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The Mystery Shack


Link to the Past sequel

Posted by Eeko , Apr 17 2013 · 295 views

Now I've gone from wanting a 3DS, to really wanting a 3DS.
A new top down Zelda game is a great idea.



Posted by Eeko , Mar 20 2013 · 409 views





Behind Blue Eyes II

Posted by Eeko , Mar 15 2013 · 292 views

Note, don't read this unless you've read part 1!

So, first I'll explain the reasoning behind the answer to the first question.

That's the reasoning. Sorry if I explained it poorly.

Now, this doesn't answer the second question, it still seems like the Guru gives no information. So what's to stop the above cycle from just occuring spontaneously. What does the Guru say to start it off?


So there you have it.
It's a little tough to get your head around, plus I'm pretty bad at explaining through text.
So if you've got any doubts or questions, please ask!


Behind Blue Eyes...

Posted by Eeko , Mar 13 2013 · 429 views

Alternate Title: Brown-eyed girl.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, (or in a few cases a...ppoint? i don't if that's how that word works), but this entry is about math, not music.
Or, more accurately, it's about logic. Which is just math, but with more numbers.

So, I recently rediscovered the blue eyes puzzle, in all of its mystical wonder.
The problem goes a little something like this: (quote stolen from Randall Munroe. Please don't sue me.)

A group of people with assorted eye colors live on an island. They are all perfect logicians -- if a conclusion can be logically deduced, they will do it instantly. No one knows the color of their eyes. Every night at midnight, a ferry stops at the island. Any islanders who have figured out the color of their own eyes then leave the island, and the rest stay. Everyone can see everyone else at all times and keeps a count of the number of people they see with each eye color (excluding themselves), but they cannot otherwise communicate. Everyone on the island knows all the rules in this paragraph.

On this island there are 100 blue-eyed people, 100 brown-eyed people, and the Guru (she happens to have green eyes). So any given blue-eyed person can see 100 people with brown eyes and 99 people with blue eyes (and one with green), but that does not tell him his own eye color; as far as he knows the totals could be 101 brown and 99 blue. Or 100 brown, 99 blue, and he could have red eyes.

The Guru is allowed to speak once (let's say at noon), on one day in all their endless years on the island. Standing before the islanders, she says the following:

"I can see someone who has blue eyes."

Who leaves the island, and on what night?

The answer to this problem is a lot harder to find, and a lot weirder than you would initially think. Think about it for a while, if you solve it before you crack and look at the spoiler below then you're one of the best logicians in the world. Good job.


I can hear you through your computer screen.
"What!?" you say, speaking aloud instead of typing like a normal person. "This Eeko guy doesn't make any sense? He's terrible at logic!"
Well, you're right. I'm not making any sense, and I'm pretty bad at logic. But it's still right.

However, this is not actually what this entry is about.
This entry is about the follow up question:
"What new information did the Guru give?"

This question is a little easier to find, but a little harder to prove definitively.
When you think about it, the Guru doesn't seem to give any new information. I mean, everyone one on the island can see blue eyed people, so why does having the Guru say it change anything?

So here is my challenge to you guys and girls.
Answer the above question.
It's much easier to solve it than the first question. (I was able to after much thought and a little hair pulling.)
I'll post the answer tomorrow.
Or maybe the day after, to give y'all more time.

I thought it was fun to work through, so you should give it a shot.

P.S. I think this is the most words I've had in a blog post before. Woohoo.



Posted by Eeko , Feb 16 2013 · 289 views

Well, I quite liked this episode. I wish Luna had spoken, but we did have all mane six sing, which hasn't happened in a while.
Plus, at least three definite instances of Derpy!!
ONE! (on the bridge)
TWO! (by the crystal ponies legs)
THREE! (far right)

Not to mention the more obvious Vinyl Scratch.


Is it just me...

Posted by Eeko , Feb 12 2013 · 439 views

Or do Westeros and Equestria look earily similar?

Posted Image

Posted Image
If you say the top of Equestria's map marks the neck, some cities and landmarks even line up.
Are cutiemarks and sigils just two sides of the same coin?


Back at School!

Posted by Eeko , Jan 20 2013 · 300 views

Alternate Title: I'm Not Dead!!

But yeah, classes start tomorrow.
I've got Physics II, Calc II, Intro to Computer Programming, Another Humanities Course The Name Of Which I Can't Recall, Phys Ed., and Cello Lessons.

(no i don't play cello, i just want to)

But yeah, I barely managed to beat Echoes before I left, so Corruption's gonna have to wait a while. :(10

And I'll still be trying to get that laser to work.


Hey guys

Posted by Eeko , Dec 30 2012 · 623 views

You should go check out the BZPowercast. I answer your questions.
And make a poetry reference. :P

Also, since the holiday season is ending, I need some help deciding a new banner.

Posted Image

Posted Image

They're both so cool.


Another Zelda remix album plug!

Posted by Eeko , Dec 30 2012 · 329 views

Terrible Fate by Theophany is pure genius.

It's epic, and perfectly portrays all the darkness of Majora's Mask.

Plus, it's free!


Best gift ever

Posted by Eeko , Dec 25 2012 · 403 views

Metroid Prime Trilogy. B)

Also got some shirts, first four books of The Ice and Fire series, and a Jules Verne Compilation book.

Pretty nice.

Did somebody say...crombie?

Posted Image

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