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the koth



Posted by Kothra , Mar 22 2009 · 128 views

I had to carry heavy mulch bags and spread the mulch. mad.gif



If: American Revolution

Posted by Kothra , Mar 19 2009 · 100 views

The newest CoT RPG by Exo-Fat.

Join it. Or I'll fire my lazor at you. sleep.gif

And woot for 1400 posts.



New Play Control! Metroid Prime: Differences Between It And The Original.

Posted by Kothra , Mar 17 2009 · 112 views

The New Play Control! version of Metroid prime has been released in Japan.

I have been watching videos of it on the "Video Site that is no to be named".

New Things
  • New menu style. Similar to Metroid Prime 3.
  • New control scheme (duh).
  • Metroid Prime 3's medal system.
  • Voice acting (kinda). At the beginning of the game, when you see Frigate Orpheon, there is some speech-thing, and when you start the game from a save room, and it says on-screen where you are, a voice actually says where you are. I suspect it to be Jay Ward, the guy who did the announcer-thing for those two Metroid songs in SSBB.
  • When your ship sends you objective data, the "Beacon recieved" from Metroid Prime 3 can be heard.
  • I think there was something else...



Name Change

Posted by Kothra , Mar 10 2009 · 101 views

Yes, I changed my name. Get over it.

Aulus is a Latin (Roman) name of unknown origin.

Kothrius is an alteration of Kothra ro make it llok more Latin looking/sounding.

I'm making an armoured spritesheet of me. Roman legionnaire armour.



Oh No...

Posted by Kothra , Mar 09 2009 · 98 views

My main computer doesn't work, and restarts every minute or so.

If we can't fix this, we're getting a new one. Which means all of my games and stuff won't suck, graphic/performance-wise. BUT I will lose much of my art stuff. sad.gif Lucklily, much of it is on Maj/Brickshelf, but still...




Posted by Kothra , Mar 08 2009 · 84 views

I can't come up with any ideas to blog about.


Except that in Rome: Total War, I actually made it to the Marian reforms without quitting. And I'm still going.



Empire: Total War

Posted by Kothra , Mar 03 2009 · 96 views

The time has come. The latest addition to the Total War series is coming out in America TODAY.

But haven't the cash to buy it. dry.gif

But when I do, I'm going to own the world as the unstopable red legions of Great Britain.

Yeah. I'm too lazy to post the info here, so google it or something. tongue.gif



Information On Kalarii Infantry Units

Posted by Kothra , Mar 01 2009 · 187 views

This entry is an addition to the previous, and gives a semi-dtailed description of each type of Kalarii infantry type.


Light infantry

- Line/Combat Trooper - these soldiers are usually the most common in any Kalarii combat group. They wear lightly armoured, black, Hoplite-class jumpsuits (same thing as Hoplite body armour)and carry light energy weapons.
- Auxilia Trooper - Auxilia troopers wera light power armour, giving them much better protection in combat than normal combat troops. Auxilia can carry heavier weapons, and are often assigned to hold choke points, provide a second firing line, and carry out support roles.

Heavy Infantry
- Legionnaire Trooper - Legionnaires wear heavy power armour, giving them maximum protection, and allowing them to carry weapons like heavy repeaters and even light cannons. These units are not abundant on the field of battle, due to the cost of the armour. They are often sent to attack and hold key positions or fill commando roles. Legionnaires are equipped with jet packs to provide maximum mobility.
- Praetorian Elite - Praetorians are the best of the best. They are equipped with a variant of the Legionnaire power armour (jetpack included), a heavy handgun, and an energy tower-shield. Praetorians are often found as bodyguards for high-ranking officers, or in the vanguard of an army.
- Shrike Trooper - Shrikes are armoured troops that specialise in close combat. They often carry firearms, but their main weapons are the 3 foot long retractable energy blades built into the wrist gauntlets. Shrikes are equipped with jumppacks (different from jetpacks) to quickly engage the enemy, or (should it be necessary) retreat. Shrikes are used to break through the enemy's front lines, or to flank the enemy

