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Twisted Pretzel


No Real Than You Are!

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Oct 30 2011 · 712 views
ego leonard
Ego Leonard... simply hilarious.



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 24 2011 · 530 views

Watching some classic Doctor Who, starting with Castrovalva - with Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. And what an awesome Doctor he is!


What's That Noise... ?

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 23 2011 · 592 views

It's Saturday, stupid. What you call noise is a TARDIS landing!


The Impossible Astronaut

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 21 2011 · 573 views
Fun Stuff
Amy, the Eleventh Doctor and Rory are now staring at me from my desktop. Can't wait till Saturday...


Rip Sarah Jane Smith

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 20 2011 · 490 views

Elisabeth Sladen, the actor who portrayed Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who franchise, died of cancer at age 63 yesterday.

Rest in peace... you did a fantastic job



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 09 2011 · 295 views
Oh my wiki!

Just testing the latest nightly dump release for MediaWiki 1.18 - and the new installer rocks. Can't wait to see it in action in a few weeks when upgrading all those little wikis I'm responsible for to 1.17 - heck, if you need a wiki, call me, I'll do it just for the joy of using that installer. tongue.gif


Being Banned

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Apr 06 2011 · 729 views
Is great. Been banned for a month now on the German BIONICLE wiki on Wikia. ^^

Guess what the reason was. wink.gif



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 27 2011 · 348 views
Fun Stuff
Just got interviewed by Black Six along with HAZMAT and Takuma Nuva for the next Powercast. It was a great time - both before and during the recording and I'm looking forward to hearing the final thing, even if I already know what's going to be said. xD Don't we all love to hear ourselves talk once in a while?



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 27 2011 · 308 views
Fun Stuff
Voting is fun. And everybody with the right to vote should do it. Not just on BZP.

Oh, and Supernatural is awesome, too.


Now I'm For Real

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 24 2011 · 414 views

Now I'm finally a real Forum Assistant - I'll be there for you in S&T, Movies & Books, General Discussion and Short Stories. smile.gif

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