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Counting A Blessing

Posted by Kragghle , in Life Sep 12 2009 · 21 views
When I was in grade school, few people called me by my name. Instead, my nickname was a certain profane word. People would shout it at me during breakfast. One day, I went to a teacher who was right next to the table where I and the slanderers were sitting. Guess who got in trouble?

Yeah. Me.

To make matters worse, she didn't seem to care nor notice when the kids, who were right next to her, all laughed and pointed fingers at me. Back then life was really unfair, and there were even worse times, such as when I was beat up every day on the bus and had things of mine stolen and broken, then getting in trouble for things that I didn't do or say.

Later on, things didn't get much better. At a different school, these experiences left me with much unsettled anger. I indulged myself in self-destructive behavior, which in plain English means that I became a bully. I was a victim of myself, and I am still ashamed of some of the stuff I did and said. Having Asperger's Syndrome only made things worse. People continued to detest me, and some, especially girls, treated me like a creep even when I improved, and I can't blame them.

Today, things are much better. There are a lot of things going for me. I'm popular, for one thing. Yet, sometimes life can still be unfair, but then I suppose that I should remind myself of what I've been through, that things have been worse. I can't relate to when people try to compare my problems to those of people in third world countries, but things get put into perspective when I remember what I have already gone through.

I don't quite know what the moral to the story is. The one that comes to mind is "count your blessings".


Car Crash Miracles

Posted by Kragghle , in Life Sep 12 2009 · 24 views
I'm pretty lucky to be alive. It's not that I have gone through the most impossible of circumstances, but I have come close to being seriously hurt several times.

I was about six years old. I can't remember exactly, but it was around that time. It was around the middle of the day and I was biking with my family. Crossing main street, I was hit by a car. I was thrown off my bike, but got up without a scratch.

I was about thirteen and riding my bike from school. A car pulled in front of me as I was riding off the curb and I hit it. I was thrust off my bike and flew over the trunk of the car, but got back up without a scratch.

It was about a year later and I road around a corner, getting hit by a car. I got a scratch, but nothing more.

It was yesterday, and while reading a blog entry by EmperorWhenua about driving a car I remembered these three occasions and realized just how fortunate I am.

I believe in miracles.


A Death Today

Posted by Kragghle , in Life Sep 11 2009 · 22 views
Many big things have happened to me in the past week. I got a perfect score in an infamous vocabulary test, got my bike back, and learned the name of a childhood favorite song. Yet, the event that has touched me the most is one that happened to someone else.

In one of my classes, the teacher was interrupted by a phone call before she could give a presentation illustrating a concept we had for homework. We waited as she talked on the phone.

"My dad just died. It was about that time," she said once she was done. There was a silence. "I think I'll go see him." She told an assistant to look after the class while she left. Once gone, the class began talking like nothing had happened, although a few people mentioned the recent occurrence. I remained silent, and prayed.

When it was time fore lunch and people were headed for lunch, I walked past the teacher as I went. "I'm sorry," was all I said. When I got to the lunch line, I was the hundredth person in line. I left, found a secluded space, and at length I cried.

Later as I biked home today, it rained harder than I have ever seen in my entire life.

I never cry at movies. Not even when a character dies. The fate of a fictional character doesn't mean much after a while. The last two times I cried were while watching Schindler's List and Titanic, which were based off of real stories. Never does a news story on a recent death move me, either. In the end, it's hard to relate to a statistic. The only time I ever cried over a world event, coincidentally, was when I remember those events to which today is the eight anniversary, as I did at 6:30 this morning when looking through the books in the school library.

When the grief of death touches the soul is when it comes somewhere personal. In some way, you have to be there. I was there when the teacher learned of her father's death. I was there last year when a classmate learned of his father's death. I cried then, too. It is then that death becomes real.

Someone asked me why I cry when I hear of the death of someone else's father. I gave a fancy answer, but the truth is, I don't know. Only can I say that it I feel I should care.

To those who have passed from this world, rest in peace.


