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The Mystery Shack



Posted by Eeko , Aug 29 2009 · 122 views

A  matoran  was  found   A  matoran  was  found
dead in his  office at   dead in his  office at
3:30 pm,  August  4th.   3:30 pm,  August  4th.
He had  been  shot  in   He had  been  shot  in
the  head three times.   the  head three times.
The only other  people   The only other  people
on  his  floor  at the   on  his  floor  at the
time     was    Axonn,   time     was    Axonn,
Brutaka,  and    Tahu   Brutaka,   and    Tahu
Nuva.  Which  one   is   Nuva.  Which  one  is
the   guilty   person?   the  guilty    person?

First one to get it right and tell me how they found out wins nothing!
Let's see who can get this first. sly.gif

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Aug 23 2009 · 118 views

Hey everyone, I'm planning on changing my avatar/banner to the coolest character, from the coolest game series ever. That's right, I'm talking about…Knuckles. But I need your guys' help to decide on which banner.

The 460x80

Or the 250x100?

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Aug 21 2009 · 138 views

1500 posts. _icon_joy_.gif

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Aug 19 2009 · 150 views

Yay! Forums! So, for those of you who probably don't care, here's what I did this summer.

• First and foremost, my best friend who had moved to North Dakota 2 years ago finally moved back!
• I finally did an ollie on my Ripstick.
• I rode on a motorcycle. (We reached 88mph in a 40 mph zone. But don't tell anyone.)
• I finally, after a year and a half, got to relinquish my role as Senior Patrol Leader in my troop. Now I'm just regular Patrol Leader.
• I went to Busch Gardens! The one in Williasburg VA.

That's about it. And I'm freaking psyched about TLR. It's gonna be sweet.

Oh, and today is my sisters birthday. She's getting an Ocarina. Endless hours of Zelda theme music here we come!

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jul 14 2009 · 120 views

Full day of shooting people on wednsday. My church's youth group is doing a day long event.
I can't wait.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jul 14 2009 · 123 views


~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jul 13 2009 · 135 views

Kinda low on the presents end this year, but that's okay cause I got a Djembe!! It's amazing.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jul 05 2009 · 113 views

Wow, I was skimming through the most recent Kanohi Journal, when I stumbled upon one of my 3d pictures. At first I was like "Alright! Who stole my picture! burnmad.gif "
Then I noticed I was in the User Spotlight. laugh.gif

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jul 05 2009 · 123 views

Hey guys, my birthday's in two days!!!!!!!!! I'm updating now cause I'll be gone from Monday till Friday, and it's on Tuesday. My last birthday was also at CIY. tongue.gif

Anyways, 15 here I come!

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jun 27 2009 · 126 views

Hey everyone, I'm leaving for scout camp on Sunday, get back on Saturday. Then I leave for CIY (Christ in Youth) on Monday, and get back Friday. So i will be late getting to the BZPRPG. sad.gif

Off Topic: I saw Star Trek last night, it was pretty dang sweet.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif

Did somebody say...crombie?

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