Super-Heavy Infantry
- Gladiator Trooper - Gladiators are equipped with massive suits of power armour. The complexity of the cybernetics and mechanics of these suits make them so costly that no more than a handful are often found in an army. Normal Gladiators have a heavy repeater cannon on the left shoulder, with a six foot long energy blade on the right wrist. They also have a shield generator on the back. This shield, in addition to their armour, makes them nearly indestructable. Some troopers, however, opt to replace the shield generator and cannon with a light/medium artillery gun, and the energy blade with a medium repeater cannon. Others choose to replace the shoulder cannon and blade with a pair of Wave-quake generator gauntlets (like Elite Pirates, Phazon Elites, or the Omega Pirate). Gladiators are either found in the vanguard, tearing up the enemy lines, and smashing/mauling vehicles, or in the rear, providing cover fire.

Special Infantry
- Arcani Operative - Arcani are espionage agents sent out to infiltrate enemy or neutral installations and camps.
They are equipped with light stealth field generator units the mute sounds originating from the immeadiate surroundings (lets say, a 3-4 foot range). These generator units also disrupt light reflect from this same area, relying on microscopic camera/projectors (if someone is on one side of the operative, they would only see what they would see if the Arcani weren't there, as the cameras relay the view to the projectors on the other side of the operative's body. This is covered at all angles). Arcani often work alone. Their normal weapons include an energy pistol, and a long, katana-like vibro blade.

To be finished at a later date.



Kalarii Federation Information

Posted by Kothra , Feb 18 2009 · 206 views

NOTE: The following entry is information that accompianies a (hopefully) future CoT RPG
This will be updated, and currently needs to be fixed.


Federation of Kalarii States

Measurement Notice
All measurements of time, size, and distance in this text are those of the Human civilization on Terra.
Note that some things covered in this guide are from the Star Wars film series. The entire "Technology" section was inspired by some Star Wars book.

Gallery, when public.

The Kalarii Race
The Kalarii are a race of anthromorphic (humanoid) otter-like alien beings from the planet Kalaras. The Kalarii are a resourceful people, which may account for their extreme advances in technology, among other things.
A normal Kalarii stands at about seven feet tall, with a tail about 4 and a half feet long.
Kalarii have larger brains than humans, allowing them to process information quicker, which partially means that they have faster reflexes.
The Kalarii may be seen by some as fearsome warriors (think Mongols, but with laser rifles), but this is far from the truth. Though the Kalarii are a largely militaristic civilization, they prefer to stay at peace with nations unless:
1) the other nation is seen as a threat to the preservation of the Kalarii Federation
2) the other nation has attacked any Kalarii vessel (military, economic, or civilian)
3) there has been a formal declaration of war from the other nation
4) the other nation has assisted another nation in making war against the Kalarii Federation, even if the said nation has not actively fought against the Kalarii Federation.

Kalaras is a planet, similar to Terra (Earth), and has a surface that is about 60%-70% water.
The planet is closer to it's sun than Earth, giving it a slightly warmer temperature (Kalarii room temperature is equivalent to 76 degrees Fahrenheit), and giving it a shorter year (Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion tongue.gif ).
Kalaras is slightly smaller than Earth, and spins faster, with a whole day-night cycle lasting about 21 hours.

Kalaras has two major continents (no names yet), and many large islands. Most landmasses mountain ranges, or isolated volcanic peaks
Kalaras has a slight axial tilt giving it subdued seasons: only a fraction of one of the polar regions is frozen at any given time, it almost never snows south (or north, if you're in the southern hemisphere) of the 70th parallel. Because of this tilt, Kalaras maintains a nearly global tropical climate.

Kalarii Federation Military Ranking System
The Kalarii Federation Military (KFM) is headed by the Imperator, one of the two leaders of the Federation.
The Military Council consists of the highest ranking Generals and Admirals.

KFA Ranks
- General- Colonel
- High Commander
- Commander
- Major
- Captain
- 1st Lieutenant
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Private

KFM:SO Ranks
- Director
- Colonel
- High Commander
- Commander
- Major
- Captain
- 1st Lieutenant
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Private

KFN Ranks - Fleet Command
- High Admiral
- Admiral
- High Commander
- Commander
- Major
- Captain
- 1st Lieutenant
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Ensign

KFN - Starfighter Command
(Commanders in Starfighter command report to Fleet Admirals)
- High Commander
- Commander
- Captain
- 1st Lieutenant
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Flight Officer

Uniform Colours and Rank Badges
Each rank has a badge that is located beneath the KF Emblem on the right side of the uniform.

