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"Box"-tus Arena


BZPower Chatroom

Posted by MT Zehvor , Jul 28 2013 · 252 views
So thanks to the new advertising policy, we are now allowed to link stuff.
And thanks to BZP's anniversary, I have blog power for a bit.
So with that...here's a link to a new chat run by BZPower members that we're trying to get going. 
Hope to meet you soon!


Skyward Sword Blog, Day 3

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 29 2011 · 168 views
Video Games
Another day, another couple complaints.

But we'll get to that later.

The day started out with heading deeper into the forest and finding a Goron archeologist I had met the other day. He explained something about goddess cubes, which are basically ways of unlocking treasure chests on floating islands in the sky that you can collect later. Anyways, killed some more red guys and made my way into the forest temple.

Temple was pretty easy until I got about halfway through it, where I had raised the water in this room twice, but then was stuck on where to go. Couldn't figure it out, so I went and looked online, and, turns out, there were some dark green vines along this rather poorly lit wall. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if the people who invent these puzzles come back to them later and even think that it might be nice to, I don't know, actually make the vines visisble?

Or maybe my TV's just dark.

Whatever. Killed some spiders(gotten a lot more annoying since Ocarina), one in particular that was dangling down from the ceiling right where I needed to stand, and, of course, kept it's weak point away from me. My patience got zapped really quick with this guy, so eventually I ended up spamming sword attacks and it worked out ok. Got out of that room, and went to another room, where I absolutely owned some stupid skeleton miniboss, and then got a bug for my prize.

And it is an awesome bug. Though the controls are clunky(very, very clunky) it's quite useful. I can basically use it to collect anything out of reach(well, save for heart containers, they seem to be too hard for poor bug, but oh well).

After some more walking, some annoying vines, and a temple key in the shape of an "h," I made it to the temple boss, who happens to be the "skinny, ghostly female" as described by Game Informer(good job researching your character's gender, Dan Ryckert). Anyways, this white lipstick wearing, Jar-Jar Binks tongued villain seems to be the only thing more emasculating than Groose's red mohawk, and he wasn't much of a challenge, either. Sword spam was more than a match for him, and he teleported away with a threat after the fight.

And Zelda wasn't there(We're sorry, Link, but your princess is in another castle!)

Soooo...looks like it's off to some volcano land. I sense lava.

And hopefully a bow and arrows somewhere.

Today: 0
Overall: 0

Thoughts: Just one main thing. I've been reading for about 3 months how "in Skyward Sword, if you try to rush into a group wildly waving your sword, you'll be destroyed. You'll have to be careful in using it and not spam it." Well...that's not true at all. I've been running up to groups of monsters, spinning my Wiimote around with no regard to tactics, and cutting my enemies to pieces, easily. That's what worked for the Skeleton miniboss, and it worked out pretty well for Girahem, as well. So...failure to all of you game preview sites, and especially you, Game Informer, for messing up twice now.

I thought about just ignoring my easy kill option and going with the way that it's supposed to be done, holding your sword in one position, then quickly moving it to another and slashing your opponent, but quite honestly, it gets really boring after a while. And it's pretty ridiculous, too. Like some enemy with a pefectly working sword is just gonna stand there and block you for 30 seconds before he decides to take a swing at you. I mean, if this is the future...then please give me Twilight Princess's enemies where they would at least try to hit you. I've probably inflicted more damage by knocking spiders into myself than the enemies have by hitting me so far.

Sooooo....not a big fan of the Wii motion plus stuff so far. It's early, I know, but the level that they've simplified the combat to to make it work...it's not worth it. Just flat out not worth it. I'm not advocating Zelda games be super hard...but this is pathetically easy. The only time I took damage in the Girahim boss fight was when I was trying to showboat with some of the fancier sword slices. If I had been actually using regular sword strokes, I probably would have come out of that fight without a single damage point. Do keep in mind this is my first playthrough, too. It's not like I've been playing this game multiple times and I've mastered all the tricks of the game. This is my first run through, and I'm running into most fights just swinging my sword randomly, looking for a hit(and, most of the time, getting the hit).

Is this like easy mode or something?



Skyward Sword Blog, Day 2

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 27 2011 · 107 views
Video Games
And so the blog continues.

