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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


I'm Off, Again

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 11 2008 · 46 views

Well, that time of year again. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go off to camp again, be back around the 20thish...

See ya then!



Parade Of Nations

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 08 2008 · 82 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Nothing
Current Mood Sleepy

Just finished watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, for fun we (as a family) decided to tally how many of the countries we'd been too. Well, not all of us, if anyone of my immediate family'd been there, we put it down.

We totaled 94 out of the 204 there (46%).

Not bad. My Dad's been to all the countries I've been to, so my personal list is somewhat less (40ish less). Still, Fifty something, not bad.

Gotta love being an MK.

(The full entry has a list of the 94 countries)

-Cayman Islands
-Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
-Hong Kong
-Saint Vincent
-Saint Lucia
-Saint Kitts
-Dominican Republic
-Great Britain
-British Virgin Islands
-Puerto Rico
-South Africa
-United States
-Virgin Islands
-Costa Rica
-Trinidad and Tobago
-El Salvador
-Sri Lanka
-South Korea
-Singapore (!)
-Sierra Leone




Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Aug 05 2008 · 80 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Bring Me Down, Pillar
Current Mood Tired

Well then, after over 30 hours of traveling I'm finally back in Florence. For the next few days, anyway.

Now, to a) find Relient K's Bird and the Bee Sides and b ) See Wall-E.



I've Officially Turned To The Macside

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 31 2008 · 57 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Nothing, haven't moved my library yet,
Current Mood Suppressing squeals every time he finds a new feature


Power... Unlimited Power...

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 23 2008 · 103 views
The Internets

Currently Rocking Out To: Somewhere in the Sky, Kutless
Current Mood "Ooo... Spiffy

...he waited, marshaling his thoughts and brooding over his still untested powers. For though he was master of the world, he was not quite sure what to do next. But he would think of something.

*deep foreboding chuckle*

So, um, yeah. I've been promoted... And stuff. Now I can do... Hmm. *ahem* Now I can help the new people. Yeah

And get Omi his coffee.



Seven Years, Eh?

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 21 2008 · 61 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Be My Escape, Relient K
Current Mood Content

*watches the flood of new blogs overwhelm the Community Blog like a hoard of orcs attacking a defenseless Minas Tirith which in turn looks like many ants swarming over a dead bug which in turn looks like electrons bombarding an atom to change its structure*


-Posted from Starbucks


The Dark Knight

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 17 2008 · 73 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Music, tongue.gif
Current Mood DUDE!

Several years ago, before I left Singapore to join the ship I believe, I remember watcing TV with my Dad, an animated Batman series, if I remember correctly.
It was the classic battle; Batman vs the Joker. They were fighting in a factory of some sort. Batman's fist connects with Joker, sending the villain tumbling down to a vat of some unknown chemical.
Or not.
Batman catches him, stopping him from falling to his death.
At this, my Dad speaks up.

"This is what makes Batman the good guy, he dosen't kill the bad guys even though they try to kill him"

This tennet is strongly tested through Dark Knight, which I just saw a few hours ago. This movie isn't your average summer popcorn flick. This film makes you think, makes you question motives, question morality, question nobility, question truth, question justice.

You are presented not with an honorable villain ala Ra's al Ghul; nor is he one who has fallen upon hard times and you can feel sympathy for, like Doc Ock.
Joker is evil personified. He isn't a clown; he's anarchistic, he's moral-less, he's a sociopath. He's a heartless man who stops at nothing.

The Joker's ruthless nature and The Batman's nobility come at odds, raising the afore mentioned questions. What is right? What is wrong? What is the truth?

Morality plays a key part in the movie, at one point it takes a nameless prisoner to step up and finally do the right thing.

But less about philosophy.
More about the movie.

Did I like it?

Was it better than Begins?
Quite possibly.

One of the first thing I noticed about the movie was the look. It all seemed so desaturated, nearly devoid of colors; and what colors there were all seemed washed out and pale.

The story is as impressive as before, and as my little essay earlier shows, it's not an easy movie. It's /heavy/.
And a little scary. Once again I'm brining it back to Joker. Heath Ledger did a stunning performance, riveting is actually a better word. Throughout the movie you grow to utterly hate him and his sick twisted mind... But that's an essay for another day.

Cinematography is amazing as well, from the shots of Batman soaring, to seeing a certain villain's face half hidden in the dark. The villain in question, by the way, is very well done, and looks alot more... harrowing than his previous incarnations.

And Batman. 8D. 'nuff said, if I may borrow the godfather of Marvel Comics' catchphrase in a review of this DC Comics based movie.

I think it's about time I end this essay. In short, I really liked this movie, want to see it again, and would love to have a long discussion about the themes present it.

Yo, English Teacher! Make me write an essay about this movie!



Lookie What I Got

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 15 2008 · 60 views


Snippet Of Life

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 07 2008 · 55 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Check Yes Juliet, We The Kings
Current Mood Content

I'm sitting in Starbucks in China, surfing the intertubes on my laptop (finally, a half decent internet connection). I've got a Vanilla frap (they didn't have strawberry) on the table in front of me and am listening to my iPod.


Gotta love life.


-Posted from Starbucks

Edit: It is now 7:12. This entry was posted around 3:36. I'm still at Starbucks. I finished my frap ages ago and am reading the afterword of Orson Scott Card's Empire.




Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 01 2008 · 74 views
So I finished the first season of Heroes yesterday and am going into withdrawal until I can find Season 2.

To remedy this I'm gonna hunt down a DVD store here in China and buy it, for real cheap too.



-Posted from Starbucks

Edit July 2nd: Well, didn't know that Season 2 wasn't out yet. No wonder I couldn't find it. Ah well. I'll rent it from blockbuster when it comes out August.


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