Uniform Colours
Army Personnel - Black
Navy Personnel - Sky Blue and
Pilots - Dark Green
and Black
Sepcial Ops. Personnel - Navy Blue
Military Technicians - Yellow

Praetorians - Red and Black
Homeworld Security -

Armour Colours
Special Operations Personnel have unique armour colours. The Arcani armour is their uniform.

Arcani - Black
Auxilia - Mustard Yellow
Legionnaire - Navy Blue and Orange
Shrike - Dark Green and White
Gladiator - Black and
Praetorian - Red and

Starship Names
Names of Kalarii starships are in Terran Latin, and are most often nouns (something that would make sense, though).
Examples (with Basic translation)
KFS Venator (Hunter)
KFS Preliator (Warrior)
KFS Phasmatis (Wraith/Ghost)
KFS Incendia (Fire)
KFS Curator (Guardian)

Kalarii Technology
This section includes all/most Kalarii Military technology, weapons, armours, vehicles and so forth.

Common Attributes
Equipment: equipment attached to the armour or vehicle
Weapon Class: (Power/Body armour only) the weapon types compatible with the armour type
Coverage: (Body armour only) how much of the body is covered by the armour
Armour Class: (Power/Body armour) the type of armour it is
Armament: (Vehicles only) the weapons attached to a vehicle
Crew: (Vehicles only) the normal number of people needed to run the vehicle
Passengers: (Vehicles only) the maximum number of non-crewmembers that can fit in a vehicle
Powerplant: (Vehicles only) the engine/reactor used by the vehicle,
Max Groundspeed: (Ground vehicles only) how fast a vehicle can move on a flat surface
Max Airspeed: (Air/Aerospace vehicles only) how fast a vehicle can move in a normal Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere
Acceleration: (Space/Aerospace vehicles only) how fast a vehicle can travel in a straight line in open space
Storage Area: (Vehicles only) the space in a vehicle set aside for any extra materials or equipment; in cubic feet
Complement (Fighter/Land Vehicle/Troop): (Large space vehicles) the normal number of military troops, vehicles, and starfighters a ship carries
Warp Drive: (Space/Aerospace vehicles) class is the speed the ship travels in warp space, range is how far a ship's warp drive can carry a ship. Carrier
based fighters do not have warp drives
Class: (Weapons only) the weapon class a weapon belongs to
Type: (Weapons only) what kind of weapon the said weapon is
Ammunition: (Weapons only) the ammunition type the weapon carries
Range: (Weapons only) how far a weapon can shoot, or in the case of a blade, the length of a blade
Nicknames/Common Designations: need I explain this one? =P

Weapon Classes
Class I - sidearms, blades
Class II - infantry energy weapons
Class III - sniper weapons, projectile weapons
Class IV - heavy energy weapons (light energy cannons), missile/rocket launcher weapons
Class V - light projectile cannons
Class VI - vehicular/turret weapons (heavy energy cannons, turbolasers)

Armour Classes
Class I - resistant fabric
Class II - plated body armour
Class III - light power armour
Class IV - medium power armour
Class V - heavy power armour

Part I - Power Armour
Power armour is the heavy stuff, what the commandos wear. Unfortunately, it cannot be mass-produced enough to be issued to all of the troops. Power armour provides full body coverage, as well as a HUD and integrated equipment. N/CD's go to the troops that wear the armour.

Legionnaire-class Power Armour
Equipment: KT-41 jet pack, Commando-class HUD
Armour Class: IV
Weapon class: I - IV
Environmental Resistance: vacuum (30 min. air), radiation., water
N/CD: Legionnaire, Elite

Legionnaire-class Power Armour, Praetorian Variant
Equipment: KT-41 jet pack, Commander-class HUD, K-64 Energy tower-shield
Armour Class: IV
Weapon Class: I-IV
Environmental Resistance: vacuum (1 hr. air), radiation. Water
N/CD: Praetorian
NOTES: Praetorian armour is issued to bodyguards of high ranking officers, command squads, and elite commando squads.