Not much happened on day 2, actually. After getting some new clothes to accompany me on my journey(just think, every Link ever has worn green because Skyloft knights prefer green in the summer), I left Skyloft via my bird and traveled down to the surface below. After running down a gigantic spiral, I activated some geyers, and then ran all the way back, after being informed of dowsing, which is the ability to use my sword to detect the direction of things. Dowsing was the term used for people who believed that there were magical sticks that could detect water...so it's an interesting choice of name, but whatever.

I entered some temple, and met some weird old sage, who then pointed me in the direction of the Faron Words, which look a lot happier than they did in Twilight Princess(then again, so does everything). Ran around for a little bit before I met this odd penguin type creature with a flower on its back called a Kiwkii, or something like that. It told me to find a big fat Kiwkii. Found him, and then he told me to find 3 more Kiwkiis. Found them(this took a lot longer than it seems, mind you) and then went back to the big fat elder Kiwkii. Turns out by finding the location of his people, he gets the power to remember the location of Zelda. Lovely. Anyways, went the direction that he pointed in, and saved.

Today: 0
Playthrough: 0

Thoughts: Game's picking up slowly, but surely. Slowly getting used to the sword controls. One thing I'm absolutely beginning to despise is the nunchuk's constant habit of getting reset, that is to say, it somehow has the position that it believes is neutral reset to either the left or right, which means when the joystick is not being touched, Link will run left or right, and when the joystick is moved, Link won't run normally. It's easily fixed, but the number of times it has happened is starting to annoy me. I don't think it's my nunchuk, it's never done this with this frequency in any other game...but maybe it's my equipment and not the game. I won't hold it against the game in my review.

Second thing is...I'm kinda unimpressed with the graphics. Maybe it's just I never had an appreciation for impressionistic art, but I've been reading tons of reviews claiming this as the best graphics on the Wii. Really? These graphics are better than Metroid Prime 3? Don't think I can agree with that.

I really do enjoy flying, though. I still wish you could fly via the nunchuk(although, given the amount of times it's messed up, maybe that's not the best), but the Wii remote is use-able. I also like how the surface areas in the game are more closed in: One thing I disliked in Twilight Princess was that there were all these wide open areas and then nothing in them. It seems in this game, Nintendo has only made their areas as big as they need to be.



Skyward Sword Blog, Day 1

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 25 2011 · 123 views
Video Games
Hello, everyone. This is a blog similar to the ones I did last year of Metroid: Other M and Halo: Reach, where I'll be recapping my experiences of a first playthrough of a particular video game, in this case, the latest Zelda.

Basically the way it'll work is this: Every day that I get around to playing some of it, I'll write down what happened, my reactions, and, the most interesting(or hilarious, depending upon which way you view it) part of all, how many times I've died.

One minor change I'm going to make from the last two times is I will make an effort to play less of the game each day, even though Zelda traditionally has been one of my favorites Nintendo series. There are three reasons for this:

A: I have to write less for each blog, which I think is a big reason I never finished the ones for Reach and Other M. I got too tired(or lazy, lazy's probably a better word).

B: I don't finish the game as quickly. As I've gotten older, my puzzle solving abilities have increased exponentially(or the puzzles in games have gotten much easier, one of the two). Just to give an example of the last three console Metroids: Prime 2 took me about 25 hours, Corruption around 12, and Other M only around 8.

C: And, lastly, because I'd like to have a life.

Actually, just kidding about the last one. I recently had surgery, so doing nothing will suit me well for a while. I'll mix in some old speed runs of Super Metroid and some SSBB to pass the time.

Enough talk, however: Here we go.

SPOILER ALERT(you have been warned)

DAY 1:

After the opening scene which reminded me of something out of Darksiders, the camera switched to Zelda, who, apparently being Link's girlfriend in this game, decides to wake him up by sending a...giant...bird thing....to get him out of bed. Apparently they don't manufacture alarm clocks in the sky. I got control of Link and went out to find Zelda, and, after some rather odd conversations where I learned how to dash, climb, roll, and the likes(apparently "z-button" is common language in the sky as well), I got asked by an old man to save some guy's weird pet from a tall roof.

Combining my newly re-learned skills, I retrieved the pet from the roof and then went off to find Zelda. After finding Zelda, she got mad at Link for not practicing flying these bird things enough, but then her dad showed up and told her she was just jealous(he must make this relationship run SO smoothly). Zelda responded by pushing Link off the edge of the town into the endless abyss below.

