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TMD's Creatively Named Blog



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 10 2008 · 60 views
Currently Rocking Out To: We Are One Tonight [Live], Switchfoot
Current Mood Content

Went to see Kung-Fu Panda yesterday.

In short, I loved it, the animation was beautiful, the voice acting was amazing (Although Chan was underused).

Yeah, go see it, I can recommend it without hesitation.



Hey Dv, I'm Getting Old Too

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 06 2008 · 73 views
Currently Rocking Out To: Dare You To Move, Switchfoot
Current Mood Happy enough

Turned Seventeen today... Yeah. Not doing much, just took a bus up to Kuala Lumpur where I am now, my family's staying here for a week or so.





Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 05 2008 · 72 views
Well, we're here.

After a 30+ hour plane ride we arrived in Singapore yesterday morning around 7am local time. Since then I've had several meals; Laksa, Fish Ball Soup, Satay, Chicken Rice, and Hokien Mee. Well, that's most of what I wanted to do in Singapore, anyway. =P

On the way here I saw several movies, including Cloverfield which was absolutely amazing.

I also got quite possibly the best hair cut all year. (It's the same length etc, just thinner, 8D)

Not much else to report, am currently hanging out with my cousin at his place.



Things I Learned As A Junior

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 31 2008 · 77 views

So, yesterday marked the official end of school and start of summer (although for me it started a week ago). I put together a list of just random stuff I learned over the past school year, akin to what Darth Vader did (got his permission first). Like his, it's half serious, half silly, and another half poignant. Yes, three halves. I learned about that in math. =P.

Things I learned as a Junior
  • School's not that bad.
  • Friend's rock.
  • Friend's can be difficult.
  • Using a laptop in class is fun.
  • Slack teacher's create boring classes.
  • Prom is great. Go.
  • Do your homework.
  • Spirit Days are a must-do.
  • Dressing up as a pirate is great.
  • Eyeliner is annoying.
  • You need to really study for some classes.
  • Not all, though.
  • Computers are a gift from God.
  • When saving up for a MacBook start sooner rather than later.
  • Minimum wage's no fun.
  • Girls are fantastic.
  • Girls are confusing.
  • Girls are a pain.
  • Calculator games are fun.
  • Procrastinating is too.
  • Sport Events are only worth attending for socializing
  • We MK's rock.
  • Having an English teacher who loves your essays is a plus
  • Video Game all nighters are great adventures.
  • Mt. Dew Gamer's Fuel can make three teenage guys giggle at 2am
  • Musicals aren't too fun when you only sit in a pew for two hours.
  • I don't like sitting in pews.
  • Especially ones without cushions.
  • Being social is much harder than it sounds. Much harder.
  • Webcomics are funny.
  • Reading is my drug, it takes me away from this world.
  • My English Teacher loves my previous quote.
  • Hemmingway isn't so good.
  • Poe, however, is a genius.
  • Exempting exams is awesome.
  • Do NOT go over your texting limit.
  • Our Town is an amazing play
  • Losing the State QuizBowl Championships by one question sucks
  • Student Body Elections are blasted popularity contests
  • Home is where your heart is.
  • Your heart is where people are.
  • Home is incredibly fragile.


Finally Did It

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 29 2008 · 63 views


Indy Iv

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 25 2008 · 64 views
Currently Rocking Out To: Be My Escape, Relient K
Current Mood Surprisingly happy

So I saw the midnight showing Thursday night and wore my Dad's almost-Fedora to it.

And I've been procrastinating on a review.

So what did I think of it?

I thought it was good. I also thought it needed work. And because so much of my opinion revolves around the plot, spoiler tag ahoy.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

So overall? Great movie. I want to see a fifth one, but only if it's based on a Mystical Biblical Artifact, tongue.gif.



What Really Matters

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 23 2008 · 51 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Mood Rings, Relient K (Still)
Current Mood Content

My Grandfather drove up from Florida to visit us this afternoon. I had to work, again, so I figured I'd see him when I got home.

Not so.

He came to say hi to me while I was working, just a simple wave and a 'What're you doing here?" in his classic sense of humor. Simple, not much.

But this is life, it's the little things that matter.



Mood Rings

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 23 2008 · 54 views

Mood Rings
Relient K
Two Lefts Don't Make A Right, But Three Do

We all know the girls that I am talking about
Well they are time bombs and they are ticking
And the only question's when they'll blow up
And they'll blow up
We know that without a doubt
Cause they're those girls,
Yeah, you know those girls that let their emotions get the best of them
And I've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man

Let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
So we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
Cause we'll know just what they're thinking, just what they're thinking

She's so pretty but she doesn't always act that way
Her mood's swinging on the swing set almost everyday
She said to me that she's so happy its depressing(stressed out that its soothing)
And all I said was someone get that girl a mood ring

If its drama you want then look no further
They're like the real world meets boy meets world meets days of our lives
And it just kills me how they get away with murder
They'll anger you then bat their eyes
Those pretty eyes that watch you sympathize

And I've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man
Let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
So we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
Cause we'll know just what they're thinking, just what they're thinking


Cause when its black it means watch your back because you're probably
The last person in the world right now she wants to see
And when its blue it means that you should call her up immediately
And ask her out because she'll most likely agree
And when its green it simply means that she is really stressed
And when its clear it means shes completely emotionless(and thats alright I must confess)

We all know the girls that I am talking about
She liked you Wednesday but now its Friday and she has to wash her hair
And it just figures that we'll never figure them out
First she's Jekyll and then she's Hyde
At least she makes a lovely pair

Mood ring oh mood ring
Oh tell me will you bring
The key to unlock this mystery
Of girls and their emotions
Play it back in slow motion
So I may understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 21 2008 · 48 views
Currently Rocking Out To Nothing, I'm in school
Current Mood A tad tired


It's 1:26 and I'm sitting in class. Earlier today I handed in my speech for approval. A speech which could hopefully net me the position of Student Body Vice President.

I have to work at 5, until 10, I believe.

At 12:01 I'm attending a midnight showing of Indiana Jones IV.

Thank God I don't need to go to school for the exam reviews in the morning.



Prince Caspian

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 16 2008 · 56 views
Currently Rocking Out To Wherever The Wind Blows, Pillar
Current Mood Happy Enough

So I caught Prince Caspian today. What do I think of the movie?

Overall, I thought it was good. I only read Caspian once, and that was a few years ago, so I can't comment so much on how accurate it is. I own all seven books in one, so I should read it some time again. Anyway.

As a movie, I thought much of it was very well done. The main characters - the Pevensies and Caspian - were handled very well. The story progressed very quick, I must say. The battles were very well filmed too. Reepicheep was terrific, brilliantly done.

Oh, and I loved the Centuar's greatswords.

Any beefs? Yeah. Missing some in the development department, wasn't enough of some characters , either. Switchfoot's This Is Home was in it, but it was the last song during the credits and was slightly shortened and modified. There was a perfect chance to play it, towards then end as the Pevensies were ready to go back to England and then into the credits. Would have been awesome.

But otherwise, it's a very good movie. Not as good as Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe, though.



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