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Skyward Sword Blog, Day 3

Posted by MT Zehvor , Dec 29 2011 · 666 views

Video Games
Another day, another couple complaints.

But we'll get to that later.

The day started out with heading deeper into the forest and finding a Goron archeologist I had met the other day. He explained something about goddess cubes, which are basically ways of unlocking treasure chests on floating islands in the sky that you can collect later. Anyways, killed some more red guys and made my way into the forest temple.

Temple was pretty easy until I got about halfway through it, where I had raised the water in this room twice, but then was stuck on where to go. Couldn't figure it out, so I went and looked online, and, turns out, there were some dark green vines along this rather poorly lit wall. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if the people who invent these puzzles come back to them later and even think that it might be nice to, I don't know, actually make the vines visisble?

Or maybe my TV's just dark.

Whatever. Killed some spiders(gotten a lot more annoying since Ocarina), one in particular that was dangling down from the ceiling right where I needed to stand, and, of course, kept it's weak point away from me. My patience got zapped really quick with this guy, so eventually I ended up spamming sword attacks and it worked out ok. Got out of that room, and went to another room, where I absolutely owned some stupid skeleton miniboss, and then got a bug for my prize.

And it is an awesome bug. Though the controls are clunky(very, very clunky) it's quite useful. I can basically use it to collect anything out of reach(well, save for heart containers, they seem to be too hard for poor bug, but oh well).

After some more walking, some annoying vines, and a temple key in the shape of an "h," I made it to the temple boss, who happens to be the "skinny, ghostly female" as described by Game Informer(good job researching your character's gender, Dan Ryckert). Anyways, this white lipstick wearing, Jar-Jar Binks tongued villain seems to be the only thing more emasculating than Groose's red mohawk, and he wasn't much of a challenge, either. Sword spam was more than a match for him, and he teleported away with a threat after the fight.

And Zelda wasn't there(We're sorry, Link, but your princess is in another castle!)

Soooo...looks like it's off to some volcano land. I sense lava.

And hopefully a bow and arrows somewhere.

Today: 0
Overall: 0

Thoughts: Just one main thing. I've been reading for about 3 months how "in Skyward Sword, if you try to rush into a group wildly waving your sword, you'll be destroyed. You'll have to be careful in using it and not spam it." Well...that's not true at all. I've been running up to groups of monsters, spinning my Wiimote around with no regard to tactics, and cutting my enemies to pieces, easily. That's what worked for the Skeleton miniboss, and it worked out pretty well for Girahem, as well. So...failure to all of you game preview sites, and especially you, Game Informer, for messing up twice now.

I thought about just ignoring my easy kill option and going with the way that it's supposed to be done, holding your sword in one position, then quickly moving it to another and slashing your opponent, but quite honestly, it gets really boring after a while. And it's pretty ridiculous, too. Like some enemy with a pefectly working sword is just gonna stand there and block you for 30 seconds before he decides to take a swing at you. I mean, if this is the future...then please give me Twilight Princess's enemies where they would at least try to hit you. I've probably inflicted more damage by knocking spiders into myself than the enemies have by hitting me so far.

Sooooo....not a big fan of the Wii motion plus stuff so far. It's early, I know, but the level that they've simplified the combat to to make it work...it's not worth it. Just flat out not worth it. I'm not advocating Zelda games be super hard...but this is pathetically easy. The only time I took damage in the Girahim boss fight was when I was trying to showboat with some of the fancier sword slices. If I had been actually using regular sword strokes, I probably would have come out of that fight without a single damage point. Do keep in mind this is my first playthrough, too. It's not like I've been playing this game multiple times and I've mastered all the tricks of the game. This is my first run through, and I'm running into most fights just swinging my sword randomly, looking for a hit(and, most of the time, getting the hit).

Is this like easy mode or something?


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Blessed Blade
Dec 29 2011 08:15 PM
Yes. This is easy mode, in a way. You didn't hear it from me, though. >> <<

And I think your TV's just dark, or I'm used to vine spam by now. xD(Plus there was a similar section during the whole 'follow Fi' section, so I probably just memorized what it looked like. And probably also missed it at first myself. xD)

Also, with the sword clanging off the Bokoblin with Fashionable underpants, I'd say that sword spam typically isn't a good idea. And this is coming from someone who typically sword spams in Wii Sports Resort. xD
    • 0
Well, I'mma keep using it as long as it does work. Made mincemeat out of everyone else so far.

Also I lol'd:

Not once did I encounter an instance of the game shoe-horning motion controls into unnecessary gameplay elements

Straight from [Removed. Do not mention sites with forums. -Kohaku] review of Skyward Sword.

Man, what game did HE play? Controlling the bug with Wii motion plus, controlling the bird with Wii motion plus, having to throw freaking pumpkins with Wii motion plus...

    • 0
Blessed Blade
Dec 29 2011 08:41 PM
Well really, the only thing that seemed like it could be better, IMO, was the swimming. I liked the pumpkin throwing(Keep that in mind, because that is [i]definitely[i] important, if you mean stabbing the pumpkin and throwing it), and controlling a bird with a motion controller isn't exactly new to the series. =P And it's very likely that the Beetle was based directly off the controls for the Bird, and tweaked a bit after the fact.
    • 0
I actually meant just picking it up with Link's hands and throwing it, like the ones in Skyloft.

The bird controls, doesn't matter if it's new or not, it's not really that great, but I can manage, although a joystick would have been much, much nicer.

The beetle controls, however, flat out suck. You can't even go straight up. I mean, I love the powerup, but its controls suck.

    • 0
Blessed Blade
Dec 29 2011 08:56 PM
Ah, I see. I think that might've been because of the rolling stuff, but honestly, I don't see why they couldn't have A to throw if running, a to place if now, and the remote for bowling only. So yeah, kinda agree there, though I got used to it after a little while. =P

Unless your Nunchuk failed. =P

As for the Beetle, you probably wouldn't be able to go straight up or down remote controls or not. xD
    • 0
Well, I'm not looking for being able to do the opposite of a nose dive, but when I want to ascend suddenly, I have to basically wind my way upwards in a circle, which is annoying.

Speaking of annoying, I think my blog days have expired...which means...

I guess I'll be doing the rest of this blog in these tiny entries. What fun that will be.
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