More or less. Actually, Zelda was just trying to get Link to practice flying. But Link's bird never showed up, so Zelda had to save him. Then I had to go on a quest to find my bird, who apparently had been hidden by some...rather....colorful thugs, to say the least. Dude had a red mohawk, and a crush on Zelda, which, combined with the odd job of script, is making the dialogue get more and more awkward by the second.

Anyways, after a long walk around Skyloft, which involves me getting a sword, beating up some bats and slimes and finally retrieving my bird, I enter this race, of which the winner gets to graduate to have the chance to get to a status from which they can then graduate to knight(sorta like graduating from elementary school). Anyways, the objective is to get some statue from a bird before your opponents(not so ironically the thugs from earlier) do. However, the opponent A.I. is flat out stupid and it doesn't take long for me to get the bird's controls down and nab the statue for the win(but not before they start throwing an apparently spawning infinite supply of mushrooms at me...)

So Link wins, gets a sailcloth that acts like a parachute, and then goes flying out with Zelda, which is win, in true Nintendo fashion, the princess gets kidnapped by what appears to be a giant chain chomp. Link wipes out and wakes up in Skyloft, where he awakens to Zelda's dads face who asks him where Zelda is. Link...through an apparently amazingly complex series of hand gestures...tells him, and then Zelda's dad walks off. Link then gets visited by some angel named Fi, who leads him through a rather dangerous path, to say the least, to a sword called the goddess sword. Zelda's dad shows up again and proclaims Link a hero. Link then gets his old clothes(or, I guess, since this is the first Zelda chronologically, new clothes).

And that's where I stopped playing.


My first impressions are that these sword things are a little clunky. Hopefully that'll change with usage. My other main complaint so far is how they seemed to try to implement the Wii control into everything. I would have much preferred to control my bird with the nunchuk instead of the Wii remote, and then using the nunchuk to assist in certain sword strikes is annoying. Maybe it's just a matter of timing, though.



Video Game Of The Year Playoffs: Round 2

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 22 2011 · 98 views
Video Games
Well...this is finally up. Not that many surprises in the first round of the playoffs, as Skyrim, Arkham City, Skyward Sword and Portal 2 won fairly easily.

Which makes the 2nd round look like this:

#1 Skyrim vs. #5 Portal 2
#2 Arkham City vs. #3 Skyward Sword

Remember the rules, you can vote for one game per matchup. You can either vote in both matchups or one. Games with the most votes at the end of the round move on to the championship.



Video Game Of The Year Playoffs: Round 1

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 05 2011 · 102 views
Video Games, GoTY
Well, the nominations are in, the votes have been cast, and the top 8 games have been selected via the choices of the good people who frequently visit this blog(or just showed up on that one entry). The matchups for the first round of playoffs have been determined.

And they are:

#1: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim vs. #8: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
#2: Arkham City vs. #7: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
#3: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword vs. #6: Minecraft
#4: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception vs. #5: Portal 2

Personally, I'm liking this bracket a lot. All of these games are incredibly close, I have no problem seeing the bottom 4 all move on, knowing all the people who like them. Not saying they all will, but it could happen.

So anyways, here's how this works for those who don't know. Cast a vote for anywhere between 1 to all 4 of the matchups. The game in each matchup with the most votes at the end of the round will move on. If there's a tie...well...let's hope we don't have a tie.



Boxtus Game Of The Year: Nomination Topic

Posted by MT Zehvor , Nov 28 2011 · 65 views
Video Games, GoTY
Well, after a rather uneventful nomination period, we have quite a few nominees for the last 4 spots in what is shaping up to be an interesting video game playoff bracket. The rules are simple: Out of the list of games below, vote for at most 4. The four with the most votes will join Skyrim, Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3, and Arkham City in the playoff bracket, which begins sometime later. But not too much later. In the event of a tie, the almighty coin flip shall be the decider.

The nominees are:

Minecraft(PC, Mac, iPhone)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3(360, PS3, Wii, PC)
Portal 2(360, PS3, PC)
Battlefield 3(360, PS3, PC)
Pokemon Black & White(DS)
Super Mario 3D Land(3DS)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D(3DS)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3(360, PS3)
Assassin's Creed: Revelations(360, PS3, PC)

So get voting.



Candidates For Boxtus Game Of The Year

Posted by MT Zehvor , Nov 18 2011 · 45 views
Video Games
So it's time once again(or, at least, close to time) for our game of the year awards, which is always decided by who shows up on this blog to cast a vote. In years past, it sometimes completely agrees with my opinion(Fallout 3 in 2008) and sometimes completely differs(Other M in 2010). Whatever the case, it's time to start nominating games for this year's best of show: Oh, and since there's no Metroid game up this time, perhaps there'll be a fair voting.

