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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


-30 Minutes

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 09 2008 · 63 views
Video Gaming

Psst, it's sparking grape juice. wink.gif


Four And A Half Hours...

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 09 2008 · 60 views
Video Gaming

Thing is, I've had Brawl pre-ordered since you first could pre-order it... Since like, October...


Fourteen Hourss...

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 08 2008 · 73 views
Video Gaming
Bloody blue-collar laws...

Note: I understand why they exist... But really... Ah well. It'll keep me from skipping church, tongue.gif .



23.5 Hours

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 08 2008 · 80 views
Video Gaming
Currently Rocking Out To: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme, Nintendo
Mood: Waiting expectantly

23.5 hours and Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be avaliable. I've already paid it off, and I'll be at GameStop as soon as it opens (Blue Collar Laws here in SC prevent stores from openeing prior to 1:30 on Sundays). Soon as Church is over, I'm driving down to the mall and waiting.

I may post a snippet of how I feel about the game if I can tear myself away tomorrow.



Some Photoshop Stuff

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 05 2008 · 32 views

Currently Rocking Out To: 4am Forever, lostprophets
Mood: Content

One of my favorite thing about Photoshop is just messing around with my camera's macro function and adjusting saturation, brightness, contrast, etc... So yeah, here are a couple of one's of done fairly recently... I'll post more as I made them, I s'pose.


I was sitting outside, and saw the sun setting in the trees. Naturally, I grabbed my Camera and took a picture.
Some time in Photoshop later...


Made this one for a friend of mine, one who introduced me to lostprophets, and thus the song quoted.
I did another one where I Photoshopped her name in, but this is the original.


Made this for SAD/Valentine's Day. Sent it to a few of my ladyfriends in other countries... Joy of being an MK.


And this picture is not mine. Well, the original.
A friend of mine took it when she went to London, so I asked her if I could play with it.
I like how it turned out...


So yeah, a quick glance into the more creative side of my multi-faceted brain.




Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 04 2008 · 54 views
Currently Rocking Out To: Nothing, about to hit the sack
Mood: Sleepy

At a friend of mine's behest, I downloaded and watched the first part of the LOST pilot, which is episode 1 I believe.


This show looks cool... It's... psychological, the camering is really well done and the plot is shaping up to be interesting.

I think I found my new TV series.

BTW, Bones, I now understand. =P


EDIT: A woops, accidentally drafted this. ><


So I Swung By Gamestop...

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 01 2008 · 68 views
Video Gaming
Currently Rocking Out To: Turn It Up, Pillar
Mood: Content

So I swung by GameStop...

And now, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is mine.
Well, not in my hands, but I /own/ it, ie: I've payed for it. =D

In other news, I have $15 down on Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core...



I Know Political Discussions Aren't Allowed...

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Feb 28 2008 · 64 views
Stuff that I find amusing

No real-life political discussions or I will lock this entry


Back In The Us

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Feb 27 2008 · 50 views
Currently Rocking Out To: For The Love Of The Game, Pillar
Mood: Usual

So, I'm back from the ship. How was it? My other entry was a bit more on the personal side, this one's gonna be a bit more about how the trip itself was.

We left eaaarly Friday morning. Our plane out was delayed, and got to Atlanta minutes after our connection last. After wading through a bit of bureaucracy, we found out that we couldn't get a different flight, as we were using frequent flyer miles. Peh.
So my Mom called some people we knew in Atlanta, spent the day there, went over to some friends for dinner.
We left again for Bermuda the next morning. By some miracle the plane had /leg room/. And I mean /leg room/.

Leg Room in Economy Class

Well, the ship was the same and all... Already covered that.
First day there didn't do too much, played Phase 10 with a bunch of the new people. Great game.

Next day was Sunday... Went out to church, and then for lunch. Was cool, I /love/ Bermuda, it all looks so nice. It's a Carribean-esque island, but with the great cold, windy weather. tongue.gif
Slacked off that day, went on my laptop in the kiosk (Livingroomish room)... And had Alpen. Lots and lots of Alpen. It is /the/ greatest cereal of all time.

