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Canon Error I Ran Across...

Posted by Cederak , Feb 28 2013 · 325 views

I was rereading my epic Cenotaphs recently because I enjoy writing the kinds of stories I would love to read, and...something came to my attention. While perusing BS01 at the same time, I came to the realization that I introduced Kanoka disks to the Matoran Universe roughly seventy six millennia before they would officially be invented in Metru Nui. Not that anyone bothered to point this fact out to me, so either A: readers of Cenotaphs wanted to have a laugh at my expense, or B: Everyone who read Cenotaphs was as unaware to the origin date of Kanoka as I was. At any rate, it's not something I really want to go back and correct,  only mentioning the use of Kanoka maybe three or four times.
In other news, I have a very special announcement coming in March regarding Cenotaphs Season Two! What a treat that'll be, right? Well, stay tuned...  :)

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I was just rereading Cenotaphs, too, and I also noticed that error, although since you noticed it I guess there's no real reason to point it out.

Also, cool to hear you're doing Cenotaphs Season Two. Hope it'll be interesting.

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Nice to hear that, but, weren't you leaving in March?
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Canon? What is this thing you call canon. Never followed any in my entire life. Canon?


Fanons where its all at boyeeee.

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@TNTOS: So I wasn't the only one. :P


@DM: March 19, yes.


@CeeCee: Fanon is usually my speed as well, but when I try to commit to canon, I try to really get it right.

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Well, I didn't notice it. I guess I was either too involved in the story to notice that that trivial detail.

Although my memory doesn't immediately call in a reference to Kanoka in there. Would that be Mantax's thing...I don't think that was it...
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You Probably Have The Wrong Address

No? You're actually looking for Cederak? Formerly Toa Cederak? Oh, you don't remember me having that name? Well, that's for the best.

What can I say here that can't be found in my profile? Or rather, what do I want to say here that can't be found in my profile? I could've copy/pasted the "About Me" section here, but if you go ahead and click that profile link just above, you'll notice it's the only dark blue text on the page. Unless there's blue text in some advertisement that loads when you click the link. That is, unfortunately, out of my hands. Besides, what's a little effort on your part to check my profile? Labor builds character, or so I've heard. If anything, it's made me more than a little cynical at times. Hey wait, cynicism is a character trait!

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