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Pre-Pit Barraki, Gunblades, And You

Posted by Cederak , Jun 21 2012 · 256 views

Y'know that little banner in my sig with the bullets? That actually goes to an epic I'm trying to keep fairly close to canon, at least event-wise. I'm sure you already figured that out, but I wanted to take a second here to answer a couple questions about it. First off, it's not connected to any of my other epics. At all. So you can jump right in. Second, it's got six infamous warlords that just barely achieved domination of their universe, if not for a particular hypnosis-user among them. :P How awesome is that?

I think there are a fair number of BZPers that would've liked to see more of the Barraki before their mutation, before their imprisonment even. I'm one of them, curious enough about the Pre-Pit Barraki to write an epic about a particular time in the Matoran Universe's history where the League of Six Kingdoms reigned supreme. I will add that the story is not from their perspective, nor is it exactly about them, rather, I'm taking this in a roundabout "Forrest Gump-esque" direction with the story being told by this everyday, average sort of character that gets caught up in living out a dream. Yeah, no elemental powers, no Kanohi skills, just a biomech that wants some freedom in life and encounters some individuals with very interesting skills and intentions.

That's another thing I want to address: biomech. I'm not sure when I started using the word in place of "people," "person," "men," "women," etc. but it works for me. I haven't encountered it in anyone else's writing, but I know I'm not the first person to come up with the term.

Anyway, there's my pitch. If any of that sounds interesting, go read Cenotaphs.

Oh yeah, and there's gunblades. :D


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That certainly does sound interesting! I think I'll meander over to that topic and give it a read. :)

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There was once a member on here named Biomech. It's hard to think of anything else when I hear that term.
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