Auxilia-class Power Armour
Equipment: Trooper-class HUD
Armour Class: III
Weapon Class: I-III
Environmental Resistance: radiation. water
N/CD: Auxilia, Auxie

Gladiator-class Power Armour
Equipment: FF44 heavy personal shield generator, KW-88 wrist mounted energy blade, Commando-class HUD
Armour Class: V
Weapon Class: I-V
Environmental Resistance: vacuum (3 hr. air), radiation, water
N/CD: Gladiator, Heavy
NOTE: for size, it' is about as big as a Phase 2 Dark Trooper, if not bigger

Shrike-class Power Armour
Equipment: KT-43 jump pack, 2 KW-44 wrist mounted energy blades, Commando-class HUD
Armour Class: IV
Weapon Class: I-III
Environmental Resistance: vacuum (30 min. air), radiation, water
N/CD: Shrike, Hawk, Raptor

Part II - Body Armour
Body armour is what the frontline troopers wear. It's the lightweight, but durable plating or even fabric suits that allow for minimal protection, but maximum mobility. N/CD's go to the troops that wear the armour.

Arcani-class Stealthsuit
Equipment: SS-27 stealth field generator, Scouter-class eyepiece, Commando-class techpad
Coverage: full body minus helmet
Armour Class: I
N/CD: Arcani, Spy
NOTE: For appearance, think of a Shinra SOLDIER uniform (with differences)

Hoplite-class infantry armour
Equipment: Scouter-class eyepiece, Trooper-class techpad
Coverage: full body minus helmet
Armour Class: I
N/CD: Hoplite, Trooper, Grunt

Part III - Land Vehicles
That's right. These are the vehicles: the backbone of any good ground force. Without them, you're toast (YES, LITERALLY). (NOTE: THE VEHICLE WEAPONS ARE UNAMED SO FAR. I WILL GET TOI THAT LATER)

Bastion-class Armoured Assault Craft
Armament: 1 heavy laser turret, 5 anti-personnel lasers
Crew: 9 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot/sighter, 6 gunners, 1 technician)
Equipment: ML-16 energy field generator
Passengers: 20 (15 in Class IV armour, 6 in Class V armour)
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class II Csithyon engine
Max Groundspeed: 50 mph
N/CD: Bastion, AAC, BAAC, Bastion AAC

Tekip-class Attack Vehicle
Armament: 4 medium laser cannons, 2 anti-personnel lasers
Crew: 4 (1 Pilot, 2 gunners, 1 gunner/technician)
Equipment: N/A
Passengers: N/A
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class 1 Csithyon engine
Max Groundspeed: 120 mph

Resilient-class Armoured Personnel Carrier

Part IV - Atmospheric Vehicles
Two words: Air Support

Valkyrie-class Tactical Fighter
Armament: 2 heavy energy cannons
Crew: 1 (1 pilot)
Equipment: ML -06 light shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class III Csithyon engine
Max Airspeed: 12,100 mph
N/CD: Valkyrie, VTC

Confidence-class QX-2 Atmospheric Gunship
Armament: 2 light laser cannons, 45 Pulsar-class concussion missiles
Crew: 5 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 2 gunners, 1 technician)
Equipment: KD-111 scramjets
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class III Csithyon engine
Max Airspeed: 9,400 (10,600 with scram jets)
N/CD: Confidence, Confie, QX-2, CQX-2

Part V - Starfighters/Aerospace Fighters
Like the atmospheric fighters, but in space. =D

Koro-class Interceptor/Air Superiority Fighter, Mark I
Armament: twin forward KL28 medium laser cannons, twin rear KL-16 light laser cannons
Crew: 1 (1 pilot)
Equipment: ML-44 light shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class II Csithyon-B engine
Acceleration: 5,000G
Max Airspeed: 20,000 mph
Warp Drive: N/A
N/CD: Koro-1, Koro-1 Interceptor, Mk. I Fighter

