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And Mortals

Posted by Janus , Mar 06 2009 · 238 views



Gah, this took way too long and was way too forced at points.

But it's done. There, you have part two.

I'm going to curl up and die in a corner now (That means sleep, mmkay?)

Word count: 1,040


And Mortals

Sam and his new ‘companion’ arrived home, having decided that it would be best to retire for the day. Or rather, Sam felt compelled to leave the rapidly darkening park and without consciously willing it began to stand up and walk through the near-empty streets.
“Was that you?” He thought, wondering if his newfound compatriot would be able to hear him.
“Of course it was” Came the near instantaneous response. “It’s not particularly hard to control you, Sam. You’re just bits of flesh connected to muscle.”
Sam frowned but said nothing, instead concentrating on resisting his muscle impulses…just to see if he could resist the ‘God’s’ power.

His legs continued to pump mindlessly and his steps never missed a beat.
“Nice try” Came the dark humor of the voice. Sam bit his tongue in response, thinking about what he could possibly do—and the first thing he felt was to get information.
“At least give me a name to curse, then” he mused.
“I have none to give, mortal. I was given none” the voice responded. Sam’s face crinkled into a frown and his mind raced—in all of the reading he had done, he’d never heard of nameless Gods, in fact every God seemed to have a name and be at least semi-well known by the humans of the era.

“And why do you think that is, Sam?” The voice murmured questioningly. Sam paused.
“Because….Gods make themselves known to humans so that they might influence their world? Like you’re doing with me?”

Dark laughter echoed all around Sam’s head as the voice chuckled maliciously.
“No Sam, you’ve got it all backwards. Gods influence the world for only two reasons: To prolong their existence or to exact revenge.”
“…And which are you here for?” Sam asked, the question sounding tremulous even within his own mind.
“Neither.” The voice replied simply. “I’m here to benefit my parents.”

The voice fell silent for the rest of the walk, simply steering the body to where it wanted it to go. Sam, likewise, remained quiet and ceased his efforts to regain control of his body, simply attempting to stop his racing mind from overwhelming him.

At last they arrived at Sam’s home, and, upon entering promptly collapsed on the nearest chair. Though exhausted, Sam immediately felt a presence in his home and warily looked over—the child from the park was back.
“It seems my experiment was successful” the boy said in his rich, dark voice.
“You…left?” Sam asked hopefully.
“Not entirely.” The boy said with a smile. “I’m still there, I’ve simply allowed some of my essence out.”

Sam sighed.
“Tell me again about this, please. Explain it to me, after all if you’re going to be inhabiting my body it seems only fair.” The boy paused for a moment, averting his eyes downward. Then with a sudden movement he stared unblinkingly into Sam’s own eyes.
“Very well, mortal.” He softly growled. “It really is quite simple…the world of Gods is very different from the world of mortals—whereas everything here is bound in physical form, the world of Gods is unconstrained energy. Unfortunately that means that in order to access this realm we must also bind ourselves in physical form.” Sam nodded, his mind racing to keep up, but not wanting the boy to stop.
“However this binding gives us limited time and once said time has elapsed we’re immediately snapped back through into our own world—naturally the process is quite painful and some of our energy doesn’t make it back.”
“…And using me you won’t get snapped back?” Sam murmured, faltering slightly.
“I never said that” The boy said with a wide grin. “All I said is that using you I’m able to stay here longer—for all I know you could come to the world of Gods with me…”

Immediately Sam’s eyes lit up and his mind began to fill with imagery from the many books he’d read. Massive mountains and pillars of ornate stone, gorgeous scenery and Gods milling in and out of temples erected in their honor. He smiled.
“Not quite” The boy said flatly, interrupting Sam’s reverie.
“Not only is it not like that…they wouldn’t be particularly happy to see you”
“Why?” Sam said, perplexed. “I haven’t done anything to them.” The boy smirked.
“Not you personally, no. But Gods and mortals do not get along…very few Gods enjoy spending time with their creators.”
“Creators?” Sam said, quirking an eyebrow.
“Yes.” The boy said. “Legends, myths. The creation of Gods, the more belief the Gods get the more powerful they get—as their believers fall the less power they have and the more they fall from grace. You mortals are responsible for the creation and decay of every God.”

Sam fell silent for a moment, simply allowing everything that he had learned to sift through his brain. Naturally none of his reading had prepared him for anything even close to this.
“Then how do you have any power?” He finally asked, unsure.
“Because I was born while my parents were at the height of their power and in the front of worshippers minds…but shortly after the entire structure folded—far too early for any child to join the Myth.” The boy smiled slightly.
“But that means…”
“Yes, Sam. That means that I’m not constrained by you mortals. I don’t have to worry about your belief in me.”
“Then why are you here?” Sam asked, mystified. Who was this mysterious God and what did he want?
“I want what any child wants, I want to help my parents.” The boy smiled widely and vanished again, simply ceasing to be in Sam’s eyes. Then he again heard that insidious voice in his head.
“Gods of War, you see. So you’re going to help me out, Sam. Together we’re going to cause absolute mayhem…and when the streets run with blood then my parents will be revived. Sound like fun?” Sam said nothing, finding his jaw unable to move. He thought a variety of curses but almost nothing coherent, he was scared now.
“Like I said, Sam. You and I are going to be getting to know each other quite well. Now let’s hurry…we have plenty of work to do.”

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You should read this. The basic idea is eerily similar to what you've written, except it's infused with a humour that only a Brit can provide.
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The premise of the nature of Gods is also a theme of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. A popular concept it seems, and altogether plausible to my mind.

You sure you didn't just copy these guys? tongue.gif

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