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Let's Talk Cenotaphs Season 2

Posted by Cederak , Mar 07 2013 · 237 views

As promised late last month, I said I'd be discussing some things regarding season two of Cenotaphs, my next epic. Now, I want to address this concern very early on. You will not need to read Cenotaphs to jump in right at the second epic. I've seen writers make this promise in the past and I've found that it's really hit or miss as to whether they're being truthful or not. Here's the deal. Cenotaphs is roughly seventy five thousand words in length. I want to keep my season two audience as large as possible, so making season one required reading was out of the question.
Over the past few months, my brother and I have been hard at work writing up a total of twenty two episodes for season two that I think readers are really going to enjoy. My brother isn't a BZPer, but he watches a lot of television shows and I valued his input during the creative process. My initial thought with Cenotaphs was to write it like a TV miniseries, but I don't feel it quite hit that mark. Season 2 will be much more episodic, really having the feel of watching a show while you read the story. I ran through Cenotaphs with my brother and he agreed that we should make absolutely sure no one has to sit through that first epic if they don't want to.
Having made that decision, there won't be a lot of reference to Cenotaphs during season two. If any reference to a major event is made, it will be described in great detail, not with a vague explanation or something. Anything from Cenotaphs will be approached as though the protagonist experienced it earlier in his life and there just simply wasn't a first season at all. However, there will be a few ties to Cenotaphs that won't affect season two in any way that would alienate new readers. This will be my attempt to reward readers of Cenotaphs by including little things from that story. Like I said, new readers will look right over these things and the episode will feel just as complete for them.
Also, a minor spoiler to those who haven't read Cenotaphs, the narrator, Adrinor, will be returning to helm season two as well. Considering I'm not making a lot of callback to Cenotaphs, Adrinor's first person perspective is the only real constant between seasons. So that news shouldn't come as a very big surprise.
Last of all, I want to announce the title for season two. Cenotaphs 2 was the earliest idea, but since this next story is so far separated from all that (excluding Adrinor, of course), I searched for a new name with a new meaning. Sure, I keep calling it "season two," but that's mostly because this is the continuation of one character's story into a second epic. Truth be told, this next epic has a standalone feel to it that was very intentional.
That said, season two has been titled Cynosure. The word means to guide or direct, to be the brilliant center of attention. How that will play into the next chapter of Adrinor's story, well…you'll have to wait for that. I anticipate Cynosure will see its first episode released in the summer of 2014. Until then, I still recommend Cenotaphs as a great read to anyone that hasn't already finished it.
Tune in next week, I'll be saying farewell to BZP in a touching letter or something like that. My official departure date is March 19, which will be the beginning of my super-busy-unable-to-write-fanfiction stuff. Details next week. :)

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Is SPOILER coming back in Cynosure, too? I assume she is, but you didn't say.


By the way, Cynosure is a cool name for an epic. Now I want to use it in a story because it's such a cool-sounding word :P .



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@TNTOS: Yes, she'll be back. Season 2 will focus on those present in the final episode of Cenotaphs. :)



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2014... that'll be a long wait, but considering how good Cenotaphs was, I think I can manage. Hoorah!

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Man, you're making me wish I was better at planning things out. Looking forward to it!
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