Metroid has some ridiculous history of winning on this blog and back when the Boxtus awards weren't on BZP.

Anyways, here's how we're doing it this year: The top 4 seeds in the contest are determined by the overall critic rating on Metacritic, a non-forum game site that compiles ratings by most major game critics and averages them out. I then take those scores, and average them with the user ratings to determine which games have the highest ratings. The bottom 4 seeds are determined solely by Boxtus fans nominations and then voting: Who would you like to see in this?

(NOTE: No re-releases of any kind are allowed. Remakes, however, are)

The top 4 seeds for this year are, in order...

#1: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim(9.2 Average, PC, 360, PS3)
#2: Batman: Arkham City(9.1 PC, 360, PS3)
#3: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword(9.0, Wii)
#4: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception(8.7, PS3)

So get nominating!



Omegafest: Mt Day

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 30 2011 · 50 views
So here we are, at the end of the inaugural Omegafest, and I'm hoping that some of the stuff I'm about to announce goes over pretty well. Not that people on here would complain about it drastically, but there is some stuff that is a bit odd, even for TBTTRAH. So here it goes.

First off is the less important announcements. Aftermath 2 is now up and running(and if you didn't know that you're incredibly behind the times), and there will soon occur two events that are rather important in TBTTRAH history: The voting for Fanta Claus, and then the AFL Playoffs. And by soon I mean a couple months, but still, any votes/requests for either will be taken beginning December 1st.

Secondly, a look ahead at A2. As promised, some familiar faces will soon return, but probably most interesting is the introduction of two new characters, the appearances of which are rather spoiler riddled, but I'll introduce one for the time being, while the other can remain a mystery for now. The first is Purple Bouncy, who appears at around Chapter 20. Bouncy is the leader of a resistance group in "The Void," which is a distant planet that was originally being used to test the effectiveness of different societies by a shadowy group called "The Center." However, no contact has been made with the Center for years, and many of the inhabitants who have escaped from their testing centers have begun to wonder if they are still operating.

Next is an upcoming comedy with a TBD release date, called "Winds of Madness." Most of that plot will coincide with some of the upcoming events in A2, including the character that was not previewed in this entry. Oh, and as a hint for that character's identity, he's very familiar with Mesonak.

Now we're down to the two major announcments. Unsure as to which one should go first, so I'll put the one that's had the most development done on it before the not so worked on one.

One of the original comedies in the TBTTRAH series is getting a sequel. To commemorate the 5th anniversary of TBTTRAH, The Bionicles Try To Run A Luxury Resort 2 will debut on January 1st, 2012, detailing a very interesting month long trip by the Piraka and Barraki to the luxury resort. Expect some familiar faces to pop up here as well, some of which who haven't been in a TBTTRAH related comedy since 2009.

And then lastly is the non-comedy. Approval has officially been given for a CoT RPG that would take the concept of the GCC and turn it into a role playing game, where the inhabitants of the "Comedy Planet" are defending their world against the Dark Lord and its army of harbringers. This "Resistance" and Harbringers will function as the two different teams, with players picking a side.

The RPG would function similar to the games found in the RPG forum, but with a few new tweaks, including the addition of territory control, and added areas as time and player count goes up.



Omegafest: Levacius Day

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 28 2011 · 61 views
Here's Lev's day. Don't have a lot of time so I won't comment on it right now.

Lightning Elemental Commander: Sir, it’s your time slot. Are you ready?
Levacius: I was born ready. Tell the troops to put on a presentation. We’re thinking Iron Man 2 here.
Lightning Elemental Commander: We have one problem. The bus full of Ga-Matoran got shot down.
Levacius: How does a bus get shot down?
Lightning Elemental Commander: Very carefully.
Levacius: *Sigh* Do we have anyone else that could do it.
Lightning Elemental Commander: We could have the female elementals do it.
Levacius: Okay, I’ve had you guys for a long time now, and I never knew you had genders.
Lightning Elemental Commander: What did you think we were, sir, amoebas?
Levacius: You’re composed of energy, and you’re created upon the death of another as a reincarnation. Seeing as the only reason you have the body shape of a toa is because of a manifestation of my will, I didn’t realize the need to have gender was in your species.
Lightning Elemental Commander: Sir, don’t over think these things.
Levacius: Fine, I’ll do this show without the fireworks and Ga-Matoran… *Walks out*

Greetings, attendees to Omegafest! I’m glad to see everyone who could make it here did make it here. As anyone who has seen my blog, the Lightning Realm, will have already found out, I am working on two comedies and one epics at the time.

