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Days Of Future Past

Posted by Janus , Feb 19 2009 · 440 views

FOR SCIENCE! 2.0 (2)

Yes. I missed yesterday. I was so ill that I fell asleep at 8:30 PM and still felt tired and ill upon awakening. I am feeling better-ish now.

I need to make some sort of header for my FOR SCIENCE entries. its got to be easier than constantly typing out all that code.


Word count: 1,393


Days of Future Past

Six mighty Toa, elemental guardians of the Matoran stood at the ready; their faces grim and their bodies tense. Though no Kanohi masks were being activated, and no weapons were drawn, the Toa were clearly gearing up for a challenge.

“Together we stand” Murmured Onua, Toa of Earth.
“Do we really want to be together here?” joked Pohatu, Toa of Stone.
“No.” Was the curt reply of Toa Kopaka, Toa of Ice.
“Absolutely not” Growled Tahu, Toa of fire.
“Nooooot really” Toa Lewa of air said with a half smile.
“I don’t know, I don’t think it’s that bad…” Toa Gali, Toa of water, said with a slight frown.

“Attention!” Came a loud and shrill voice, drawing all of the Toa’s gaze towards a small Matoran clad in a black Rau.
“Attention! Would the Toa Mata please enter the theatre!” The small Matoran shouted loudly, seemingly oblivious to the shudder the Toa gave at being called “Mata.”

One by one the Toa shuffled in a grim funeral march towards the large stone construct that the Matoran referred to as the ‘theatre.’ All except Toa Gali who simply frowned at each of her despairing brothers and muttered
“I don’t think it’ll be that bad!” One by one each Toa handed in a small stone tablet that the Matoran assured them was called a “ticket,” (They had to wait a few minutes as the Matoran chiseled half of the “ticket” away. They also had to wait longer as the Matoran needed to explain to Tahu why he needed to do this.”

After the last dying shouts of “But now there’s only half!” and “I need to do it! Company policy sir!” faded, the Toa found themselves in a large, dark enclosure. Noting rough seats carved out of the stone of the building, the Toa seated themselves and…stared in silence at the large black screen that dominated the entire wall in front of them.

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?” Pohatu moaned.
“Contractual obligations” Kopaka grated out, dropping the temperature in the room a few degrees.
“I hate contracts” Pohatu muttered in response. The rest of the rest of the Toa, minus Gali, simply nodded their heads grimly. As for Gali, she simply sat with her arms crossed and stared at the screen, seemingly ignoring all of her brothers.

“I’d like to welcome all you Toa to the theatre” came a slick voice. Turning their heads the Toa could see that the screen had lit up and…what they supposed was the face of some sort of pink fleshy…thing was speaking to them.
“I think we’ve got something very exciting for you today. As you know we’re in our first few years of BIONICLE, but through advanced time travel we’re able to show you what you’ll look like in the future. And in place of your bonus this year, that’s what we decided to do!” The last sentence was spoken incredibly rapidly, and it was a few seconds afterwards that Lewa, finally understanding piped up with a
“Hey!” but it was too late. The bizarre pink thing was speaking again.

“We’ll start with your first transformation. Circa 2002 you’ll be dealing with a new threat, the BOHROK. Sounds scary, eh? But fear not, you’ll be turned into a new form at the end of it…hmm, guess I kind of spoiled that storyline, huh? Oh well, on with the show!” The screen flickered briefly and faded to black while some heavy drums kicked in. The Toa unconsciously began to nod their heads in time with the music, being unexpectedly pumped up by the event going on around them. Then the first slide appeared.

“What the heck is that!” Pohatu shrilled, pointing one of his two fingers at the screen, his mask practically falling off his face.
“Pohatu Nuva” a different announcer spoke “Toa Nuva of Stone, he wears the Kakama Nuva, the mask of speed”
“…A moment of silence for Pohatu” Lewa said with a small laugh, patting his brother of stone on the shoulder.
“I really hate contracts” Pohatu sighed, putting his face in his hands.
“Next slide!” Lewa shouted loudly, a large grin on his face.

The screen responded in kind, bringing up the image of a White-clad warrior.
“Kopaka Nuva. Toa Nuva of Ice, he wears the Akaku Nuva” The announcer said clearly. Kopaka analyzed the screen, the various different booms of his telescopic lenses clicking in and out as he gazed. Finally he spoke.
“Not bad. Where’s my sword?” said coolly, his single visible eye showing relief at not having a repeat of Pohatu’s fate. Lewa on the other hand was anything but pleased and grumbled “next!”

