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the koth



Posted by Kothra , Nov 10 2008 · 128 views

Due to the C that I have in Adv. Algebra II, my mom has grounded me... sad.gif

But she was pleased with my other grades, so instead of the month-long ban that I had been expecting, I am only grounded for a couple (2, duh) weeks.

To my comic fans: Since it is only for two weeks, the topic will not die, but i would appreciate it if someone could make a fan comic, to keep those bloodthirsty murderers fans at bay.

If someone that is not a PGS makes a fan comic, the first person to do so will be rewarded with a PGS spot on my return.

Au revoir.




Posted by Kothra , Nov 09 2008 · 119 views

Axis & Allies: 50th Anniversary Edition (anniversary of Avalon Hill, not A&A) is scheduled for release on Nov. 18. I can't wait.

Even though I'll have to wait for Christmas to actually play it, the website should have a downloadable rule booklet for me to read over and over until I do get it.

New features that I am excited about.
- Italy
- China
- Ottawa
- More victory cities (AKA Ottawa)
- bigger board
- Cruisers
- new sea unit costs
- sea and land/air technology upgrades
- territorial control bonuses (similar to RISK)
- a lot more pieces

New features that I don't like.
this area is to be left blank

For those of you who don't know what A&A is, it is a WW2 (duh) stategy boardgame similar to RISk, but several hundred times more complicated.
Teams always start out the same way, except in AA50, there are two setup options, one for 1942 and one for 1942.
A&A also features many different pieces, marking different kinds of units (infantry, tanks, fighters, destriyers, transports, etc.) and units can only come into play on territories that have a IC (Industrial Complex), or in a sea zone adjacent to such a territory.

ANyway, it is an extremely fun game. The only problem with AA50 is that it costs... $100! Especially since none of the earlier ones costed more thatn $50 at release...

There are also many spin-offs of the original A&A, which include (put A&A before each of these titles) Europe, Pacific, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Guadalcanal and a revised version of the original (AA50 is basically a revised version of that). They have also released a RTS game based off of it. And they have released a miniatures game of it.

Who else has heard of it or plays it?



Update On Valkyrie

Posted by Kothra , Nov 06 2008 · 95 views

During World War II, German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Cruise) is severely wounded in Africa and returns home to Nazi Germany. Stauffenberg helps conceive Operation Valkyrie, a plan approved by Adolf Hitler which, in order to manage turmoil within Germany, would implement a shadow government in the event of the Nazi Führer's death.

The Colonel eventually joins the German Resistance and becomes part of the July 20 plot, a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler and execute Valkyrie in order to take control of the country and make peace with the Allies. Stauffenberg finds himself taking on not only the responsibility of leading the coup, but also the task to assassinate Hitler himself.

Copied from Wikipedia.

It just fuels my wanting to see it.



Plans & New Song

Posted by Kothra , Nov 05 2008 · 98 views

I have plans to make my new Daft Punk song my #1 most played.

If you do not know what song it is, then check out my earlier music entry.

I also got One More Time / Aerodynamic, by Daft Punk, from Alive 2007.




Posted by Kothra , Nov 04 2008 · 126 views

Seconds ago, I saw a commercial on TV about a movie called Valkyrie.

It seemed quite interesting.

From what I've ssen, it revolves around some conspiracy against Hitler in WW2.



New Music #1

Posted by Kothra , Nov 04 2008 · 127 views

Yesterday, I got so bored of saving my money that I bough two songs from iTunes.

The first is 1000 Slide Shows, from the An Inconvenient Truth sooundtrack, and was done by Michael Brook.

The second was Around the World / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk from Alive 2007.



Story Ideas

Posted by Kothra , Nov 03 2008 · 221 views

I've been coming up with story ideas recently, and I want your opinions on them. Perhaps if people actually like them ,then I could write about it, and see where it goes.

Idea #1
This idea features the Kalarii (points to otter picture) and their small, young galactic nation as one among many in a chaotic universe.
Genre: Sci-fi

Idea #2
This is more or less a WW3 scenario type thing, but set pretty far in the future. Humans have developed technology capable of taking them to Mars in a matter of hours. This, along with terraforming technologies, Mars now has a breathable atmosphere and the colonies on it have united in to their own nation.
There are several nations left in the world, many of the others having united or conquered others.
- On one side is L-O-W (London, Ottawa, Washington tongue.gif), the European Union and Australia.
- Russia and China are another alliance. Japan and Korea are controlled by China.
- One of the factions are the Martian Colonies.
- The last is Afrique Unis. This consists of AFrica, but the national language is French (gee, I wonder why?XD). They have taken controll of eastern South America, while LOW controls the rest.
Genre: Sci-fi

Idea #3
Generic StarWars story, with the cast consiting mainly of several groups of Clone Troopers.
Inspired by Karen Traviss' Republic Commando novels and a bit by InfraRed's Clone Wars fanfic.
Genre: Sci-fi




Suggestions, Please

Posted by Kothra , Nov 02 2008 · 205 views

I've been told that I need more content blocks.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they should be?



Finally, I Am Being A Premier Member

Posted by Kothra , Nov 01 2008 · 635 views

After nearly a week of waiting, my premier membership has been activated.

I am so happy.

Now I need to learn how this thing works...


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