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The Mystery Shack


Agents Of Chaos

Posted by Eeko , Jun 25 2009 · 321 views

This the official list for the characters of Agents of Chaos. Please PM me your character or leave it as a comment.


Name: Eeko
Species: Toa of Lightning
Mask: Kadin, mask of flight
Appearence: Seven feet tall with 9 feet tall armored dragon wings. I carry a broadsword on my back, a hatchet at my right side, and a sabre on my left. My armor is bronze and copper colored. I have been known to ocasionally carry explosive powders.
Abilities: I am extremely strong and clever on ground, but I lack any agility or speed. My armour is very thick, especially around my wings, which I will ocassionally use to block projectile attacks. In the air I posess much greater agility and speed due to the combined force of my Kadin and wings. However I have an ironic fear of hieghts that renders me much weaker and slowthinking when in the air.
Personality: I am cold and unfeeling, but not heartless. I prefer mercenary work but will choose sides if I am compelled to. I am a Toa of little words, I will say what is necessary then leave. I have an extremely high tolerence for pain. I have an extreme fear of both hieghts and water. Once I make up my mind it can never be changed. I will not hesitate to kill short term allys if it means defeating the enemy. I have been known to throw my exoplosive powders on the ground, and in the resulting smoke, take off silently out of range and view of my enemies.

Toa Velox
Name: Velox
Type: Toa of Electricity
Gender: Male
Mask: Silver Avohkii, with the power of teleportation [other masks at my disposal: Hau, Pakari, Huna, Calix, Sanok, Kadin, Rode and Suletu]
Appearance: Brown is his main color, with hints of gray, and silver armor. I carry a cloth backpack on my back. Something like this is what I look like, but that's not completely accurate.
Organization: Agents of Chaos
Weapons: Two Lewa Nuva Katana, two throwing daggers, and wrist blades [think batman]. Contrary to the image I provided above, Velox does not have a throwing ax. I also have a light stone, heat stone, and other objects/tools in my back pack. I also have my extra masks stored in my back pack, until I am able to build a Suva at the new camp site.
Powers: Electricity, which I can control, hurl, and harness. I can shoot blasts of electricity through my swords, as well as create lightning and other forms of electricity. I can also surround my blade with electricity, making it a torch. I can also teleport short distances with my mask power.
Background Story: This is yet to be decided.

Name: Iavo
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Hunter, former Toa of Iron
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil/Neutral
Appearance: Black with gunmetal armor - claws on hands and feet.
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Sniper Laser Gun, claws, two throwing/knifing daggers
Power(s): Is able to control/create Iron, being deadly to Makuta.
Biography: He betrayed his fellow Toa, and joined the Dark Hunters, becoming a skilled tracker and assassin after being trained. However, he did not wish to continue his life as a Dark Hunter, and only joined for the training. He escaped, though was later caught by a Dark Hunter member. He defeated his enemy, but was left severely wounded. He was found by a Makuta named Shakaz, who took Iavo into his care and healed his wounds. For that, Iavo has pledged allegiance, and has been ever-faithful to Shakaz since.

Name: Shakaz
Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutra/evil
Appearance: Black with hints of dark purple. Spikes arranged all over his body
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Staff, allowing him to wield any Makuta Power through it. He also carries two throwing daggers, and a large, barbed sword.
Power(s): All 42 Kraata powers
Biography: Deep past is mostly unknown. However, it is known that Shakaz is allied with another Makuta known as Uhuraz, with whom he began the organization known as the "Agents of Chaos," a group which recruits beings of all species and powers to bring ultimate chaos to the world. The Makutas' motives to found such an organization are unknown. Uhuraz was confirmed to have recruited the Dark Hunter Iavo, and aided in the deception pulled on Toa Velox and Toa Jural.

Nuju Metru
Name: Uhuraz
Type: Makuta
Gender: Male
Mask: White and black blended Kanohi Avsa, Mask of Hunger
Appearance: His preferred form is a humanoid body, with primarily black armor, with hints of white. He wears a flowing hooded black cape clasped about his throat. Has clawed fingers and toes. Bulky in build, with wide shoulders. Tall and muscular.
Organization: Agents of Chaos
Weapons: Uhuraz's principle weapon is a flail, with a wickedly large barbed head, which he can swing effectively due to his immense strength. He also uses a simple long-blade which lies in a sheath at his belt.
Powers: All 42 Kraata powers