Sister's Birthday

Posted by Kragghle , in Life, Events Sep 11 2009 · 24 views
The funny thing is, I can remember exactly what I was doing when the twin towers came down, and I wasn't that old. My mother was the the hospital, and each of the siblings was placed with a different relative. I don't know why we were all apart.

Since I was home schooled back then, any work was homework. I can't remember if I asked my aunt for homework or if she decided I needed some form of it. She ended up switching on the news and telling me that "this is your homework." We both watched. It was coverage of the twin towers, still standing. Soon, an airplane smashed into one of them.

To this day, I still don't understand why someone was tape recording them in the first place.

My aunt said "oh no." I heard many scrambled voices from the television. A second plane hit. They began talking about terrorist attacks. The buildings collapsed. This was no longer homework; it was the greatest event of the decade taking place.

I can't remember when I stopped watching.

In the hospital, my father saw the event on the television. He didn't have time for it, and turned it off. For my parents, there was a more important matter. A nurse scorned my mother for giving birth that day. Several hours later, my sister was born.

I was informed at around midnight. Eight years ago, and I can still feel just how big a day that was. It still sticks with me. Always will.

This birthday's to you, sister.


Effort And Belief

Posted by Kragghle , in Wisdom Sep 10 2009 · 49 views
I've noticed something, and it should be obvious. Society likes to put emphasis on the intelligence of people. I will hear people say "you're too smart for me" and stuff like that. I have come to realize that in most cases, intelligence rarely makes a difference.

"It's not what you have but what you put into it."

Whether or not that's a quote, I don't know, but it summarized what I mean to say. When it comes to school, I work hard. Very hard. I try my best to focus. I believe that other people of equal intelligence do not excel as much as I because they either don't put as much effort and heart into their learning or don't believe in themselves, sometimes both. I know, if I said "you have little ambition and faith" that would be just as insulting as saying that you're stupid, but I believe it would be a more accurate term.

It's important for people to believe in themselves and put forth effort in their doings. For example, yesterday I had a ton of biological chemistry terms thrown at me, non of which I understood. I had a tendency to turn off when people start mentioning polysaccharides. I didn't believe in myself, but then I decided to give it a go. It was still difficult, but I knew I had to take the challenge. Then I began to take the task seriously and began writing long, detailed notes in my own words to help me understand the concepts.

What just happened? Effort and belief. I managed to get my homework done successfully. They do have as much influence as intelligence.


Hannah Montana Ruined Everything

Posted by Kragghle , in Life Sep 09 2009 · 34 views
It's true!

My sister wanted a game of Disney Monopoly. I can understand her interest. It sounded pretty fun. However, once it was opened, we find out that Hannah Montana and High School Musical are Park Place and Boardwalk, respectively. It's a slap in the face to see them put in the highest places of honor. My mother expected Snow White to be Boardwalk and Fantasia to be Park Place. It would have made a whole lot more sense, because those are two of the oldest classics. I mean, ten years down the line, who's going to remember Hannah Montana. Maybe Miley Cyrus will still be known, but her goofy alter ego from the TV show? The chances are truly against it. Meanwhile, Fantasia and Snow White were huge achievements that rose above and beyond the movies of their time. Nothing like them were seen, and they were even in color. To put this in perspective, Snow white was released during the 30's. We all know what's so characteristic about the thirties. Color footage starting becoming standard in the mid-60's. Those films were far ahead of their time. What barriers did High School Musical and Hannah Montana break that made them worthy of the two most expensive squares on all the board?

It kind of spoiled things. Not just for me, but my mother and my sister. She still plays it, but it's kind of awkward.

Live long and prosper.



Posted by Kragghle , in Art, Michael Phelps Sep 04 2009 · 51 views
Michael Phelps
Posted Image

This is the first drawing I ever took seriously, done in mid-2008. Looking back, I can't help but cringe. I didn't use a grid system, so it's somewhat lopsided, especially the ears. On the other hand, I measured it afterwords and found that its dimensions were exactly 50% greater than the original picture, which was the cover to a Sports Illustrated magazine completely dedicated to him.

But it's Michael Phelps, so that automatically qualifies it as awesome.

Live long and prosper.