In three days time, on Monday the 31st of October at 5 PM pacific time, I will put up the first chapter of the comedy Bionicle in 300 Words. This comedy is fueled by randomness injected with fifteen gallons (because we refuse to use the metric system) of liquid sugar. Each year of Bionicle is parodied in 300+ words. Maybe 600 or so. Because you all have chosen to attend this event, I have the first chapter here three days early for you to enjoy.

CHAPTER 1 - 2001 in 571 Words

Tahu: *Wakes up* Where am I. *Picks up sword* This is heavy. *Puts on mask* Wow, now I have super powers! (he walks off into the burnt forest)

Tahu: Gee, this seems like a great idea, going through a forest. *Spike trap comes up* Ah! Spikes! *Cuts spikes with fire sword*
Jalla: *Gasps and pops up* He has a sword! And can set things on fire! He must be the hero who will save us! Take him to Vakama!
(Matoran escort him to Vakama)

Vakama: Tahu, you must save the island.
Tahu: Why?
Vakama: Becuase, you have to. Makuta is evil, becuase he has shadow as a power.
Tahu: Oh, okay. How do I do that.
Vakama: Find the Kanohi masks. And remember - gotta catch 'em all.

Kopaka: I hate my life. And you.
Pohatu: ... and so then I said, like, "Hewkii, you're never going to be a toa, so, like, shut up" but he was all "I'm gonna be a toa like you and I'm gonna save your sorry but". As if... hey look, other toa!
Tahu: *Looks up from talking to Gali, Onua, and Lewa* Hey look, other toa.
Kopaka: We should kill them.
Pohatu: OTHER TOA! *Runs at them with arms open wide*

Lewa: *Acts goofy*
Tahu: ... so we gotta catch 'em all.
Gali: How do we catch them?
Tahu: Well, there are these evil monsters guarding them, and we beat them up and take the mask from them.
Lewa: Whee!
Onua: We have to beat he who must not be named.
Pohatu: Who's that?
Onua: He cannot be named.
Tahu: You mean Makuta?
Island: *Splits in half as a giant shadowy storm whips up and Cthulu rises from the ocean, then comes back together and Cthulu goes back underwater*
Onua: Don't say his name!

Kopaka: *passes out from being hit by a block of ice*
Wairuha: You must fuse together to become me!
Kopaka: *Wakes up and looks down* Shoot, this ice block is melting. *Jumps and almost lands in the lava*
Lewa: Yay! *Saves him*

Tahu: Alright, we have all the masks...
Gali: Yep.
Tahu: And we're entrusting a group of matoran to defend our backs so we aren't eaten.
Jaller: Yep.
Takua: I'm the chronicler!
Jaller: Shut up *slaps him*
Tahu: Alright, lets throw all of our masks away on these statues! *Places masks on statues with other toa*
Golden Masks: *Appear*
Tahu: Yay! Our masks our gold now! *Puts on and walks into the Mangaia*
Lewa: How is this better-gooder? *Follows*

Gali: AH! Crabs!
Manas Army: *Attack*
Tahu: Quick, form Voltron and use the sword to attack the pillars! Defeat the robobeast!
*Toa form into the toa Kaita*
Akamai: Bust ALL the pillars! *Attacks the pillars*
Waihura: My name sounds like a girls. *Attacks the pillars*
Manas: *Go asleep*
Akamai: *As Waihura walks onwards* Wait... so we're not going to finish them off?

Takua: *Following* I'z a stalker!
Toa Kaita: *Split into six*
Tahu: What is this I don't even...
Matoran: *Appears*
Lewa: Ah! Creepy matoran!
Makuta Matoran: I'm the bad guy. Rawrgh. *Turns into a mask in a pool of shadow*
Tahu: Combine your powers! *Attacks the Makuta shadow pool*
Other Toa: *Do the same thing*
Makuta: Oh no! Six toa defeated me, even though I have 42 plus powers, can create an army, and am basically an evil god. Gee, are they really that dumb they think this can beat me? *Fades away*
Tahu: Yay! We're dumb and we won!
Other Toa: Yay! *Leave Mangaia*
Takua: Ooh, look, teleporter! Ooh, look, Bohrok! *Uses Teleporter as Bohrok wake up* Ooh, look, Vakama by the water.
Vakama: Oh hi Takua! Good job! Now get away from me you red and blue freak!
Takua: Fine...