Koro-class Interceptor/Air Superiority Fighter, Mark II
Armament: twin forward KL28 medium laser cannons, twin rear KL-16 light laser cannons, 18 Quasar-class concussion missiles
Crew: 1 (1 pilot)
Equipment: ML-44 light shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class II Csithyon-B engine
Acceleration: 4,800G
Max Airspeed: 19,300 mph
Warp Drive: class 1, 5,100 light year range
N/CD: Koro-2, Koro-2 Interceptor, Mk. II Fighter

Aquila-class Heavy Attack Fighter
Armament: 4 forward light laser cannons, 2 forward heavy laser cannons, 2 rear medium laser cannons, 36 Quasar-class concussion missiles
Crew: 4 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot/technician/gunner, 2 gunners [all in Legionnaire power armour])
Equipment: ML-24 energy shield generator, ME-26 particle shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class IV Csithyon-B engine
Acceleration: 4,200G
Max Airspeed: 16,200 mph
Warp Drive: class 1.8, 6,000 light year range
N/CD: Aquila, Aquila HAF, AHAF, HAF

Torch-class Heavy Bomber
Armament: 2 heavy lasers, 2 swivel-mounted light lasers, 48 Quasar-class conc. Missiles, 24 Pulsar-class proton bombs
Crew: 2 (1 pilot, 1 gunner/targeter)
Equipment: ML-24 energy shield generator, ME-36 particle shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class III Csithyon-B engine
Acceleration: 4,100G
Max Airspeed: 16,800 mph
Warp Drive: N/A
N/CD: Torch, Torch Bomber, THB

Mestinae-class Dropship
Armament: 4 turbolaser turrets
Crew: 80
Equipment: ML-63 heavy shield generator
Storage Area:
Powerplant: Class VIII Csithyon-B engine
Acceleration: 2,800G
Max Airspeed: 5,800 mph
Warp Drive: N/A
N/CD: Mestinae, Mestinae Dropship, Mestin, MD

Part VI - Ships of the Line
These are the big ones. Like those Star Destroyers and stuff (capital ships and frigates).

Nexus-class A-6 Battlecruiser
Armament: 4 broadside heavy turbolaser cannons (2 on each side), 2 prow heavy turbolaser cannons (1 on each side), 2 aft heavy turbolaser cannons (1 on each side =P), 8 medim turbolaser turrets, 60 point-defence laser cannons
Crew: 9,000
Fighter Complement: 300 Koro-1 fighters, 180 Koro-2 fighters, 96 Torch bombers, 60 Aquila fighters, 24 Mestinae dropships
LV Complement: 160 Resilient APCs, 80 Bastion AACs,60 Valkyrie Fighters, 20 QX-2s
Troop Complement: 8000
Pilot Complement: 5836
Other complement: 160 single-use drop pods (20 class IV troops per pod, 10 pods launched per battle is often the limit, to prevent waste)
Equipment: Class X shield generator, 2 drop pod launch bays
Powerplant: Class VII fusion reactor
Acceleration: 3,200G
Warp Drive: class 2, 80,000 light year range
N/CD: Nexus Cruiser, A-9 Cruiser

Tetra-class Heavy Frigate
Armament: 4 heavy turbolaser turrets,2 Quasar missile tubes, 20 point-defence laser cannons
Crew: 3000
Equipment: Class VIII shield generator
Powerplant: Class VI fusion reactor
Acceleration: 3,600G
Warp Drive: class 2.1, 72,000 light year range
N/CD: Tetra Frigate

Part VII - Corvettes and Cruisers
Those smaller ships.

Griffon-class Corvette
Armament: 1 light turbolaser turret, 2 medium laser cannons, 4 point-defence laser cannons
Crew: 350
Fighter complement: 4 Aquila fighters
Pilot Complement: 20
Equipment: Class III shield generator
Powerplant: Class II fusion reactor
Acceleration: 4,000G
Warp Drive: class 2.6, 50,000 light year range
N/CD: Griffon Correvette


I Winned! =o

Posted by Kothra , Feb 16 2009 · 70 views

I winned at Metroid Prime 3.



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