well written and the editing had moments of beauty.
Not to say the action took second place. Oh no, it was there, and it was awesome. Over the top, ridiculous, possibly physically impossible, but it was excellent. It was also spaced nicely with sometime to catch your breath before blasting off again.
Gotta include the acting here, you've got Qui Gon/Ra's Al Ghul, Phil, and Wikus in one movie (and Mr T's somewhat lesser doppelganger), what's not to love? All four actors work very well together; their chemistry contributing a great deal to the film.
So, when all's said and done, A-Team is a pure over-the-top action movie -- and it knows it.
If you have a y chromosome, you must see this movie.

The (new) Karate Kid
I wrote a blog article on this entitled The Problem With The (new) Karate Kid. I'll sum it up with this: in no way at all can it live up to the original.

Toy Story 3
Pixar has done the impossible. First, they made a sequel that topped the original. Not content with that they made a third film that topped the second and the first.
This excellent conclusion to the sequence is incredible, period. They've got a plot akin to breaking out of a Nazi prison. That alone, when rendered with /toys/ should have you hooked. But Toy Story 3 isn't content with simply having a fun plot. They take it up a notch with the issue of abandonment and friendship. And oh, how they do it. To top it all off not only do they have Buzz speaking in Spanish for a while, they have You've Got A Friend in Me in /Spanish/.
If you leave this film without the want to hug someone afterwards then you have no soul.

She's Out Of My League
Unlike The Hangover, this film's crudeness isn't balanced out with genuine cleverness. Does have its moments, though.

Knight And Day
Rather run of the mill action/comedy/romance flick, but fun nonetheless.

Letters To Juliet
Yes, I saw this. Alone. In cinema. Don't judge me. *hands in man card*
That said, it was good. Sure, it's got most of your standard chick flick clichés, but it's upset by Claire's search for Lorenzo. Something straight of a fairy tell that helped make the other romance in the film still work. This one's getting extra points thanks to Charlie pointing out some of the more obvious tropes and clichés. It's unique to see a genre savvy character in a film like this.


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