Again the screen switched, bringing up the image of a Toa wielding two large weapons.
“Wait…are those?” Pohatu questioned, eyes wide.
“….Chainsaws?” Onua finished, clearly aghast at what he was seeing.
“Onua Nuva. Toa Nuva of Earth, he wears the Pakari Nuva.” There was a pause in the theatre as the various Toa turned to face Onua. Even Gali looked sympathetic and simply put a hand on his shoulder while mouthing the words “I’m sorry.” For his part, Onua took the news like a real Toa. Only once screaming
“CHAINSAWS?!” before turning and staring at the floor. Even Lewa wasn’t able to crack wise about this, and so the burden fell to Tahu to angrily demand “Next!”

The screen seemed happy to oblige and changed again, the earthy hues of Onua’s land morphing to the bright greens of the jungle.
“Lewa Nuva. Toa Nuva of air, he wears the Miru Nuva” At this announcement even Kopaka couldn’t hold back his snicker.
“Your mask looks like a chipmunk.” He said with a snort of laughter.
“…He’s right, you know?” Tahu said, staring intently at the image.
“….I hate you all” Lewa murmured before looking at the image himself and screaming loudly.
“MY MASK!” was all that he was able to get out before Gali put a hand over his mouth and glared
“Shh! It’s not over yet!” Lewa simply whimpered in return.

This time the screen changed without urging from the audience, the verdant greens of Lewa’s jungle being replaced by rivers of fire and high mountains of volcanic rock.
“Tahu Nuva. Toa Nuva of fire, he wears the Hau Nuva.” Came the soothing tones of the announcer. The Toa simply stared at the image.
“It’s…not bad, actually” Kopaka stated plainly
“Why does Tahu get to look good?” Lewa whined plaintively
“Well your sword certainly seems big enough” Gali said, eyeing the picture warily.
“…I like it” Tahu said, surprising himself. Then he and Kopaka turned to each other and high fived over the heads of their brothers, large grins on their faces.
“We don’t suck!” they both said, clearly relieved.
“Shh!” Gali said “It’s my turn next!”

And indeed it was. The screen changed for the final time, altering the intense reds for a softer palette of blues, and in the midst of those blues was a figure swimming serenely.
“Gali Nuva. Toa Nuva of water, she wears the Kaukau Nuva.”
“I….I….what?” Gali mouthed wordlessly.
“I’m so sorry” Pohatu said with a sigh.
“On the plus side, you got propellers” Lewa said with a grin. “I’d kill for some propellers”
“All in favour of not letting Gali Transform?” Kopaka grunted. The Toa raised their hands unanimously. As this happened the screen faded again, and the pinky fleshy thing came back on screen.

“I hope you all enjoyed this peek into the future, Toa! We’ll be testing these in focus groups soon, so don’t be surprised if the weapons get bigger…oh, you might get some guns too. Just a heads up!” And the screen went blank.

The Toa walked wordlessly out of the theatre, past the black Rau’d Matoran and into the jungle that surrounded the large stone building. Various mutterings of
“I want my money back” and “I hate contracts” could be heard through the thick foliage as the Toa wandered dazedly back towards their home Koro’s. As the Toa faded from view the Matoran took out a small walkie talkie and pressed it to the side of his mask.
“It’s me lord Makuta, our plan worked perfectly.”

On the other end of the walkie talkie a dark voice growled in response.
“Wonderful. That’ll show those execs for making me look so terrible as a set!”

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Interesting idea. I was hoping there would be a 2008 preview too. But then the Toa would have probably rioted.
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Little Miss Krahka
Feb 19 2009 10:53 PM
Yeah, they have no idea how bad it can get. No idea.
Though admittedly, Onua Nuva's chainsaws/rollerblades? YEAH.
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Rather nice. The thoughts of the Toa are hilarious.

They don't know the horrors waiting for them.

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Queen of Noise
Feb 22 2009 08:39 PM
I foresaw and expected the ending, but that didn't make me laugh any less uproariously when I reached it. Wonderfully hilarious idea and well-executed. You have a good knack for stretching this characters a bit (partially by placing them beyond their usual conditions) but still keeping that rather in-character, and I applaud that.

There were some areas that were wobbly grammatically, and I notice you still have a slight problem with redundancy--specifically in repeating the same phrases in short succession or having successive sentences begin the same way. Don't be afraid to shake it up a little! Explore new ways of wording things.

Grammar and syntax and such worries are easily corrected by proofreading, so they're not really a worry. Superb work, m'man; keep it up.
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