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Omegafest: Ibrow Day

Posted by MT Zehvor , Oct 27 2011 · 861 views

K so, since I screwed up on Tuesday or something, I'm moving iBrow to Thursday in one of my previous two slots. So yaa.

Here we go...

First off is a preview of a new comedy, which I personally am looking forward to a lot.

The Untold Tale of ALMIGHTY
Part 1 – Punishment
iBrow Comedy Productions

An Unknown Time, in an Unknown Place....

Gamma, Epsilon, and Beta all stood in a line in front of Alpha; the latter was currently lecturing the three on how to properly discipline their citizens when wrong-doings occurred.
“You NEVER, EVER remove a limb, EVER!” Alpha yelled. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, GAMMA?!”
“Yes, Alpha.” Gamma replied sullenly.
Alpha strode over and slapped Gamma across the face.
“I told you three to not say anything!” Alpha hissed. “And you are to refer to me as Lord Alpha! You are lords to everyone but me. I am lord to you.”

Alpha waited a few moments, right in Gamma’ personal space. Gamma did not react. Alpha stepped back, nodding in approval.
“I hope I don’t have to lecture the three of you on this a third time.” Alpha continued. “If I hear that any of you has been that brutal to someone in your realms again, that will be it. No more warnings. You remember what I did to Theta.”

Gamma (along with Epsilon and Beta) instantly recalled Theta; the outlaw of the group, he had always tried his best to undermine Alpha without Alpha noticing. For several years he succeeded; however, one day Alpha found out. Delta and Beta had been assigned to track Theta without him noticing, and they did so successfully for another couple years. Alpha watched, he learned, he waited....

There's also some TvT stuff to be caught up on.

There are three major storylines in Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath;
  • The first stars Tahu Mata in an alternate 2009, trying to figure out why he suddenly doesn’t exist and also fix things
  • The second stars Pridak, Mantax, Irnakk, and Kazi as they time-travel to 2001 to assassinate Tahu Mata, thereby causing the Tahu vs. Tahu war to not occur.
  • The third stars Tahu Nuva as he defends against the returned tyranny of Tahu Mistika, who wishes to kill both him and Tahu Mata and then take over.

ALMIGHTY, Nex 2.0, and Fire Lord will all return before the end of the season. Fire Lord will NOT be possessed by ALMIGHTY, so perhaps you’ll learn his true personality.

Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, and Takanuva Stars will also return before the end of the season. To follow them during their absence, you’ll have to read the Great Comedy Crossover.

Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath will end the first of at least two Tahu vs. Tahu storylines. The second will begin in Season 4, and a sneak peek has been shown below.

Season 4
Yes, there is going to be a Season 4. Please note that any information on this season IS subject to change- it is VERY likely that not everything shown here will make it into the final cut. If you want proof, then I’ll tell you this: I went through about four different story drafts forTahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath before deciding on the one you guys get to see.

Tahu vs. Tahu Season 4 Sneak Peek

A blinding flash of light caused Tahu Mata to stagger back, shutting his eyes tight. When he opened them, he found himself collapsed on top of Tahu Stars and Ehlek, both of them moaning and spots all over his vision.

But what Tahu Mata could see scared him more than he’d thought possible.

Because they were in the kitchen, and everyone around them (except for a select few) were dancing. He could see Pohatu Mata and Kopaka Mata chatting with Mantax and Takadox; Roodaka and Hydraxon were having a sparring match, with Maxilos & Spinax, Irnakk, Vakama Hordika, and Lewa Nuva watching.

“I-I don’t understand....” Tahu Mata trailed off, standing.
“This is too creepy.” Ehlek agreed, standing beside him. “What in Mata-Nui’s name is going on?!”

Tahu Mata grabbed a passing Hakann, turning him to face the two nervous characters.
“What happened?” he asked the Piraka. “Why are we all here having this party?”
“Uh... you and Tahu Stars organized it, remember?” Hakann looked at him quizzically.
“Together?!” Tahu Mata exclaimed.
“Duh. How else? You guys are total bros man.” Hakann told him. “Don’t you remember? Tahu Stars arrived and you two joined together under a single banner before war broke out. We’ve lived happily ever since.”

Tahu Mata, speechless, turned to Ehlek as Hakann continued on his way, shaking his head.
“What the heck just happened?!” he asked the Barraki.
Ehlek shrugged. “I dunno. But it looks like you and Tahu Stars apparently get along together on a level I’d have deemed impossible.”

Tahu vs. Tahu Season 4 will star Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, Takanuva Stars, Ehlek, Matau Metru, and four others as they attempt to find out just what has happened.

Current subtitles I’m considering are Time, Reset, and Deconstruction. Let me know which one you guys prefer.


Looks cool, iBrow. Season 4 is turning out to be very promising. KUTGW.


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Toa Levacius Zehvor
Oct 27 2011 08:13 PM
Very good, iBrow. Hopes to see some of this.

-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:
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wth you said weekend, not Thursday. I was gonna write up the Vultraz stuff tomorrow.... argh.

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You still can, feeeker. I just posted this on Thursday.

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Meh. Too lazy. =P

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