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1 cm of Blue Sky


Quick One

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 25 2010 · 152 views

Camp today. Leaving as soon as I finish breakfast.
I'll be gone for two weeks, which means the premier perks thing will sure as heck be over by then.
So, until next year, everybloody!
Also, for those who read my comics, I'll be sure to at least post some comics on my first sleepaway camp experience once I get back. :3



Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 23 2010 · 135 views

Grah I had Full-range sparring class today. I'm light for my height so I'm terrible at things like takedowns and grappling and groundfighting in general, and Grand Master says I have to work on moving faster, keeping my hands up, and hitting harder. :sweatdrop: Other than that, I'm good. biggrin.gif
Also, speaking of height, my younger brother Tehuki is now THE SAME HEIGHT as me. In fact, I think he might be a little taller... It's not my fault I haven't grown since last July... :'(

Here's something awesome I drew for art class last term: It's a big image so I have to link it. I'm really proud of it so I thought I'd wanna show it off here.

"Kokoro" by Rin and Len Kagamine is such a sad song. It made me cry. But I cry easily so I don't know if that matters.
There are so many songs people have done for the Vocaloids with so much insanely deep feeling, like "Kokoro", "Rolling Girl", "Magnet", "Kagefumi", etc. that I'm surprised that they're not more popular around where I live. But oh well, I guess people have their tastes, even though it involves Eminem's "Love the way you lie"... -shudder-
Also, speaking of Vocaloid, Anime Boston 2011's theme is "music" and I really want to cosplay either Gakupo or Miku, so I'm like, "ZOMG PERFECT OPPORTUNITY YAAAY", so I'm excited. :3



Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 21 2010 · 170 views
Life (OMG)
I've been on a writing spree lately~! Ohoho!
And a drawing spree. Yaayz.
...You know the candy Lemon-heads? Yeah, I left a box of 'em on the floor where I was working last night, and I closed the box, and now they're kind of gooey and tasteless. I mean, it was a hot night last night, so...
I need to switch computers from my bro's laptop to our family desktop but I'm going to wait until the good songs on the radio are over. Listening to "Telephone" by Lady GaGa now. YES I ADMIT I like Lady GaGa's music. Blame Fiona. I went over to her house last summer and we listened to "Poker Face" like a million times. Speaking of, I need to hang out with her sometime. D: We need to go to Harvard Square again.
This summer seemed relatively short so far, it's already almost August. O_o Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh. High School is fast approaching and my head's spinning. I'm kind of afraid of it, because my friend (who's a Junior at the HS I'm going to) is like, "LAWLZ HOPE U DON'T GET MR. SO-AND-SO GUUD LUCK JAYYYY" Plus there's the fact that our campus is HUGE and there's a building for every subject. It's really gonna suck if it rains/snows. >:U And I have no wish to see certain people in my grade. Plus, there's the fact that there's this guy who kinda despises my guts and our last names both start with P so he's in my homeroom. Also, I have a pretty busy schedule with Violin and TaeKwon Do too...
So, any of you who have survived Freshman year intact in a public school, got any tips? D:


Premier Perkssssss!

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 20 2010 · 146 views
Life (OMG)
And this time, I'm not like, going to Toronto in the middle of it. I'm sticking around for the week. Although, this is some pretty interesting timing, because I will be going to camp starting this Sunday. My first sleepaway camp! ohmy.gif Haha, not missing out this year. 8D

Okay, so I went to the mall yesterday with some friends, but not in the stereotypical "OMG LIEK LETS GO 2 THE MALL GURLFRIENDZZZZ" way, more like, "Hey Jay, wanna come to the mall with us? WE CAN GET SMOOTHIES! biggrin.gif" kind of way.
So at the mall last night, me, Tehuki, my friend (who I will call Fleepo) and his friend (who I will call Tree Stump) went to Hot Topic first (for the lulz), then we went to Spencer's Gifts (shudder), then we went to go get gelato (yaaaaay) then we went to the Apple Store (It took WAY TOO LONG to drag Tehuki and Tree Stump out of there), then we went to GameStop (The GameStop in our mall is kind of dinky... :/), then we went to the new section of the mall (which is where all the rich people go) and tried to find a new hat for Fleepo (since one of his friends threw his Gurrenn Lagann beanie out the window. D;). So there was this store called Metropark or whatever, and Fleepo did find a hat he liked, but OH WOE IT COST HIM $30 WHICH HE DIDN'T HAVE.
Waitasecond? 30 bucks for a hat? ...I could buy myself a whole new outfit with that kind of money. o_o And the lady who worked there was hitting on Feelpo. It was hilarious once she found out he was still in high school. XD
So after that we went to Sears to find a cheaper hat but ended up goofing off in the sunglasses department. So we went to the food court and I bought my parents' dinner and saw my friend MyMy~ It's been so long since I last saw her. X3

So yeah, that's FI's trip to the mall.


Canada~ And Some Other Recent Happenings.

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Aug 24 2009 · 207 views
Life (OMG)
Oh hey, I'm going to Canada tomorrow. For the next three days.
Ontario, Toronto, and Niagara falls, here I come!
Ten-hour car trip, here I... wait, what?

Tehuki the Chibi Toa (my brother) and Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen convinced me to get Gresh, so I finally did. He's awesome, I'm glad I got him. As I talk, he's standing on my desk next to me, in all of his green... Greshiness.

Oh, and I finally got "Raid on Vulcanus". After half an hour and asking at least three people at B&N for help. D:

School starts for me on the eighth. I went school shopping recently and got a new memory stick. It looks like this:

Holds 2GB. I like it. biggrin.gif

Also, I received my letter from school saying what homeroom I'm in and all that jazz. I'm confused and slightly disappointed. >_> -sigh-

If the premier perks thing is over by the time I get back from Canada, then... uh... Sorry for the uneventful blog-week-year-thing. And in the words of Toa Whenua in the novelization of Web of Shadows...

Uh... bye.



Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Aug 24 2009 · 210 views
The fact that I'm not getting a board message when I click "New Entry" leads me to believe that Premier perks are back.
And if they're not and this is some sort of error on my part, oops, my bad. blink.gif


*salutes Nerdgirl Style*

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 27 2008 · 111 views
I believe that this blog will become unusable by me until next year.
So ya gonna have to wait 'ntil next year for me to post some entries. tongue.gif
*Salutes Nerdgirl Style*
Until next year, seeya'll!

(PS: Was this really necessary? Wait, no. Don't tell me. I don't wanna know. tongue.gif )


Human Macku

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 27 2008 · 213 views
I NEEDED something for my art category. NEEDED.
So I just decided to post this picture I did. It's Macku, both Bionicle and Human.

The human Macku looks all human-y and regular Macku is on the right. (My right. Not her right.)
And I don't know why I gave her pink hair. Who cares, it looks awesome! biggrin.gif



Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 27 2008 · 157 views
Life (OMG)
I went to the concert at Tanglewood hall today. It was awesome, but it took one heck of a long time to get there. sleep.gif;;
I blame traffic.

Anyway, I got Sarah Chang's autograph! She's a really famous violinist who made an appearance at the concert. *is starstruck*

And my mom fell in a mud puddle on the way to the car... ^^;;


Well, Then.

Posted by Bluest-of-Jayys , Jul 26 2008 · 153 views
I'm going to lose this thing on Sunday, so...
It'll become inactive.
Sad, huh?
I'll try to make a couple more entries and maybe put some art up today, then I'll say goodbye.

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