And so you guys can see just how silly and bad this comedy is going to be. Hopefully it will at least attract attention, to get some viewers for when I run my next comedy. Now, Bionicle in 300 Words will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Three days a week. This will continue on for three weeks. On the fourth week, 2010 and 2011 will both be written on Wednesday.

The week following will debut the opening of The Bionicle House.

The date is December 31st, 2012. The world didn’t end. Luckily. Or sadly. Depends on who you ask. A young boy, son to the rich human Ronald Kruntz, has recently read about a thing called BIONICLE, and had his father buy the LEGO company. And, in addition, every single BIONICLE toy ever made, including all special editions he could get his hands on.
But what nobody expects is what was about to happen on that day. December 31st, 2012. The day when… the BIONICLE sets of Kruntz Mansion came to life!

This sums up the basic opening idea behind everything happening. The Bionicle House will probably be written into up until I leave for college, and will start off with on room, then the whole floor, until eventually they find their way out past the mansion. Hero Factory will not be a feature, and the HF fans cried.

The Bionicle House will be posted every Monday anywhere from 4-8 PM PST. As such, some will not see it until Tuesday thanks to differing time zones.

For anyone interested on other things I’m doing, I’m finishing up my RPG submission for December ATM, and I’m also working on an epic called All Cardinal Points.

- - - - - SPECIAL - - - - -

To all participants of Omegafest;

I will be featuring no Guest Stars in The Bionicle House up until it’s had a reasonably long run. We’re talking, like, 15 chapters. However, I will be featuring PGS’s that may appear from Chapter 6 and forward.

The form is here –


These forms may be PMed.

Any number may be sent, but it’s open only to those who attended Omegafest. Which is you, if you’re reading this.

Thank you MT for letting me do this presentation.


-Toa Levacius Zehvor




Omegafest: Ibrow Day

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 27 2011 · 139 views

K so, since I screwed up on Tuesday or something, I'm moving iBrow to Thursday in one of my previous two slots. So yaa.

Here we go...

First off is a preview of a new comedy, which I personally am looking forward to a lot.

The Untold Tale of ALMIGHTY
Part 1 – Punishment
iBrow Comedy Productions

An Unknown Time, in an Unknown Place....

Gamma, Epsilon, and Beta all stood in a line in front of Alpha; the latter was currently lecturing the three on how to properly discipline their citizens when wrong-doings occurred.
“You NEVER, EVER remove a limb, EVER!” Alpha yelled. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, GAMMA?!”
“Yes, Alpha.” Gamma replied sullenly.
Alpha strode over and slapped Gamma across the face.
“I told you three to not say anything!” Alpha hissed. “And you are to refer to me as Lord Alpha! You are lords to everyone but me. I am lord to you.”

Alpha waited a few moments, right in Gamma’ personal space. Gamma did not react. Alpha stepped back, nodding in approval.
“I hope I don’t have to lecture the three of you on this a third time.” Alpha continued. “If I hear that any of you has been that brutal to someone in your realms again, that will be it. No more warnings. You remember what I did to Theta.”

Gamma (along with Epsilon and Beta) instantly recalled Theta; the outlaw of the group, he had always tried his best to undermine Alpha without Alpha noticing. For several years he succeeded; however, one day Alpha found out. Delta and Beta had been assigned to track Theta without him noticing, and they did so successfully for another couple years. Alpha watched, he learned, he waited....

There's also some TvT stuff to be caught up on.

There are three major storylines in Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath;
  • The first stars Tahu Mata in an alternate 2009, trying to figure out why he suddenly doesn’t exist and also fix things
  • The second stars Pridak, Mantax, Irnakk, and Kazi as they time-travel to 2001 to assassinate Tahu Mata, thereby causing the Tahu vs. Tahu war to not occur.
  • The third stars Tahu Nuva as he defends against the returned tyranny of Tahu Mistika, who wishes to kill both him and Tahu Mata and then take over.

ALMIGHTY, Nex 2.0, and Fire Lord will all return before the end of the season. Fire Lord will NOT be possessed by ALMIGHTY, so perhaps you’ll learn his true personality.

Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, and Takanuva Stars will also return before the end of the season. To follow them during their absence, you’ll have to read the Great Comedy Crossover.

Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath will end the first of at least two Tahu vs. Tahu storylines. The second will begin in Season 4, and a sneak peek has been shown below.

Season 4
Yes, there is going to be a Season 4. Please note that any information on this season IS subject to change- it is VERY likely that not everything shown here will make it into the final cut. If you want proof, then I’ll tell you this: I went through about four different story drafts forTahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath before deciding on the one you guys get to see.

Tahu vs. Tahu Season 4 Sneak Peek

A blinding flash of light caused Tahu Mata to stagger back, shutting his eyes tight. When he opened them, he found himself collapsed on top of Tahu Stars and Ehlek, both of them moaning and spots all over his vision.

But what Tahu Mata could see scared him more than he’d thought possible.

Because they were in the kitchen, and everyone around them (except for a select few) were dancing. He could see Pohatu Mata and Kopaka Mata chatting with Mantax and Takadox; Roodaka and Hydraxon were having a sparring match, with Maxilos & Spinax, Irnakk, Vakama Hordika, and Lewa Nuva watching.

“I-I don’t understand....” Tahu Mata trailed off, standing.
“This is too creepy.” Ehlek agreed, standing beside him. “What in Mata-Nui’s name is going on?!”

Tahu Mata grabbed a passing Hakann, turning him to face the two nervous characters.
“What happened?” he asked the Piraka. “Why are we all here having this party?”
“Uh... you and Tahu Stars organized it, remember?” Hakann looked at him quizzically.
“Together?!” Tahu Mata exclaimed.
“Duh. How else? You guys are total bros man.” Hakann told him. “Don’t you remember? Tahu Stars arrived and you two joined together under a single banner before war broke out. We’ve lived happily ever since.”

Tahu Mata, speechless, turned to Ehlek as Hakann continued on his way, shaking his head.
“What the heck just happened?!” he asked the Barraki.
Ehlek shrugged. “I dunno. But it looks like you and Tahu Stars apparently get along together on a level I’d have deemed impossible.”

Tahu vs. Tahu Season 4 will star Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, Takanuva Stars, Ehlek, Matau Metru, and four others as they attempt to find out just what has happened.

Current subtitles I’m considering are Time, Reset, and Deconstruction. Let me know which one you guys prefer.


Looks cool, iBrow. Season 4 is turning out to be very promising. KUTGW.



Omegafest: Jl Day

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 26 2011 · 35 views

JL's Booth or something, whatever.
Anyways, Hello everyone! It's me, JL, bringing you the info and stuff for the .... 2nd day of Omegafest? Im not sure. All hail Omega Turtle, that is all. Anyways, Its some kind of thing where I have to show you guys my stuff, kind of like Halofest, I guess. Problem is, I've never actually been to these places, and in sites with people going to these places are images.... of more images. And I can't really create images for this thing, because its text based. That sucks. Talk about being poor.

ANYWAYS, I guess I have to start with my first comedy, and my main one. I guess. How To Live An Exciting life! No doubt you have NEVER heard of this story because you don't even know me! In your puny brains you must be thinking "Oh, this comedy must be so much better than this How to be a boring noob thing or something" or "Oh, Aftermath ownedz nubs" or "Macdonalds" or whatever your incompetent arrogant brain can come up with as an excuse for being a lazy person who thinks "I don't wanna read because I'm half illiterate and I don't bother learning." Well, good luck to all you noobs, you will not contribute to society and I hope you enjoy your next job a 7-11. BUT If you are willing to give this comedy a shot, read on for the plans and stuff I have for the next year or so!

In the next year, we will......
1. Explore the issues of a massive city built for the Matoran, run by a Senate Council and kept inside an apartment..... inside a human city.
2. Find out what smart people do to stupid people!
3. Learn of the UBN, learn of truths, and learn of history! Myths! Legends!
4. Fight as the first Titan is reborn, and manages to take control of this city, which has been played with by Destiny, Fate AND The Meddler.
5. Start the Titan War!

Also, if you are an cool dude, by Titan, I don't mean the big sets. Those, I call Dumbos, because they are dumb and big.
Now, let's learn about the Titans. Who are they? What are they here for? What can they do?
Most of these questions I cannot answer for the well being of the most of you reading this as, without a doubt, YOU ARE STUPID! How do I know? I AM TOO! YOU HEAR ME? But, I can answer some things.

