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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Half Done!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 18 2006 · 17 views
Finished half of my exams. Hafta take tommorow the rest tommorow, which I'm not exactly lookiong forward to.

In other news TMD is reported to have finished Dark Tide I, leaving 20 books left in the NJO series

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif


*is Drowsy*

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 17 2006 · 18 views
Ugh, still don't few well...
Finished writing my Bio study guide.... Now needa recvver, so I'm gonna reat myself to some Sims 2. biggrin.gif

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif


Flippin' Figures

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 16 2006 · 20 views
Bleah, got tets on monday-tuesday, and I feel disgustingly sick.

Can't even think stragiht.... wacko.gif

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 15 2006 · 29 views
...was awesome.

There wasn't enough Murtagh, though. And too much Arya and Durza. But Brom was flawless, as was Saphira. The opening was fantstic too. There were some really spiffy lines in there. A very nice movie, and I am definately gonna go see it again.

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 14 2006 · 17 views
cry.gif BWAHHHH!!!!! cry.gif

The local cinema isn't playing a midnite showing of Eragon... And the only showing I can make tomorrow is thr 5:15 one... The other two I'm in school...


xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif


Exams Begin Tommorow

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 13 2006 · 31 views
Nothing against Exams, of course, but when you have TWO exams, an English porject and book report due tommorow, you begin to wonder about schooling schedules.

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif


Over-dramatized Spongey

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 12 2006 · 46 views
Creative Stuff
x.gif d.gif


A Public Service Anouncement.

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 11 2006 · 28 views

Never ever stop reading.


Important Scientific Notice!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 10 2006 · 55 views
Stuff that I find amusing

Numerous scientists are concered that ordinary drinking water may have a chemical known as dihydrogen monoxide. This chemical is unable to be filtered through in any way, and was universal throughout all the tested water. Dihydrogen monoxide is known to cause choking, blocked throats, queseness, dehydration and under certain conditions - burning. In large quantities it is also known to cause death.

Do not say you have not been warned.


Random Facts About Everyone's Favorite Villan

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Dec 09 2006 · 30 views

We all know who everyone's favorite villan is, right?

*drum roll*

Daaaaaaarth... VADER!
  • Vader is the Ducth spelling for the word 'Father'.
  • He has been portrayed (voiced/acted) by over half-a-dozen people.
  • He is considered the 3rd greatest movie villan of all time ( ohmy.gif )

And my personal favorite:
  • The chestplate has Hebrew lettering which has been translated as, "His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits"

xmas.gif Merry Christmas xmas.gif


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