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Twisted Pretzel


Counting Bss Elements

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 29 2010 · 187 views

As you know, BSS has asked you for your six favourite irregular elements for the new Toa team. We are still counting, but here is something I have got to say:

If we ask you to do a list in the format--
1. First Element
2. Second Element
6. Sixth Element
--don't write texts that come down to: "Psionics is bad, Magnetism is half bad, Plantlife is awkward, Plasma is okay, Sonics isn't half bad either..." Just give us a list of six.

And excuse us if we won't accept the element "Force" - wrong saga, guys. ^^

Please read the instructions carefully next time or we can't include your votes.

Expect the poll's results soon.



Ties That Bind...

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 28 2010 · 198 views
... sometimes have to be tied by someone who never did it before.

But: it worked biggrin.gif



Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 24 2010 · 165 views

I had my presentation exam for the Abitur (secondary level degree in Germany) today - and got the best mark possible (15) for explaining some theological stuff I don't really believe in (but I apparently managed to be convincing). So...

ABIIIIII!!! (exclamation of people who got Abitur)


Like & Dislike

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 23 2010 · 156 views
Just found my likes and dislikes of the day:

- BrickLink: far better than BZP Marketplace if looking for certain collectibles
- LEGO Customer Service: ordered a Gold Ignika from there today. It was quite expensive (4.58 €), but that price already includes shipping and the woman on the phone was very friendly, plus she remembered my name from the order mail (unless she faked that, but then she'd be a good liar).

- A certain man in black.


Gn10 Semi-news

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 21 2010 · 195 views
Storyline & Theories
Okay, I contacted Papercutz, told them what I liked about GN8 (and what not) and pretended to be shocked that there was no preview of the next GN at the end of GN9, and asked them if there are any plans for a tenth book. This is their reply:

Hi <name removed>,
Thank you for your kind comments! We are very pleased with the fan response so far. We do not have a tenth graphic novel on our schedule right now, but that could change, depending on fan response. Tell your friends about these graphic novels and get the word out. The larger the response we get, the higher the likelihood that you'll see another graphic novel. Have a great day.


At least they are pleased so far... keep buying, folks!


Mask Of Light

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 21 2010 · 168 views
Storyline & Theories
I just watched the uncut version of the Mask of Light, not that 4.5 minutes shorter version that was sold here in Germany. (They actually cut the movie for being too violent!!!)

All of a sudden I like MoL... xD


B S S - Rejected Suggestions

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 20 2010 · 356 views
Storyline & Theories

The BIONICLE Story Squad (BSS) may soon do a topic in S&T where we can announce all our rejected canon submissions, but since the BSS wants you to know about all our decisions, I took the liberty to create this blog entry. So far, you have only seen topics about what has made it past us - here is what has been declined by us or Greg, along with our reasons why.

"Kanohi Amana" - Bioni-Cool Jack

Bioni-Cool Jack suggested to name the Mask of Elemental Energy "Kanohi Amana", based on some observations he made (spoilered for length, click to show).
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Why was it rejected:
- the mask was deemed to trivial to be named
- some BSS memberes disagreed with the naming itself, to quote bonesiii: "When I read the topic title, I thought this would be about using the name "Amana" (referring to healing items) for the Mask of Healing Erebus proposed. I do not see why it would mean Elemental energy instead of healing, since healing is what Amana Volo spheres do... As far as I know, Amana Volo spheres would not affect elemental energy, but instead life energy, which is more in the category of healing... "

"Retroactively canonized Podu blog contest permission" - MatoroIgnika

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

"A Vortixx named Xia" by Invader KLI
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

"Bring back Toa Ignika" by -Sephiroth-

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

"Golden Armor special powers" by .:Yio654:.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Additional Notes
- In the past existing BIONICLE names have been assigned to characters or groups that had so far only been mentioned in story without being given a name (of course I am speaking of Naho, Nektann, and Toa Mangai). We, too, are getting some more of those and while we are open to them, the being or thing that gets named should have had some previous relevance in story. Note, though, that we are also trying to keep the amount of dupe names low, since we already have quite a few of them in story and especially when several trivial things have the same name, they get annoying.
- Proposals like "I want to create a character named X with the powers of Y and the traits Z" are bound to be rejected, since character creation is something only Greg may do. Plus, if you name a character, it is very likely your suggested name is not on Greg's soon-to-be-approved list, so he can't use it. Fan fictions or participation in the Expanded Multiverse may be more appropriate places to create your custom characters.

I hope this was helpful and informative for all readers. I intend to update this blog entry regularly or transfer it into a(n official?) S&T topic, but that is still to be decided.



Another Canon Suggestion You Decide On

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 18 2010 · 112 views
Storyline & Theories
Just go here and, read carefully and place your vote. smile.gif


Final Exams

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 18 2010 · 164 views
Got my final exam results yesterday. We have got a 15 points system for the secondary level here in Germany, with 15 being the best and 0 the worst result. Here's what I got:

German - 10 points (apparently the correctors were very harsh in this subject... some people entered the exams with an average of 13 points and left it with a result of 6 points)
Math - 5 points (oh well, that was to be expected)
English - 15 points (was to be expected, too)
Spanish - 15 points (this really surprised and delighted me)

Now I have to prepare my presentation exam, which will take place on the June 24.


Trading Post

Posted by Nuhrii the Metruan , Jun 16 2010 · 212 views
I've now got a trading post here on BZP... check it out. cool.gif

Click here!

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