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Back to being a total stud

Posted by Bundalings , Oct 31 2013 · 397 views

It seems the downtime reset usernames as well.


Let's talk about nice things

Posted by Bundalings , Aug 16 2013 · 611 views

YOU GUYS let's have a party ok

i mean let's chat

Sometimes I read funny comics. Dinosaur Comics is my favorite. T-Rex is my role model, but I'm wondering if that's bad because he's kind of spastic and doesn't know what he wants. I wonder if Utahraptor would make a better role model, because he's kind of the straight-man, if you will (even though he's a gay utahraptor).

I keep playing random battles online in Pokemon, and I beat everybody, unless they're using a Trick Room team. If they're using a Trick Room team I lose every single time. Maybe I should make my own Trick Room team. I'm thinking Slowbro/Claydol/Machamp/Sableye/I hear Ferrothorn is pretty good.

I really like the new Pokemon. I'm excited about Bunnelby, because it is a very cute rabbit. I'm not sure why Loppunny is so off putting to me, but I don't ever want to use one. Maybe because it's a sexy rabbit Pokemon. That shouldn't exist, right?

I got my box back from BrickFair today. Thanks, B6! Inside was a silver and pale, simitranclucent blue Vastus scythe (now I have two of those, I think) and what looks to me like a completely regular Berix helmet. I don't know if it's secretly a prototype or just a regular ol' piece. Is someone missing a Berix helmet from the stuff they sent to BrickFair? Probably not, but I thought I'd ask!

How was your day? Did you do something interesting, or at least something amusing to yourself? Was there a pretty cloud? Have you had any nice hugs lately?



Posted by Bundalings , Aug 13 2013 · 671 views

Good glob that was painful.


This blog is really dated

Posted by Bundalings , Aug 12 2013 · 606 views

Most of the content blocks are full of broken links. bleh. And I never reposted the MOCs that got deleted in the dataclysm, so a lot of those links have been dead for a really long time.
< But I just added a shiny new content block. As you can see, I'm not competitively viable. Any Ghost would wall me completely. Might have to do with how spiritually inept I am.
SOMEDAY I WILL GO TO BRICKFAIR (honestly though hotel costs am i right)
(even going to BrickFiesta which is not a great distance away would be crazy expensive)

I've been playing Mass Effect 1 again lately. I think it's my sixth time. Trying to get the last achievement, the one where you reach level 60. Going full renegade, killing absolutely everyone I can because I want to see the worst possible ending in ME3 with all of my friends dead (except Liara because she's invincible).

I've equipped my level 56 Soldier with a Spectre sniper rifle level X with Explosive Rounds X. It's like having a hitscan rocket launcher with a short cooldown. It oneshots all mooks. It is glorious. *boom*
(this is Bunda beeteedubs)
i bred a larvitar with perfect hp and defense
i named her cleatus


Look at all these LGBTQ things that are being said, just look at them

Posted by Bundalings , Jul 24 2013 · 478 views

I don't have sad story. Sure there was stress, and crying (from my mother) and anger (from me when my mom decided to tell my dad even though I asked her not to. Then she told my sister, who was mad at me for my not telling her myself. Then she told my cousins for some reason, I have no idea. I don't think she told any of my grandparents though because none of them have had fatal heart attacks).
No, I just have a humorous anecdote (at least I think it's humorous).
A little setup: About, eh, a third of my friends know I'm gay. I only, like, for srs sat down and told a handful of them. For most it just came up in casual conversation (it took me a long time to get to the point where I could treat my super gayness as anything casual). Two of my three roommates know, and I keep it super secret from the third because I don't know him as well and also our brains function differently and talking to him in any capacity is hard. HUMOROUSLY (i.e. shenanigans) he is the roommate I share a room with. I'd like to say stuff deserving of yakety sax happens but he's totally 100% not my type (see different brains) and old and taken so whatever.
that was too much setup, REGARDLESS
I was riding in an automobile (I believe it was of American origin) with a roommate, a second roommate, that roommate's girlfriend, a lady friend who wants to become a reporter, and the girlfriend of the aforementioned CLUELESS ROOMMATE. For some reason we were talking and the difference between feminism and "feminism," and somehow several minutes later (the conversation must have bunny trailed, because this sounds completely irrelevant) it seemed natural for me to sigh and say, "Man, I think I'm going to be one of those people that doesn't go on a date until he's, like, 26, and it's going to be awkward and awful. It seems like it would have been better to start earlier and get most of the terrible mistakes out of the way."
And then driving girl (aka girlfriend of CLUELESS ROOMMATE) was like, "You know, you have some say in this. You could, like, go on a date."
And so I was like, like, hesitantly, like, "I just don't meet many people that are my type."
And she was like, "What is your type?"
And I was like, without hesitation this time (for maximum comedy), "Dudes."
And then there was an amazing silence that was pretty great and lengthy. Oh, except the roommate sitting next to me (sans girlfriend) snickered awkwardly.
I met all of these people at church.


Species: Human
Nickname: Andrew
Lv. 20
Sassy nature.
Baby apparently birthed.
Often scatters things.
Type: Normal
Ability: Analytic
Sleep Talk
Cotton Guard

This Pokémon spends most of its time sleeping. It covers itself in pillows it got at Target.

Posted Image

3DS FC: 2664-3187-0957

Let Me Show You My Pokemon

Hover for nicknames!

-Black 2-
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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