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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Who I Do Not Want Dead

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 15 2008 · 113 views

I was looking at that one morbid topic in GD, and I thought "Hmm, who do I not want killed?"


The Makuta.

Do. Not. Kill. Him.
He's just to amazing a bad guy to die.



"distance To Shield Generators?"

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 12 2008 · 125 views

So, I watched Empire Strikes Back again.

Can you tell?


The End Is Not The End

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 09 2008 · 80 views

So, about two weeks ago I went to a Relient K concert, which was awesome. House of Heroes were playing too, and they were just as good. So good that I shelled out $10 and bought their CD. And got it signed.

And it is a great CD. But that is not the entire point of this entry.

As most of the none-BZP people reading this know I’ve got to enlist in the Singapore Army sometime next summer. Yes, conscription does exist in this world. But, well, yeah, I’ve never been particularly excited about giving two years of my life to serve in the army of a country to which I feel no patriotism towards (Well, I don’t feel patriotism to any country, living on a ship for four years does that to you). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who absolutely hate war in all it’s incarnations; I firmly believe that there is a time for peace, as well as a time for war. I just think that people should be able to choose to be a soldier. But enough of that.

House of Heroes’ album ‘The End Is Not The End’ is a great album, like I’ve said, but so much of it is focused on war and soldiers (Don’t believe me? Listen to ‘Codename: Raven’ or ‘Field of Daggers’). And well, maybe that’s part of why I like the album so much, the theme of being soldier and all. Maybe it’s because I feel like it’s what I’m going towards. Maybe it’s the same reason I love U2’s ‘War’ so much. Maybe it’s just me finally accepting what’s going to happen to me.

Maybe it’s one of those reasons.

Maybe it’s all of them.


Stop Him! He's Carrying Scissors And Hand Cream!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 08 2008 · 327 views
So I saw Madaascar 2 today.

It's so seldom that we see a sequel that rivals the original. Original, hilarious... Great movie. They also seem to have squeezed as many airplane jokes as possible withing the ten-some minutes of flight in the movie, fantastic. There's a lot of slapstick, but as much as the humor is slapstick the humor is intelligent (Monkeys in a junk yard, =P), rife with irony and the like.
And for the record, the penguins are awesome.

I'm pretty sure this might be the funniest movie of the year (Although I haven't seen Get Smart yet).



Quick Explanation

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 04 2008 · 80 views

I feel I should elaborate a bit more on my last entry.

First off, I consider myself a conservative, at least I tend to agree with them more. And for this election I would have been content with whoever won the election In all honesty I only made up my final decision as to who I would rather won a week or two ago. And not because of the issues. I don't agree with the President-elect on several issues, but what I realized was that issues weren't the whole of it. I figured that a president who would inspire and be able to rally the people would be more important.
So I have the utmost respect for McCain, even more so after his speech. And no, I'm not a crazy Obama lover either. But I'm rather glad that he'll be in office.

It's also why I'm deleting any of the 'victory' images and stuff from the entry below. Sorry, but yeah.

Just my 2¢.


In All Honesty.

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 04 2008 · 81 views

In all honesty.

I'm quite happy with the election results.

Not to mention that it hearkens back so much to The West Wing.



Obligatory Political Entry

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Nov 03 2008 · 126 views
Stuff that I find amusing



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Oct 31 2008 · 85 views



Welcome To The Shadows

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Oct 26 2008 · 85 views

Whilst you scum are out there I'm in the shadows.
Waiting, waiting.
And then.
You die.

*twirls garotte wire*



Princeton, Columbia, And Nyc

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Oct 24 2008 · 90 views

So over the past few days I've been up North (YESSSSS!) visiting prospective colleges.

Princeton and Columbia, two of the best schools in the United States of America. I had the privilege of visiting both over the past few days.
And wow.
If I get accepted into both I’m going to have a nightmarish time deciding which college to go to. Part of me hopes that only one accepts me, but I can’t decide which one I’d rather accept me.
But enough about that. How were the schools?

