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Mass Defect 6: The Doctor and the Soldier

Posted by Janus , Jan 20 2013 · 502 views

Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Wenglestum Lets play? Relax Jenkins
After a moment of soulsearching Wenglestum has come to the conclusion that he is Commander Wenglestump Sparklepants Shepard.  There's no way anyone would or could command him to talk to everyone in the universe!  Or at least he hopes that really, really hard.
However it has barely been a moment when he hears two of his underlings talking.  Loudly.  Like seriously, do they want the whole ship to hear them?  Wenglestum rolls his eyes thinking it might be a lovers quarrel before hearing the word "Spectre" usually that doesn't come into a lovers quarrel--or at least Wenglestum hopes.  (He doesn't actually know.  Wenglestum has lived a surprisingly sheltered life for growing up in the wasteland that is earth.  Nobody has taught him anything there is to know about the thing they call "love")
Standing creepily close by, Wenglestum allows them to finish their conversation before leaning in.  It appears a young soldier and the ship's resident doctor are in an arguement.  The Doc is whining about doing his job, and the kid is whining about not shooting stuff.  UGH WHINERS.
1. Relax, Jenkins - Jeese man, the game has barely started yet.  There will be plenty to shoot (spoiler alert, there is plenty to shoot)
2. The Doc's right - The doctor has every right to whine about actually doing her job.  And the kid is pretty dumb.
3. Part of the job, Doc - APPARENTLY nobody told this DOCTOR that being a DOCTOR meant DOCTORING people.  Especially people who get SHOT.  JEESE WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR IS THIS.
"Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn.  Tell us the lesson that we should learn"
"Vote early, and vote often."

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In these hard economic times, doctors need to be kept in business.

The Renegade option is the tough love we need.

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"Part of the Job Doc"


+3 future irony points when Jenkins forgets the "not being shot" part of his job.



Spoiler alert.

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Numba three!
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Tossing my lot in with number 3.

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