Come Monday I worked on Deck. =D
Got to grind, needle-gun, paint, clean out the foxhole, etc. 'twas fun.
My shoes have some yellow paint on them and my I still have some grit on my hand, XD. Ah well.

Yes, I did work.

Went out to town as a family. Was sooo cool able to just walk around again...

Hung out rest of that evening. Oh, and climbed the mast. 8D. Would've gone all the way up to Monkey's Island, except I couldn't quite figure out /how/. Ah well, it was cool up there.

On the Mast

Next morning we went out to town again, to this coffee shop that my Dad found. I grabbed an Italian soda, it was goooood. There was an Apple store next to it. I. Want. That. Black. MacBook.

Spent the rest of the morning taking pictures around the ship and stuff, then got on the plane home.

Back on the Helm

So yeah, it was a fun trip



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Feb 25 2008 · 42 views

Currently Rocking Out To: Meant to Live, Switchfoot
Mood: Happy?

I'm writing this from the Kiosk on board the Logos II.
To think, two years ago I thought I'd never see this place again.

The Kiosk (a central room, crossroads, like a living room), along with the rest of the ship has changed.
For starters, the Kiosk is different. The couches are gone, and the arm chairs are in their place. I'm sitting in an armchair that I've sat in countless times. The notice board is all but empty, so many things that would so often be there are gone. There's only a few people passing by... It's sooo... empty.
Two years ago, the ship would've been sailing. A soccer ball was being kicked around by the few kids on the ship. Some of the adults watched and laughed as we chased the ball around. How did that work? What was the goal posts I can now stretch out with my arms and just about touch the sides. The ceiling is now centimeters above my head, I almost have to duck to avoid sprinklers now.

Every time I step into a hallway or room I'm disorientated. Everything's off. I'm too high, the angle's wrong. I went down to the school my first day back. It's still there... But it's not the school. What had once been my classroom is now filled with boxes, I can't see the desk where I worked on the computer so many times, nor the desks where I built a castle with LEGO once with James.
The library is full of boxes too. Gone is the TV and the numerous books, many of which I had read. The computer which Laura and I so often fought over is gone, too.
The other class are still there, stripped of furniture. It all seems so... small... My first classroom is still there, along with my desk. I check to see if my socks that I put in there my very first day are still there. They aren't. I think I took them out when I left. I went out through the Book Hold, I walked there everyday, didn't I? Price guns are still there. The dining room is similar. All the tables in the back have been taken out, a mini-kiosk is there now. My table's gone. Ha, were it Christmas of 2003 you would've seen a trio of kids playing Ligretto until 1 in the morning. The food's the same. Believe it or not, I missed it, it tasted nice tonight. Everything looks so... Different.
I go down to the Blue/Maroon room. The stairs are as steep as ever, hah. The door handle's lower than I remember. Ah well. The TV's missing from the Maroon as are many of the chairs. But it's the same. I remember when we spent the whole night down there. That was fun. I open the fire door down there and go up another deck. All these 'short cuts' are still there, what fun.
I go up on top, the Fun Deck's still there. They moved the swings again, ah well. The White Box is there, the nettings there... The smaller box is there, and my fish is still there. I remember when we painted that all so long ago. The Funnel Deck somehow seems sooo low... The angles off again. Much to my surprise my old bike, the one I brought from Singapore is still in there. I wonder if anyone's used it since I left.

The ship's mostly the same. I still know my way around, no problem. It doesn't feel odd walking around the ship. I don't get this rush of, "hey, I'm back". It feels... Normal, right.
Yet it's empty. People who made the ship Home are gone. Friends, Adelaide, Andrew, Esa, Laura... It's the same old hunk of floating metal, but it dosen't quite feel like Home anymore.

I still love it, anyway.



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