Went to Princeton first. The college town is very European in nature, clustered together-ish with sidewalks(!) and other staple things. And the campus… Maybe it’s because I went in Autumn, but there was something about the trees in their golden-red splendor that made everything seem so, I dunno. It was cold too (Yay!). And the architecture of the buildings, everything ranged from gothic to neo-classical to modern and back again. The main library had /three/ floors /underground/. Some of the rooms underground were still lit by /sunlight/ through an ingenious arrangement of windows and trees. When down there it’s easy to believe what the tour guide said about there being 14.5 million books down there scattered over 7.5 miles of shelving.
Princeton definitely has it’s attractions. One-time professors there include the legendary Albert Einstein and math genius John Forbes Nash (The dude from A Beautiful Mind, remember?). Alumni is just as impressive, with James Madison and Woodrow Wilson (Who was also president of the Uni) to name two of the more well known. Oh, and Thornton Wilder (Our Town, 8D!).
The general air is very tranquil, very relaxed, and yet very sophisticated at the same time. It’s also fairly easy to get a train from there to NYC. And it’s been ranked as /the/ best school in America (or right behind Harvard sometimes). So yeah, I like that school.

And Columbia, the main reason I made this trip. After getting lost in the Subway (which was fun) my Dad and I got off at our stop heralded by the words ‘COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’ on the walls of the Subway station. Walked up the steps, turned a corner, walked a short distance and we were in the main quad. At one end loomed a huge dome building with pillars, on the other end was another building built very similar in style to the Parthenon of Athens. Along the fringe of the latter building the names of several notable philosophers were inscribed; Plato, Homer, Demosthenes, etc. To anyone familliar with New York City Columbia is located on 116th and Broadway, not too far from Central Park. The campus is very together yet not squashed. The architecture is varied like Princeton’s, although less on the gothic side and more on the classical. And on campus I heard at least 5 different languages. Yes! I don’t understand what everyone’s saying!
So, who famous came from from Columbia? Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, and Eisenhower to name three Presidents who graduated from Columbia, it’ll be four if Obama wins the election. While we’re on politics, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton were also Columbia graduates. Moving on to things that people care about we have Ben Stein, Isaac Asimov (8D), and Upton Sinclair. Oh, and Matthew Fox of LOST fame (Interestingly enough, his character Jack Shephard is also a Columbia grad). And both the laser and FM Radio were invented there.
And then of course there’s the perks you get from being a student there and having NYC at your fingertips. I was told by some students there that your ID gave you discounts on shows and the artsy stuff in New York City. We’re talking tickets to see Wicked for $5 instead of $50. Or to be able to be part of the audience at Saturday Night Live (8DDD). And there are two Starbucks within walking distance of the University, and the University Book Store is a branch of Barnes & Noble. Hmm, I could get used to that. And of course, it’s in New York City.

NYC. Finally. A place where things actually go UP! Dad and me got to go do the touristy thing, you know, check out Times Square, the Toys ‘R’ Us therein (My word, quite the LEGO section), grab an overpriced hotdog at a stand and so on. We visited Central Park and the Museum of Natural History (Question. Why does the Museum of /Natural/ History follow the development of /Human/ culture, etc? That’s not natural). And the Apple Store. It’s a glass building with the Apple logo. A quick (glass) elevator ride or a run down the stairs and you’re underground in the actual Apple Store. Sweet. We walked past NBC studios and ABC’s, we saw the Statue of Liberty and rode the subway everywhere. Oh, and including Columbia, I heard at least 10 different languages. =D. So yes,

So, I like both Universities, in the rare but-oh-so-hopeful event that I get admitted into both (Hey, I’ve got a rather unique life story) picking which one to go to will probably be one of the hardest decisions I make in my life.
And btw, no need to worry about cost, being the lower low end of the income bracket means Financial Aid ought to kick in and well, =].

...Wow, that was long. 'tis what I get for writing while on a plane.


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