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Cage Of Daydreams


So I'm A Forum Assistant Now...

Posted by Nuju Metru , Mar 05 2011 · 397 views

EDIT: I hadn't even noticed, I also got me a 3rd-year Huna now.

-Nuju Metru


One Day More

Posted by Nuju Metru , Mar 04 2011 · 358 views
My show opens tomorrow night!

Also, I see that the boards are back... more work for me again. tongue.gif

-Nuju Metru



Posted by Nuju Metru , Feb 22 2011 · 362 views
Evidently, I don't consider this blog as much of an outlet any more. I've been posting around two entries a month. That oughta change... cuz I have so much to share. I guess I've just gotten a life? My play is going well - we're two weeks from opening, which has me super-psyched. I'm currently on break, which feels good - means I have time to read my books and MOC and be lazy(er). There's a little bit of self-drama as always; sometimes I feel purposeless. I recently saw the musical "Avenue Q" which was hilarious and which is NOT for young kiddies.

Oh and also, to those attending Brickfair, or hoping to, or whatever... raise your hands if you like strategy games. Cuz I'm making one in LEGO to be played behind the tables by all us awesome people. biggrin.gif

Also also, I want to remake this blog. It feels old and dusty.

-Nuju Metru



Posted by Nuju Metru , Feb 13 2011 · 251 views
Eh. No biggie.

-Nuju Metru


It Feels Like Forever

Posted by Nuju Metru , Jan 22 2011 · 310 views
I just realized that I haven't made a blog entry for quite some time. Eee. I guess I've been rather busy, what with preparing for the BIG BZPRPG reboot, which, if you haven't yet, I advise you to join up with. But, since I can't just leave my story from the old universe hanging, I've been trying to wrap it up in a single masterpiece post... at this point, said post is over 11 pages on Microsoft Word... yeah... I'm hoping that the stuff will be suitably epic. I'm throwing my all into this work.

In related news, Tucky is my bestest creative buddy guy ever. We've made up a lot of good stuff for usage in the new year - but I can't tell any of you, or it'd be spoiled!

Recently, I finished up with making a bunch of MOCs to go with my Dragons, most notable of these a massive fantasy battleship with which I am in love. It also comes with a huge Sea Serpent being rode by a fire demon, which I thought was a good touch. Another one was a desert fortress, which included a separate training machine for the Ustokal (a goblin-like race) prince who is in charge of said fort. These MOCs have been based on the universe that I created for my NaNoWriMo story, but that never really worked... hence, it is working in MOC form. Oh yeah, also, I made a golden dragon. It uses the beautiful golden tooth from that Angler Attack set which I reviewed a while back.

School has been alright. The workload is ongoing, but manageable. My friends at school are great, they really are. We have this thing where we go to a Burrito place every friday, and I always get myself a bottle (one of the legit glass ones) of Mexican Coca-Cola, which, if you didn't know, is in fact better than American Coke. Maybe just because it comes in a glass bottle.

I am in a production of Les Miserables as the part of Thenardier. He wasn't the art I had been after in auditions, and so I was a little disappointed when I got him, but as the rehearsal process continues, I am more and more discovering what a blast the part is. I get to be a really nasty person, which is a cool change from my usual niceness (and who am I trying to fool there?). Just yesterday, we sang through the entirety of act one's music as a full cast, and it was sounding very very good. This show is my life.

Also last night, my friends and I (An assortment of people who calls ourself "The Fam," because of all the convoluted "familial ties" in our group) had a party at someone's house for the birthday of one of our other people. There was dancing, excellent homemade cake, a trampoline in the nighttime, open fire with marshmallows, and about a billion full-group heart-to-hearts; for example, going around the circle and telling first kiss stories, everybody trying to describe every other person in one word, and stuff like that. It just goes to show that a bunch of teenagers can actually have a lot of fun, while keeping things 100% legal.

So, that is my life right now. It's feeling good. How about you guys? smile.gif

-Nuju Metru


Writers, Your Salvation Is Here!

Posted by Nuju Metru , Jan 14 2011 · 359 views
Join the BZPRPG for the reboot - it will make you a better writer! It's fun! It's nostalgic! And full of cool people. So get in on the new universe, y'all. biggrin.gif

-Nuju Metru


Bzprpg Staff

Posted by Nuju Metru , Jan 05 2011 · 452 views
I am now officially a member of the BZPRPG staff team.

...This is so cool. cool.gif

-Nuju Metru


Oh Annoyance

Posted by Nuju Metru , Jan 04 2011 · 272 views
School starts for me tomorrow. I don't feel ready to leave my hibernation state and start waking up again at 7:00... But alas, these things are unavoidable. I'm sure I would've gotten bored of watching TV, playing computer games, making MOCs, reading books (of my choice), going to movies, sleeping in, staying up, and all that.




-Nuju Metru


It's A New Year

Posted by Nuju Metru , Jan 02 2011 · 121 views
Am i supposed to feel any different?

-Nuju Metru


Finally On The New Comp

Posted by Nuju Metru , Dec 28 2010 · 178 views
IT IS AMAZING. wub.gif

BZPower is like... HD, man. Whoa. Personally, though, I'm finding it a little tough in the transition between Mac and PC - I barely know how to operate some of the stuff on this computer. Meh. However, the breathtaking beauty of the graphics when I plugged in a little Age of Empires III more than made up for that. This is a change for the better.

Being on break feels really good, doesn't it? I have actual time to make my MOCs, watch 4 episodes or so of House in a day, go to movies, and more. Zero obligation, at least for this next week, is golden.

-Nuju Metru

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