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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Go Oranje!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 11 2010 · 108 views
Hup Holland Hup!


Tmd's I Know I'm Late Movie Roundup

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 30 2010 · 78 views
I know I'm late, I had my brother in town, was hanging out and having fun. Not much time to write. But plenty of time to watch movies. It's what my family does.

Look, it's Ashton Kutcher. Kelso. That's points right there. But beyond that, it's a fun fun film. Just don't think too hard about it.

The A-Team
Understand these two things first: a) I've never seen an episode of the original, and 2) I expected nothing more than mindless action.
That said, I very very much enjoyed The A-Team. To my surprise not only was there a decent story to it but it actually had some depth. On top of that the script was remarkably well written and the editing had moments of beauty.
Not to say the action took second place. Oh no, it was there, and it was awesome. Over the top, ridiculous, possibly physically impossible, but it was excellent. It was also spaced nicely with sometime to catch your breath before blasting off again.
Gotta include the acting here, you've got Qui Gon/Ra's Al Ghul, Phil, and Wikus in one movie (and Mr T's somewhat lesser doppelganger), what's not to love? All four actors work very well together; their chemistry contributing a great deal to the film.
So, when all's said and done, A-Team is a pure over-the-top action movie -- and it knows it.
If you have a y chromosome, you must see this movie.

The (new) Karate Kid
I wrote a blog article on this entitled The Problem With The (new) Karate Kid. I'll sum it up with this: in no way at all can it live up to the original.

Toy Story 3
Pixar has done the impossible. First, they made a sequel that topped the original. Not content with that they made a third film that topped the second and the first.
This excellent conclusion to the sequence is incredible, period. They've got a plot akin to breaking out of a Nazi prison. That alone, when rendered with /toys/ should have you hooked. But Toy Story 3 isn't content with simply having a fun plot. They take it up a notch with the issue of abandonment and friendship. And oh, how they do it. To top it all off not only do they have Buzz speaking in Spanish for a while, they have You've Got A Friend in Me in /Spanish/.
If you leave this film without the want to hug someone afterwards then you have no soul.

She's Out Of My League
Unlike The Hangover, this film's crudeness isn't balanced out with genuine cleverness. Does have its moments, though.

Knight And Day
Rather run of the mill action/comedy/romance flick, but fun nonetheless.

Letters To Juliet
Yes, I saw this. Alone. In cinema. Don't judge me. *hands in man card*
That said, it was good. Sure, it's got most of your standard chick flick clichés, but it's upset by Claire's search for Lorenzo. Something straight of a fairy tell that helped make the other romance in the film still work. This one's getting extra points thanks to Charlie pointing out some of the more obvious tropes and clichés. It's unique to see a genre savvy character in a film like this.


Set The Sails, Red Beret

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 29 2010 · 127 views

Set The Sails, Red Beret
Rookie Of The Year
The Goodnight Moon

Did they count you out?
We're lost within.
The feelings that you get when you're awake.
Staring at ceilings once again.
With open eyes, your bandages will heal.
Nothing but your ponytail stories to tell.
Two for one drinks
Tonight I'm meeting everyone there.
Just keep on crawling away.
Keep crawling away.

Did they set those sails for shore?
No they didn't.
Don't stop.
With the ones who set their lives around fashion rules.
Don't stop.

I didn't seem to mind.
That was during my Orlando chapter of mine.
You want it all but it's already over.
You want to leave but there's just no getaway.

Did they set those sails for shore?
No they didn't.

Was there something I could do?
We had things to get us through.
Was there something that, something you don't know?
We had plans to go out west.
With our future at our best.
Was there something that, something you didn't show?
So let's make the plans tonight.
Let's make everything alright.
And let's part our ways to figure out what we've become.
What we are.
Set those sails tonight.


Falling Apart

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 27 2010 · 118 views
[Josh's brother has left. We now return to your regularly scheduled program]

Ugh, I'm falling apart.

[We interrupt this entry to inform you that this will primarily be Josh griping and complaining. Bear with him.]

I've been getting fairly frequent headaches the past couple months. Now, I never get headaches. We're talking that I couldn't tell you what a headache was a few months ago. They annoy me.

And my chest hurts now and then. See, I have a fairly bad case of pectus excavatum. Now, my chest hurting isn't such a good sign. What, with my heart being right there and everything being kinda smushed together. Been getting it checked out over the past few months and I finally get my proper results in a week. But still, it's a pain.

