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Skyward Sword Blog, Day 2

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 27 2011 · 889 views

Video Games
And so the blog continues.

Not much happened on day 2, actually. After getting some new clothes to accompany me on my journey(just think, every Link ever has worn green because Skyloft knights prefer green in the summer), I left Skyloft via my bird and traveled down to the surface below. After running down a gigantic spiral, I activated some geyers, and then ran all the way back, after being informed of dowsing, which is the ability to use my sword to detect the direction of things. Dowsing was the term used for people who believed that there were magical sticks that could detect water...so it's an interesting choice of name, but whatever.

I entered some temple, and met some weird old sage, who then pointed me in the direction of the Faron Words, which look a lot happier than they did in Twilight Princess(then again, so does everything). Ran around for a little bit before I met this odd penguin type creature with a flower on its back called a Kiwkii, or something like that. It told me to find a big fat Kiwkii. Found him, and then he told me to find 3 more Kiwkiis. Found them(this took a lot longer than it seems, mind you) and then went back to the big fat elder Kiwkii. Turns out by finding the location of his people, he gets the power to remember the location of Zelda. Lovely. Anyways, went the direction that he pointed in, and saved.

Today: 0
Playthrough: 0

Thoughts: Game's picking up slowly, but surely. Slowly getting used to the sword controls. One thing I'm absolutely beginning to despise is the nunchuk's constant habit of getting reset, that is to say, it somehow has the position that it believes is neutral reset to either the left or right, which means when the joystick is not being touched, Link will run left or right, and when the joystick is moved, Link won't run normally. It's easily fixed, but the number of times it has happened is starting to annoy me. I don't think it's my nunchuk, it's never done this with this frequency in any other game...but maybe it's my equipment and not the game. I won't hold it against the game in my review.

Second thing is...I'm kinda unimpressed with the graphics. Maybe it's just I never had an appreciation for impressionistic art, but I've been reading tons of reviews claiming this as the best graphics on the Wii. Really? These graphics are better than Metroid Prime 3? Don't think I can agree with that.

I really do enjoy flying, though. I still wish you could fly via the nunchuk(although, given the amount of times it's messed up, maybe that's not the best), but the Wii remote is use-able. I also like how the surface areas in the game are more closed in: One thing I disliked in Twilight Princess was that there were all these wide open areas and then nothing in them. It seems in this game, Nintendo has only made their areas as big as they need to be.


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Blessed Blade
Dec 27 2011 05:28 PM
Re: nunchuk: Huh. That's odd. Never did that to me... You weren't holding it in any directions when starting, correct? Dunno why it would do that otherwise; but if it's happening, it's more than likely your nunchuk itself, and my game's been fine...

Re: Flying: Yeah, maybe it not using the control stick was a good thing. xD

Re: areas: Yeah, this is better. However, I kinda wish there was at least one central overworld, but, given that the place still isn't probably able to be traveled in aside from the areas we go to, that might not have been as good. =P

Re: Graphics: I don't know about it being the absolute best, but this is definitely one of the best styles I've seen, and if they could get this to look 'HD', while keeping the same style, then it'd easily be one of the best looking games, even on a next gen console. I just wish they had've had a different way of doing the textures close-up. Like on the walls.
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King of the Madness Isles
Dec 29 2011 04:06 PM
I don't own this game, but I played it at my friend's house and tried to get a feel for it, and I have to say, I am actually a bit dissapointed.

Also, that Nunchuk thing happened to me on Twilight Princess, but I just unplugged it and then replugged it. You know, took it out of the Wiimote and then put it back in.

Anyways, I feel that the motion controls are extremely realistic, but too slow. It takes me a while to get my arm in the right position to do a certain sword movement, but sometimes I managed to move my blade faster. I also think the controls when flying the bird are extremely dissapointing and annoying.

It's like they realized motion controls were supposed to be the Wii's selling point, took a look at how many of the great Wii games use little, and in some cases, no, motion control, then tried to pack it into every aspect of the game.
I MEAN SERIOUSLY, WHO WANTS TO USE MOTION CONTROL TO THROW A POT?!?! You raise it up and fling your hand to roll it, toss underhand to throw?!?! Wait maybe my friend has it on lefty mode...?

The graphics, by the way, are cool most places, but in Skyloft they annoy me. Just plain annoy me. Half the people in Skyloft I cannot discern the gender of. During the day, I feel Skyloft is too bright. It makes me wanna punch the people who decorated it. Probably Groose and his clown hair.

Oh, and Zelda was supposed to be hot if she was finally gonna date Link! SHE LOOKS FIVE!!! AND HER DAD IS LIKE A HUNDRED!!!

But I do like SKyloft at night, and the surface looks pretty cool.

I originally appreciated the fact that the game felt more like an RPG with all the side quests, but alot of them seem too simple. Grab this. Thanks. Fetch this. Thanks. Here's a shiny new Rupee. Don't spend it all in one place.

I still love the weapon upgrading too-best new feature I've seen added to a Zelda game since...uh...the Tingle Tuner? Oh wait...that...wasn't...

Well, nice to see them take a break from the regular formula and add something new.
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Ha ha ha. Yeah, I thought Zelda's dad looked a little old for a girl who can't be much more than 15.

The problem I have with the weapon upgrader is that you have to bring the tools to the guy. What weaponsmith makes you bring him tools as well as money? That's sorta ridiculous.

I definitely agree with you about the controls being too slow. I like the realism, but it ends up simplifying combat so much, it's not worth it.

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Blessed Blade
Dec 29 2011 08:58 PM
Err, I believe Zelda's supposed to be older than 15, since Link's supposed to be one of the oldest yet. xD

And as for Mr. Owl, maybe the stress of running a school got to him or something. :rolleyes:
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...he doesn't look anywhere near "one of the oldest." I mean, sure, compared to Ocarina or Wind Waker Link, yeah, but he doesn't look like anywhere near the Twilight Princess Link.

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