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Fair Enough


Just Take My Soul

Posted by Cederak , Oct 26 2012 · 171 views

Or at least a piece of it. I may need the rest at a later date for something important. :P



I'm Done

Posted by Cederak , Oct 24 2012 · 198 views

I don't find a lot of legitimate reasons to use my blog that don't sound like rants or whining. I recognize that a lot of people use social network tools (blogs included) for those purposes, often times very unabashedly, but that's not how I typically operate.

Anyway, this entry is in regards to the fact that I posted the final chapter of my epic/mini-series Cenotaphs today, and I've got mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand, I accomplished everything with that story I wanted to, and it turned out wonderfully. On the other hand, ending an epic, while leaving me with a sense of satisfaction that I saw my work through to the end, also reminds me that there will be a vacancy in my life coming up. I've been invested in these characters for the better part of a year and they've grown on me. Wrapping up their tale is a bittersweet taste, but I enjoyed the time I spent writing their adventures.

Regarding my epic career, I've been saying "this is the last one" every time I finish an epic for the past few years. Finishing an epic, for me, has become more of a "well, I've done everything I wanted to do with the Bionicle universe on a large scale" since 2008 or so. But then another project pops into my head that I wind up pursuing for several months. At the moment, the above quote sums up my feelings pretty nicely - like I've seen through everything I want to do with Bionicle epics. For now, I'm stepping away from all that to focus on short stories, while continuing to work with the ECC and crank out a charity review every couple weeks.

Writing an epic takes so much out of me that, after all is said and done, I feel drained. I've placed so much of my creative efforts into this epic over the course of 2012, and now I just feel like taking a break from big stories like that. Unlike previous years though, I'm not going to say that this is the last epic from me, because I don't know how I'll feel next year or the year after that. For now, I'm planning to take a break from epics and don't plan on starting another until 2014, if at all. Maybe it'll be a sequel to Cenotaphs, maybe not. Don't get me wrong, I love writing epics and I love the creativity it draws from me. But my mood from start to finish changes drastically. The start is like the first day of 1st grade, so much energy, so excited to confront something new. By the end, it feels like the end of 12th grade, just wanting to get out and be done with it. I usually feel exhausted when I wrap one up, and with this one topping out in excess of 70,000 words, I think the feeling is justified.

I have some smaller ideas that should be making their way to the short stories section of the library later this year, while contributing reviews when I can. If you're a patron of our fine library, I recommend checking out Cenotaphs if you have the time. It's a 15 episode story that I spent a lot of time using BS01 to work into the canon and it was an amazing experience to work on.

Long story short, I'm done…for now. Someday, I might click the "Start New Topic" button in epics again. Anything can happen, I suppose. :)



Playing God...and Other Stuff

Posted by Cederak , Oct 20 2012 · 140 views

For the past week, I've been hard at work crafting a sci-fi piece set in the Bionicle universe that explores some metaphysical themes. It is the first of a few stories that will be connected in a way I'm not going to spoil just yet. Still, if you have a usual interest in our library's shorter fiction (though be warned this story topped out at 9,000+ words) and have some time to spare, check out Nascent. :)



My Ambage Achievements

Posted by Cederak , Oct 02 2012 · 269 views

A listing of all my achievements for the Ambage.

Into the Sky(pe)! - Participate in a Skype Write Off (5 Points)
Theme: Café

Manuscript Kiddie Pool - Post a short story. (10 Points)

It's Close to Midnight… - Write a substantial thriller. (10 Points)

Do. Or do Not. There is No Try - Write a substantial sci-fi story. (10 Points)

Vague Subject Matter - Post a story in Completely Off Topic. (10 Points)
Surrounded, Alone

Here Lies Punctuation - Find at least 10 grammar/spelling errors in a story. (5 Points)
Legend of Loganto

Critical Thinking - Substantially review a short story. (10 Points)
Letter from a Prey

