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Kraggh's Works ♫♪



Posted by Jean Valjean , in Humor, BZPower Jul 19 2018 · 33 views

:kaukau: High school know nothing about having SPIRIT. BZPower? Now, there's a community that has SPIRIT.

Someone make me a dad already.



Some sentences in Iniuri

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Literature Jul 13 2018 · 57 views
:kaukau: Vɚciu yo ʒaví vrá, vmu Megaʒí Aɚceinåná, vmu viunizí veaʒaʒá vu vaaʒá.
Vɚciu yo Yeʃuaʃ-i Cleɚs-i, vmu Manegɪni Vláɚ, vmu Vʌʒoʒoyí. Voɚlisau Vloɚ Æstaɚrí Astaɚrá lu viudisau Maɚs-i Doɚmisakiná.



Avengers: Infinity Plotholes

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Movies Jun 05 2018 · 75 views
Avengers, Infinity War, Marvel and 1 more...
:kaukau: I've been meaning to type this up for a while.




Canceled Hotdog Summit

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Humor, Events May 24 2018 · 86 views
Kim Jon-Un, barbecue, humor
:kaukau: I was hoping to meet with my father before work and put some hotdogs on the grill this morning. Unfortunately, that could not come to pass, and I gave him this formal Filial Statement:

Dear Mr. Old Man,

I greatly appreciate your initial availability for a barbecue schedules to take place at 12 today at your place with Siracha. I was looking forward to having lunch with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous distractedness and open apathy displayed by your most recent statement, I feel that it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this last-minute meeting. It is difficult for me to schedule a lunch when you are already mentally out to lunch. Therefore, let this letter serve to represent that the Siracha summit, for the good of both parties, but for the detriment of our local supermarket, will not take place. You talk of your cooking capabilities, but my sauces are so spicy and delicious that I pray to God they will most definitely see use.

I felt a wonderful appetite was building up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that appetite that matters. Some day, I look very much forward to eating with you. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for the increase of the sausages that are now at home in the refrigerator. That was a beautiful gesture and was very much appreciated.

Yes, this was in reference to something that we saw in the news this morning.



The People's Flag of Milwaukee

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Life May 22 2018 · 46 views
Vexillology, flag, Milwaukee and 1 more...

Posted Image


:kaukau: Yes. Yesyesyes.

Milwaukee needs to listen to the people on this one. Have you seen their current flag? Plus, this current one is so good. People have even printed it off and begun hanging it out about town.

Similarly, Sioux Falls has no flag, but there is a popular movement to adopt one. I have gone to church right next to a flag factory, and they have the proposed flag flying outside on their parking lot. Go look it up. I might discuss that one tomorrow. I am also strongly considering buying my friend one of those flags for his birthday (he lives in Sioux Falls).




Posted by Jean Valjean , in Nerd May 22 2018 · 61 views
algebra, trigonometry and 1 more...
:kaukau: Just double-checking my math.
  • Flag A has proportions 5:3. Width is <w> and height is <h>.
  • There is a white star with five points, all spaces 72o apart.. All convex angles are 36o. All concave angles are 72o.
  • The circumscribed circle of the star's outer points shall have a diameter (1/10)w.
  • The circumscribed radius of the star's outer points is <r>, and the inscribed radius is <r2>,
  • To coordinates of the star's center are <3r, 10r>.
To roughly describe that to people not plotting this out with me, that means that there is a star one tenth the length of the flag in the upper-left-hand corner. Now for a description of what I want to accomplish with that star, before I get to the math involved in accomplishing that.

Surrounding the white star shall be thirteen stripes, each of equal thickness. The stripes shall conform to the shape of the star. Some of the star-shaped outlines will not be fully visible, but will be implied on account of the parts that appear on the banner. The thirteenth striped will only have one of its concave corners visible -- in the bottom-right-hand corner. The main star will be tilted in such a way so that this corner and the corner of the flag match up perfectly, and that there is neither the beginning of a fourteenth stripe, nor a thirteenth stripe that is not as thick as the others.

Now for the math on how we get there. I will start by defining r2 with respects to r.
  • The outer corner and nearest inside corner of the star form a triangle.
  • The lengths of two of its sides are r and r2.
  • The angle between them is half of 72o.
  • The angle opposite of r2 is half of 36o.
  • The angle opposite of r is 180o minus the other two angles.
  • 180-(72+36)/2=126
  • I can determine r2 via the Law of Sines.
  • r2=r(sin18/sin126)
Now, if I were to draft a version of this flag by creating multiple layers on Photoshop, one for each concentric stripe which, in its own layer, would be a full star, by how much would I have to upscale the star in each layer? How much larger must each star be in order for the inside corner of one of them to be exactly the distance from their shared center so as to match the distance of the flag's bottom-right-hand corner to the same point?
  • The distance from the star's center to the bottom-right-hand corner can be determined through the quadratic formula.
  • The coordinates of the bottom right-hand corner are <20r, 0>.
  • The triangle formed between this point and the star's center has legs <3r-20r, 10r-0>.
  • h2=[(-17r)2+(10r)2]1/2
  • h=r3891/2
This isn't quite enough. You would think that you simply take this number and divide it by 13, but that will not come out as intended. The distance covered by the stripes does not cover the hypotenuse of these two points, but rather the hypotenuse minus whatever space is already covered by the original star.
  • h2=r3891/2-r(sin18/sin126)
  • h2=r(3891/2-sin18/sin126)
  • h2=r(3891/2sin126-sin18)/sin126
In order to find the thickness of each stripe, measured from each of their inner radii to the inner radii of the next stripe down (or in the case of the first stripe, the distance from its inner radii to the inner radii of the original star), simply divide by 13. Stripe thickness shall be given by the letter
  • Stripe thickness is <t>.
  • t=r(3891/2sin126-sin18)/(13sin126)
Now I must find out the exact distance from each inscribed stripe radius from their shared center with respect to r.
  • Inscribed radius is given as <r2.n>, where n is the number of the stripe in relation to its proximity to the central star.
  • r2.n=r2+nt
  • r2.n=r(sin18/sin126)+nr(3891/2sin126-sin18)/(13sin126)
  • r2.n=r[(sin18/sin126)+n(3891/2sin126-sin18)/(13sin126)]
  • r2.n=r(13sin18+n3891/2sin126-nsin18)/(13sin126)
In theory, we have everything that we need in order to outline this flag. However, some might find it impractical to fabricate this using the inscribed radii as the baseline for these shapes. I have run into that problem, and therefore I have taken the extra step of defining the grown of each layer overall. I would like to know the visible and invisible circumscribed radii of each star, from which I would like to confirm a factor of growth with respect to the central star.
  • r1.n=r2.nsin126/sin18
At this point, I'm stopping, because this is where I have to double-check my math. So far, I have at the very least determined r2.n. I think that what I have here is the next step for solving r1.n, for my fabrication needs. My math muscles need a little more basic stretching before I can feel ergonomically confident figuring out the rest. Ah, the days when I used to work on calculus for fun.

