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Twisted Pretzel



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 14 2011 · 215 views

What's shiny is Firefly, which I finally came around to watch in its glorious, short-lived entirety.

What's not shiny is only two BIONICLE serial updates since November 2010, with the last one occuring exactly 5 weeks ago... hopefully, there'll be one this week.


I'm Shocking

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 07 2011 · 166 views

My recent promotion does have that effect on others. Apparently, I'm shocking. And shocked.


Heck, What A Night

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Mar 05 2011 · 296 views

I went to bed as POBZPC and woke up as Premier Forum Assistant... which means I am staff now... which means you may feel free to bash me now. But only here. In this blog. Elsewhere, I ask you to be nice and to ask me for advice if you need it.

C'mon, do some NtM-bashing - seize the opportunity while it presents itself.



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Feb 20 2011 · 156 views
Since I'm still active on BZP, albeit only in S&T, I decided I would revive my blog... thanks to Swert for inspiring me to do so and credit to Greg for the quote that inspired the new pretzel title. (And to a great thank you those medieval monks who invented pretzels in the first place.)

Anyway, not much to tell... so I'm just do a follow-up to my last entry ("Cancellation Year 2010"). Meet Continuation Year 2011.
- Sanctuary has been renewed for a fourh season. Yay. And can't wait for the latter half of season three.
- Stargate Universe still has 10 episodes left to air (March, why won't you come sooner?) and according to Joe Mallozzi, there may even be a conclusion to the Stargate franchise, since Brad Wright is still negotiation with the network.
- Caprica has been cancelled, but the BSG franchise carries on. BSG: Blood & Chrome's production began 10 days ago and the pilot will air in fall.
- BIONICLE still has at least 10.5 months left. Better make them a good time, Greg. Well, at least that GB thing is a start.
- 24... well, the feature film script by Billy Ray has been turned down, but hopfefully the project isn't dead yet...

Hopefully I can provide you with a more interesting blog entry soon... oh, wait, there actually is something I've got to say: Some friends are simply great and irreplaceable. I love you.


Cancellation Year 2010

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Dec 17 2010 · 248 views
Seriously, guys, what's up with this year? Almost all of my favourite shows/franchises have been cancelled or otherwise ended in 2010.

- BIONICLE cancelled (set-wise)
- Heroes cancelled
- 24 ended
- LOST ended
- Caprica cancelled
- Stargate Universe cancelled

What the heck is going on?



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jul 31 2010 · 147 views
You can expect my slow retreat from BZP to begin soon... see my previous blog entry for a list of reasons. ^^


Couple Of Updates

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jul 31 2010 · 236 views

Just some things you might have missed--

1) The Chronicler won't do any contests anymore in 2011. Our last contest will be "Lesovikk's Hiatus", a joint venture with the KanohiJournal.
2) My interest in BIONICLE is fading. I am still eager for each new chapter on BIONICLEStory.com and I still read the OGD, but I feel less excited about BZP and the saga as a whole... I just feel it is dying.
3) Since we still have (stress on "still", as I expect it to be completely gone soon, since the time span has been shortened down from 1.5 years to 1 year to 9 months and now to 6 months) compulsory military service here in Germany, which I won't do, I will do a replacement service at a day care institution for old people suffering from Alzheimer's disease (among other things). This will commence on August 2, 2010 and end on April 30, 2011, since I chose to prolong the 6 compulsory months to 9 months.
4) Afterwards, I will do some minor jobs for 3 months before I go to university, most likely to become a teacher (subjects: English and Spanish).
5) So yeah... there are some real life things that are beginning to interest me... some particular ones. ^^ Depending on how it turns out, I may consider my withdrawal from active BZPower fandom.
6) However, the Chronicler's web projects will still enjoy my full support (which means, I pay the server bills and help my staff with whatever technical stuff they need).
7) Some people sent suggestions to BSS and have started to ask me what became of them. Some of them are still being debated among the Story Squad, others are currently being polled here on BZP. Some of them, like the Mask of Healing, are currently slumbering in Greg's inbox - he has told me he will get to my MoH PM once he finds the time do do so.

That should be it. ^^

(P.S.: I am still alive)


Great Stargate Atlantis News!

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jul 17 2010 · 159 views

Just read in Joe Malozzi's Blog that Stargate Universe S02E15 will feature a crossover with post-cancellation Stargate Atlantis. Which actors are slated to appear will be revealed by MGM soon, but it is known that the yet-to-be-filmed Stargate: Extinction script will have to be adjusted to match the events in the crossover.


New Toa Team Elements Results

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jul 05 2010 · 186 views
Storyline & Theories

The BIONICLE Story Squad recently asked members to name their six favourite elements for the new Toa team Greg will introduce in an upcoming serial on BIONICLEStory.com. These are the results - however, note that Greg Farshtey is in no way forced to stick slavishly to these results, but is willing to respect and consider them.

Elements and Votes
  • Lightning - 468
  • Psionics - 453
  • Gravity - 444
  • Plasma - 444
  • Iron - 440
  • Plant Life/The Green - 425
  • Sonics - 342
  • Magnetism - 310
Thanks to all who voted. Please note, though, that some votes had to be disqualified because the posts didn't make quite clear what the vote was or because people tried to vote for more than 6 elements.

And thanks to Night Terror and Erebus for helping me count, and a special thanks to Erebus for hosting this survey.

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