And blast, I'm tired. Getting up at 5:40 monday-friday, going to work, coming home, cooking, sometimes doing laundry... Good grief. I never thought I'd consider 7 hours of sleep amazing. Bleaaaargh.

It's almost 11:45. I really should wash up and get in bed. Ugh, I'm too lazy to get up and I can feel a headache coming on.

Good grief.


Brother's In Town

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 05 2010 · 79 views
My brother's flown in for a few weeks. Expect me to be online less.


Tmd's Whenever Movie Roundup

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 04 2010 · 88 views
It's that time again, yay! Movies! I woulda seen Repo-Men but no, Singapore had to change the release date to a month later the day it came out. Good grief.

I also highly recommend you check out this topic and grace it with a reply.

Escape From New York
It's Snake! Okay, that aside, this movie epitomizes everything that was right with 80's action movies. The idea is absurd, the setting ridiculous. But once you see Snake Pliskin fire a stream of bullets in a wall and the KICK THROUGH IT you know this movie's awesome.

Breakfast Club
This is one of those movies that are simply difficult to describe. You've got a group of normal characters from standard cliques... The interactions, everything. It's natural, it felt real.

The Karate Kid
There will come a time when I stop watch 80's movies, but that is not this day!
Put simply, there is no way the remake can ever live up to the awesomeness that is this film.

Shrek Forever After
I loved the first two; and the first two were so great due to the fact that they were post-modern deconstructions of fairy tales. The third one let go of that a bit but still had Eric Idle and other voices to keep it up.
And yeah, the fourth one loses all of that. It's a straight up fairy tale with very few redeeming qualities that set it apart from, yanno, other fairytale movies. This being a Shrek film, well, disappointment is an understatement.

Prince of Persia
The whole time I watched this film I kept on thinking "Man, this would make a great video game". Anyway, the movie was good, nothing amazing, but fun nontheless. Plus, Alfred Molina's Shiek Amar's rants on modern politics was brilliant. Worth a watch.


Dokuma, Motago, Tmd, And Zarai

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 31 2010 · 257 views

Pic links to topic. wink.gif



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 29 2010 · 110 views
Been planning on doing this for a while.

Back in 2006 there was this. About two ish years passed, and slowly it became this.

Then BBC 51 came around. And with that...

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~

The topic'll be posted sometime after I finish the photoshoot, so yeah.



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 26 2010 · 103 views
I think I could put together a reasonably good looking Scout outfit. I mean, I've got a shirt that would work, pants, shoes, socks, hat... I would have to buy athletic tape and I don't have a bat (let alone a gun, or the headset. Hmm.

I'm thinking this more 'cuz I've got the right body type — tall, long, and skinny — rather than the right outfit, btw. I mean, I've got the helmet to be the Soldier but not the bulk.


Lost Season Finale

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 25 2010 · 94 views
I'm gonna warn ya up front, this kinda has spoilers for the Lost finale. It's all vague and stuff, but if you're like me (who essentially swore off the internet until he saw it), don't read it.

First off, I really liked the finale. To me, it resolved the story, brought it to a close. Here's why.
I may or may not have teared up several times throughout the episode. Go away.

Oh, and real quick, believe me, I've got plans for a few essays on this show.

Anyway, here we go, for reals:

Lost ended the only way it could.

How? The show was never really about saving the world, the mysteries, the philosophy, right and wrong; the show was never really about the Island.

It's always been about the characters.

From the first episode on, Lost has introduced us to characters and shown us their lives. Through flashbacks, flashforwards, and every action they made on their island; we've learned who they are. We've learnt their dreams and fears, their virtues and vices. We've seen what's happened to them that's made them who they are.

We've seen them with others, we've seen them love, kill, hate, defend. We've seen them grow and change. We've seen them be redeemed. Sawyer grew from a spiteful [scumbag] to a hero carrying Claire to safety. Charlie gave up heroin to become a pseudo-father.

The island and its enigma was only a vehicle. The conflict, Jacob, the Man in Black, they were all the backdrop to the greatest drama anyone can find: human relations.

And in the end?

Yes, good did win, yes, evil was overcome, the day was saved.

But more importantly, they were Home. They were with each other, the ones who'd made them who they were, who they'd become.

So of course, I'm still filled with questions (like the heck was up with the bird that yelled "Hurley" all that time ago?), but it doesn't matter. We've come to know and love these characters. We saw them crawl and fight for their happy ending.

And they got it, they found Home, they found each other. Nothing else matters.


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