Homework And Early Arrivals

Posted by Kragghle , in School Sep 01 2009 · 30 views
I have found that working ahead on my homework brings about an immense satisfaction. I'll go as far as to say that it's entertaining. It increases my self-esteem and my confidence. When faced with a ton of homework, the experience of doing extra work will tell me that I can handle it. Because I work ahead, moments of immense work loads shouldn't be too common.

It is healthy in many ways. I also go to school at least a half-hour early every day. I'd say I don't have a life, but I'm always thinking further down the line.

Live long and prosper.


Essay Fossils

Posted by Kragghle , in Wisdom, School Aug 29 2009 · 28 views
I love essays. They are my favorite part of school. When I'm given them, it's basically the teacher giving me points for writing down my thoughts, speaking my mind. It's awesome.

How does one go about writing an essay? Some teachers will suggest that you must have x number of drafts, the first just being a sketch and so forth. I respectfully disagree. I believe that you will need only one draft for many occasions. Here, I'll explain:

When you write an essay, you already have a general idea of what your opinion on the subject is. You begin with certain facts to work with. From there, it's a logical process. It's like a story that writes itself. You may foresee where it's going, often that is inevitable, but that's okay. Stephen King said in "On Writing, a Memoir of the Craft" that writing is like archeology. You have your tools, and the story is a fossil. The entire fossil is there, and you see some of it, but you just have to brush away until you see the entire thing. With an essay, it's the same principle. The structure, the thought process, is there, you just have to be there to write it down.

When a teacher tells me to write an outline, I think "get real". One should have an outline in their head already and know what they want to say. If you don't, then it's still no big deal. You don't need the outline anyways, because then you can just write and see where it takes you.

However, if you take pencil to paper or start typing and you only have a small statement, chances are you don't see the entire fossil. You see the head and the tail, the beginning and the end, but you don't see all that's in between. The basics may be understood but there's still more to be said. Still, I don't heed to the teacher's advice of creating a list of things I have to say. If I can't write much, then chances are I don't know enough on what I am talking about and will either have to study more or understand the subject better. What more should the reader understand?

This is usually where a second draft is written. Go back, think it over, and write what you think, or you could talk to someone (it could be yourself) about the subject. Try to make it a conversation where you kind of ramble on. Think back on the conversation. If a short, insufficient essay was written, then chances are that you said more than what you wrote.

For those of you who read my entries regularly, if any such people exist, then you might notice that with me the term "essay" sort of equates with "journal". I'll be honest and say that that's exactly how I approach an essay. I don't see why not. When we journal we right down our thoughts and experiences, usually a bit more personal than an essay, but still the same. When I write an essay, I put myself into it, and make it part of me. Sometimes a teacher will ask to write a page on something personal, in which the line between journal and essay is completely gone.

I consider an essay healthy. I think that it's healthy to put it down my thoughts on paper. I don't know who I would be without it. I wouldn't go insane, but I'd feel less like I made my mark, and I would feel less like I'd composed my thoughts and beliefs.

So, yeah. I like journals, I like notes, I like essays, and I like this blog.

Live long and prosper.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

Posted by Kragghle , in Humor Aug 29 2009 · 29 views
It's simple. Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and, as it always has, rock smashes scissors.

I got it after the second or third time listening to it. The thing is, whenever I try to explain it to others, they change the subject by the time I get to Spock.

Live long and prosper.


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Username: Emperor Kraggh
Real name: N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Heritage: Half Dutch, 25% Hungarian, 12.5% Swedish, 6.25% German and Irish
Physical description: Looks like the eleventh Doctor
Favorite food: Chicken, turkey, and beef.
Least favorite food: Vegetables of any kind
Favorite band: Queen
Favorite singer: Billy Joel
Favorite song: American Pie
Favorite movie: Schindler's List
Favorite TV show: Smallville & Arthur the Friendly Aardvark
Favorite play: Les Miserables
Favorite color: Silver
Second favorite color: Brown
Favorite board game: Risk
Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps
Lucky Number: 53
Past-times: Writing, reading, politics, drawing
Political party: Republican
Religion: Christian
Language: Not English, but American.

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