One last thing. I have quite easily determined that the triangle ought to be tilted at an angle of sin-1[17(3891/2)/389].



Santa isn't real

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Humor May 19 2018 · 108 views
humor, comedy, America
:kaukau: It's okay to break this news to kids. However, telling people that America isn't #1? Completely off limits. You're never too old to stop believing this.

England has suave accents? America has suaver accents.

France has a nuclear carrier? America has more nuclear carriers.

Germany has good cars? America has better cars.

Denmark has the world's happiest population? America has a happier population. Plus we're free.

Russia is really big? America has Texas.

The Soviet Union put man in space? America put man on the moon, and probably will get to Mars before anyone even catches up.

Italy has romance? America has the Hallmark Channel.

Italy also has opera? America has the Phantom of the Opera.

Italy also has really good food? America took Italian food and improved it.

Japan has anime? America has Pixar.

China has the world's largest army? America has a Hulk.

Mexico has spare time? America has Back to the Future.

India has Bollywood? America has Hollywood.

The Bahamas have tourism? America has Disney World.

Puerto Rico has good weather? America literally owns Puerto Rico.

Switzerland is neutral? America basically runs the world and can afford to not be neutral.

Brazil loves football? America loves football so much that it's a completely different sport to us.

Jamaica has Usain Bolt? America has Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Al Oerter, Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Mark Spitz, Florence Griffith Joyner, Shaun White, Ian Thorpe, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Jesse Owens.

Sweden has the most popular Youtuber? America invented Youtube.

Australia has kangaroos? America makes it legal for people to actually keep them as pets.

Canada hates Quebec? America hates California, but nowhere near as much.

New Zealand is the set for Middle Earth? America is the set for Pandora.

Vatican City has the Pope? America has dope.

Ireland has luck? America doesn't need luck.

Norway has fjords? America has Fords.

North Korea has the world's largest stadium? America can feed athletes to play in stadiums.

South Korea has K-Pop? America has the Backstreet Boys.

South Africa has Nelson Mandela? America has Barack Obama.

Saudi Arabia has oil? America possibly more oil, and definitely more soil.

Egypt has pyramids? America has pyramid schemes.

Belgium has waffles? America has IHOP.

Iceland has the song "We Are #1?" America is the reason why that song is in English.

Greece has gods? I repeat, America has a Hulk.

Israel is the homeland of God's Chosen People? America actually has a much larger population of God's Chosen People.

The Netherlands has Audrey Hepburn? Credit where it's due.



The Des Moines Flag

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Life May 17 2018 · 58 views

Posted Image

:kaukau: See, that's good flag design, right there. A child can draw it, and it limits itself to basic colors and geometric shapes. it uses its space quite nicely, has meaningful symbols, and shows a clear connection to its heritage through design similarities with other significant flags, namely Old Glory.

I designed a formal flag for my currently flag-less town and ordered the appropriate nylon fabric to piece it together, and hope to present it to my city council before Labor Day. It did not take inspiration from the Des Moines flag, but by happy coincidence it shares many of the same design elements, which I would consider appropriate. It's enough to look intentional, but definitely different enough that you can believe me when I say that I did not specifically have the Des Moines flag in mind at all. However, I do suspect that I was subconsciously influenced. I crafted a design intended to evoke something quintessentially American, but also distinctly Iowan. A few weeks before designing it, a cousin of mine mentioned how he thought that Des Moines had a genuinely good flag, and the overall atmosphere of those graphic elements must have given me a certain frame of reference in my approach for my own town flag.

After I present it to my city council, I hope to show my design on BZPower, regardless of whether or not it's accepted. Until then, I don't really want it floating around on the internet before my presentation.



About Doctor Strange...

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Movies May 17 2018 · 47 views




Kevinstentialism: My Conversion

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Humor May 14 2018 · 81 views
humor, lame humor
:kaukau: All hail the one at the center of everything!

One Kevin to rule them all.
One Kevin entwines them.
One Kevin to bring them all
And in his Number enshrine them.

Posted Image

Do you have assurance that you will go to Kevin when you die?



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