Who are the Titans? A group of 12 Bionicles who are the firstborn from Chaos and Order, the 2 who embrace and leave (Just like the average male and female) all the time. These Titans had been controllers of the Bionicle World, hiding in the midst of humans, who also came to worship some of the Bionicles as gods of their culture.

What are their powers?
For your sake, I shall also list their names because you forgot them already.
Axes - Titan King, Lord of Time.
Mebiox - Lord of Space, first Titan to be reborn and bring the fight to the UBN.
Destiny - Controller of Destiny (Wow, his powers WOULD seem pretty good, but its actually just him looking at visions and then recreating it. BORING.)
Fate - Controller of Fate (Same as Destiny, except theres a difference between destiny and fate. Destiny is the road and Fate is the consequence.)
Most of the others have faded from the walls of primal men paintings. SORRY. Sense the sarcasm.

However, Chaos, a female, has lots of children, and Order, male, usually can't do anything as she infects all her children with stupidity. So, why not take a look at the others? Hmmm.....
Lets check the records.....
There's a group of 12 called the Gigantes.... dunno if that is important. (It is.)
And a group of mutations created by Chaos, not born, hmmm. Oh, looks like its a entire race. Of faceless people. Faceless. Weird.
And...... not much more. Hmmm. Records seem to have been hidden from us. That's weird. Looks like our audience won't really get what they want.

Now, lets take a look at the UBN. The UBN, at first glance, seems to be a like the United Nations (Well, at the word Bionicle in there and you get UBN) of the Bionicle world, hidden in the midst of humanity. There are representatives from each city, meaning there are hundreds at most UBN councils, all that stuff. Cities include Legoland, Legoland somewhere else and Legoland over there. Several others too.

Well, now I don't want to talk much to you guys, about all this. I wonder if Omega can eat all this though. He should be able too. I hope so. If not, he owes me. :3 I don't like when its HIM owing me, though. He'll just eat me.

ANNNYYYYWAAYYYSSSS, Armies are being raised all over the world to try and invade all the key cities. The Apartment is one of them. Why? Well, I said so, so yeah. Monsters are reviving anywhere, and the Titans are going to make a crude battalion of it all around the world.

Ok! So, since I don't have much to say about How To Live An Exciting Life, I'll just move on to JL's story. The Freelancer thing. Yep Yep.

Its gonna end around chapter 30, but all I can say is those 5 evil dudes will die, in the end, 1 by 1, bit that last guy who dies manages to get TDL to send reinforcements, meaning JL has to fight a lot again. Yeah.

Now I don't wanna talk because you guys are so bored you aren't even reading. So I'll stop. Cya!


Omegafest Soon

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 22 2011 · 49 views
OTS, TBTTRAH, Aftermath and 2 more...
So yaa I lied. Again. I'm good at that.

Instead of Monday or Thursday, Omegafest will begin on Tuesday, with the iBrow day. After that I'm not entirely sure, but there will be a couple of TBTTRAH days thrown in there to show some of the new stuff I've been working on(and believe me, there's a lot of new stuff).

If you want to secure a day, just post here and say which day. Otherwise I'll assign one to you.



Sauce N' Such

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 17 2011 · 36 views

So since Boxtus is up I figured I might as well use it while I still can to do some stuff about some stuff that needs to be explained.

The BZP Comedy Wiki is completely functional currently. We've been having a few issues that have been(mostly) fixed, so yay.

The TBTTRAH Wiki is...well...another story entirely. It's rather dysfunctional at this point, and I'll be using the next few weeks of posting old Aftermath 2 chapters to update it some, along with writing new comedies that will appear in the future.

Despite the fact that, well, it's kinda been split into two comedies, we'll still be going through with the 2K4A celebration(Two Thousand[Posts] For Aftermath) whenever A2 and A1 reach a combined 2,000 posts. Too lazy too look up how many we need currently. Party hats everyone.

There is a new story in the making that will be debuted if the CWE idea goes through. And by debuted I mean shown off. Or advertised. Or something.

Speaking of CWE, I'm hoping to get enough GCC stuff written so that we can show it off there as well.

Boxtus may or may not stay up for another year or so, depending if I can find 11 bucks. I kinda only want one more year, as I'll be far too busy in college to update A2 and a blog.



Boxtus Is Back

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 14 2011 · 46 views

For how long, I don't know.



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