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So I Did

Posted by Janus , Feb 25 2009 · 491 views

FOR SCIENCE! 2.0 (6)

I'm tired.

Very tired.

This is what runs through my head--except this is like, maybe five-to-ten minutes of a dialogue that runs all day long.

Wordcount: 536 (Anyone else notice the shrinking wordcounts? I do!)


So I did

A soldier screamed as he fell, clutching his arm where the magic still burned his flesh. All around his comrades were dropping, their primitive blades no match for the small band of mages that had surrounded their leader.
“Fools!” The archmage hissed, magical energy erupting from his body. “Taste my wrath!”

“Nah” I thought, mentally shelving the idea.

Almost instantaneously the battlefield melted away and I was left with a blank slab of sun scorched rock hanging high above a small winding river. Nearest the edge of the enormous stone was a figure cloaked in shadow, its eyes just barely visible through the darkness of its hood.
“Why have you come here?” the figure questioned, and my view shifted to a shaded enclosure where a young man stood, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.
“To learn the truth” He muttered grimly.

“Nope” I thought to myself. “Not quite what I’m looking for”

As if it were a rubix cube my brain reassembled pieces of the scene until they resembled something completely different. Now I was in a deep pool, out of the corners of my eyes I could see my arms furiously driving in and out of the water---of course they weren’t my arms, and as my view shifted away I saw a young girl of about 20 pushing herself to her limit as she swam from one end of the large pool to the next. Then I found myself viewing the scene from underwater, large goggles filling my vision.

For a moment I pondered.
“I do love this feeling” I felt myself thinking “I really love the separation between above water and below. I love the way that line is so thin that all it takes to plunge your head in and it’s something completely different…and I love how peaceful it is under the water.”

Already I could feel pieces clicking into place, replacing and altering themselves. No longer was it a young girl in my minds eye, instead it was an older man with the body of a swimmer. The pool itself melted away, leaving a vast oceanic plain for the man to cut through with his body. But I could feel the weariness though it wasn’t my own, could feel the way his body ached—could even feel the bite of the cold water as it surrounded his body.

His face dipped under the water, revealing sights of beauty untold. Just beneath the surface lay all manner of life—but I could still feel the weariness, and could feel the man slipping further and further. My mind had already written the end to this tale, the man would die surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.

“Nah, too depressing” I found myself thinking.

For once my brain wasn’t able to think of anything further. The scenery of the ocean melted away into absolutely nothing, for the briefest of instants my brain was absolutely silent. Then came the image of me seeing the previous storylines in my head. A bit Meta, but I eventually figured it out

“Oh. I get it. I’ll write about the process I go through to make a story for For Science! 2.0”

So I did.

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That's deep man. Not really though, you're just insane.
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Copout lol.

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Dude, I must say that this is an awesome piece of work. The scene with the man swimming was especially well-written and engaging. And I love it whenever the title of the story appears within the writing. tongue.gif

I'm gonna have to check out some of your other stuff. smile.gif
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