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It wrecked me

Posted by Janus , Nov 25 2012 · 323 views

Disney Wreck-it Ralph Amazing
If you're one of the few people who hasn't seen Wreck-it Ralph yet--I really can't encourage you enough. I went into it expecting an okay movie filled to the brim with geeky game references that I would enjoy.

What I got was one of the few movies that can make me genuinely tear up. Multiple times.

This movie has so much heart in it, you guys really need to go watch it.

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Wait, Toy Story III lever tear up??

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Personally didn't cry at all at Toy Story 3. But from what I've heard everyone else and their dog did, so yeah. That level.
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I would have seen it by now, but I've been focused on school....
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I keep hearing that it's good. Though, I'm normally a movie snob. I'll enjoy most movies, good and bad, but I'll also pick the story apart the best I can (the story is what I love most about any movie).

Even so, I have never once cried at any movie in my entire life. The only one that really came close was Fox and the Hound. You know, the moment when the woman is taking Todd out to the forest to abandon him in a preserve, and she's tearing up and Todd has no idea he's about to be left all alone and the woman recites that poetry about goodbyes and... Oh my gosh, that scene gets me every time (oddly enough it's only the verge of tears, though. =/)

Anyway, is it that level of heart-string tugging? Because that's hard to beat in my opinion.
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The story is fairly simple, but it keeps you guessing throughout. However the biggest thing this movie has going for it is the strength of the storytelling and the depth of the emotions involved.

As for your comparison--honestly I've never seen the Fox and the Hound. I will say that not all the tears in this movie are from sadness. The ending makes me tear up for how heartwarming it is.
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Hahli Husky
Nov 26 2012 09:57 PM
All I need to Disneybound as Vanellope are the right color of striped tights/leggings. :D NURRRR
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Haha, well I do consider storytelling to be a crucial part to the story as well (especially in movies).

Anyway, I take it it's like UP then? (So many moments with that movie. So close to tears).
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It is kind of like, UP yeah. But I was honestly more affected by Wreck-it Ralph than by UP.

Maybe it is because I am a nerd and wuss, I do not know!
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