Epic Read - Substantially review an epic. (15 Points)
Legend of Loganto

Can't Look Away - Post in an epic review topic at least 3 times. (10 Points)
The Herald of Darkness

Bring in the Specialists - Make a request from the SSCC. (5 Points)

Repeat Customer - Make more than one request from the ECC or SSCC. (15 Points)
Visitor and Surrounded, Alone

A Lovely Contestant - Participate in an official BZP Writing contest. (10 Points)
SS LSO '12

See it Through to the End - Finish an epic. (45 Points)

Do We Know You? - Participate in 5 Skype Write Offs (20 Points)
Café, Symbiont, Ice, Superstition, Chain

The Typewriter is Dead - Post a compiled total of 10 works across all forums. (25 Points)
Surrounded, Alone, Visitor, Chronicle, Nascent, Truth, Tracker, Rewriter, Anhedonia, The Garden, Little Broken Words

Broad Focus Lens - Post 5 stories in Completely Off Topic (30 Points)
Surrounded, Alone, Truth, Anhedonia, Little Broken Words

Critical Hit - Substantially review 15 short stories. (20 Points)
In the Mourning, Letter from a Prey, The End, O Dark Legion, Eldritch Abomination, In Writing, Special, Something a Makuta Never Does, Betrayed, The Last Memories, Birth of the Kal, Disturbed Zen, Winter Years, Somewhere

Epic Proportions - Substantially review 15 epics. (35 Points)
The Gunsmith, Faux, Spherus Magna Summer Olympics, Legend of Loganto, The Herald of Darkness, Team Curse, Revision, Hero Factory: The Biosteel Chronicles, The Bohrok Chronicles, Shadow War, Daybreak Flower, Vahki Army III - Viral Infection, The Great Legends of Metru Nui, Journey into the Light -- Part 1: The Bohrok-Kal, Lick the Sky

Poetic Soul - Write a substantial poem. (10 Points)

Home Row Heavyweight - Finish a write off story with over 600 words. (15 Points)

Keyboard Abuse - Finish a write off story with over 800 words. (25 Points)

Challenge Accepted - Enter an Ambage-hosted contest. (10 Points)
Tablet of Transit

Generalized Words - Review a story in Completely Off Topic. (10 Points)
Eldritch Abomination

Capacious Taste - Review 5 stories in Completely Off Topic. (30 Points)
Eldritch Abomination, In Writing, Special, Disturbed Zen, Winter Years

Unicycle - Review a story in one of the Review Passes. (15 Points)
In Writing

Open Mike Night - Write a substantial comedy. (10 Points)

I Bet You Think You're Funny - Post a comedy. (10 Points)

Naturally Creative - Participate in 3 consecutive Skype Write Offs. (15 Points)
Chain, Tablet of Transit, Salt-Shaker

One of the Gang - Participate in 15 Skype Write Offs (30 Points)
Café, Symbiont, Ice, Superstition, Chain, Tablet of Transit, Salt-Shaker, Toy, Throne, What the tide brought in, Settlement, Hive
Bring in the Experts - Make a request from the ECC. (10 Points)
Not For the Faint of Heart  - Write a substantial adventure. (10 Points)
The Garden
Epic Win - Substantially review 35 epics. (75 Points)
The Gunsmith, Faux, Spherus Magna Summer Olympics, Legend of Loganto, The Herald of Darkness, Team Curse, Revision, Hero Factory: The Biosteel Chronicles, The Bohrok Chronicles, Shadow War, Daybreak Flower, Vahki Army III - Viral Infection, The Great Legends of Metru Nui, Journey into the Light -- Part 1: The Bohrok-Kal, Lick the Sky, The Beginning, The Shadow and the Sea, Oppression
Heartbreaker - Write a substantial romance. (10 Points)
Little Broken Words
Tissue and Tears - Write a substantial tragedy. (10 Points)
Little Broken Words

Point Total: 430 Points (Jazzed-Up Journalist); 4 Review Tokens

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