Name: Grokk
Species: Skakdi
Alignment: Chaos, unlawfulness
Gender: Male
Appearance: Primarily dirty brown armor, with silver and black in lesser amounts. His armor is scraped and dented slightly all over, trophies of battles past. He is slight of build, lanky, but supple and strong. His large clawed hands and feet
Organization: (formerly) Dark Hunters, Agents of Chaos, Cruel Angels
Weapons: A personally modified Multi-shot Zamor Launcher, with scope and sniper capabilities. He carries with him a pouch full of various kinds of Zamors, from merely explosive types to a kind which can be used as a tracking beacon. Grokk also uses
Powers: Gravity element powers (weak, sap his energy when in use), electricity eye beams
Biography: After being exiled from his native Zakaz for murdering the warlord he had sworn fealty to, Grokk was noticed and recruited by the Dark Hunters. In a short amount of time with them, he had completed many missions successfully, and was proving to be a highly valuable asset to their ranks. However, Grokk was intercepted en route to a new mission by a shady Makuta known as Uhuraz. Uhuraz offered the skakdi a significant pay-raise from his Dark Hunter salary if he would join the Makuta in a new organization, known as the "Agents of Chaos." Being greedy, Grokk accepted. However, after a the organization had a run-in with the law, he escaped to join the Cruel Angels, whom he worked for until an agent of the law found and captured him.

Name: Jural
Species: Toa of Ice
Alignment: Truly trusts no one, save Toa Velox, who was the leader of their Toa Team
Gender: Male
Mask: Kanohi Matatu, the Great Mask of Telekinesis. Has X-ray eyepiece on his mask, which is removable.
Appearance: White armor, with pale blue and purple as secondary hues.
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapons: Jural carries a crossbow as his weapon, but prefers using elemental energies in combat, which he channels through a short dagger with an icy, translucent blade.
Powers: Potent ice powers, which he is constantly honing and practicing with, to make them his most effective weapon. He is also skilled in mental shielding and defense, and can block his mind form being read. He learned these skills form Makuta Uhuraz, who is a skilled mental manipulator. However, his knowledge is all defensive, and nowhere near as potent as Uhuraz's.
Biography: Velox and Jural are the last surviving members of their Toa team, the rest of whom were accidentally killed by a weapons malfunction. The citizens had asked the six Toa to test these new defense weapons, but when they malfunctioned, and the Toa were killed, two Makuta (Uhuraz and Shakaz) found Velox and Jural, who were the only two of their squad to survive. They lied to the two toa, telling them that it was purposeful that the weapons malfunctioned, and the deaths were a planned assassination by the citizens. They told Velox and Jural that causing chaos to all other civilization would help avenge their fallen Toa teammates, and that the deaths would only truly be repented only when all the world was ablaze with chaos. Velox and Jural, blinded by their guilt and grief, believed these lies, and now help the Makuta in their quest for ultimate chaos.


Name: Ballom
Type: Toa
Species: Toa of Earth and Shadow
Mask: Kanohi Crathsis, the Mask of Emotion. Allows the wearer to impress their strong emotions on others, and increase this power for better or for worse. Can also put Ballom into frighteningly angry rages.
Appearance: Standard two bio tall Toa. Black and purple, with rusty silver-black armor, a tattered black cape, and clawed boots. As weapons he possesses two spiked gauntlets, with saber blades coming out of the back, that can be reversed as scissor claws; also, he carries two broad laser swords. MOC Image.
Abilities: Shadow powers, such as the ability to throw up walls of shadow, black energy blasts, and portals of darkness energy to travel or dispell attacks. Limited control over Earth, requires great effort.
Personality: Ballom is cold, evil, and extremely ambitious. He is a somewhat loner, not working very well in a team, though he does enjoy leading others. He has great control over his emotions, and uses them to his advantage along with his Kanohi. He is rather witty and enjoys word plays, although this is relatively unknown due to how little he tends to speak.

~Shadow Kuurahk~
Name: Dahaka
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Appearance: Dahaka is a large being with a bulky form and strong build. He wears a helmet with two horns protruding from the sides, something relating significantly to his ancestry. Below the symbolic helmet he wields the Kanohi Iden. He wears very dark colored armor made from solidified protodermis, which serves no other purpose than to protect its wearer. Dahaka, while on the Astral Plain, wields nothing but his symbolic helmet, for you cannot be harmed nor healed while on the Astral Plain.
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Dahaka bears a giant ax.
Power(s): Astral Projection, Opening/Closing Dimensional Gates
Biography: Dahaka was born into a clan of monsters committed to destroying its inferiors. Not much is known about the family, but what is known is that Dahaka mended from his clan's ways and struggled to continue his journey through life alone. He ended up on Locus Abeo.

Name: Kahad
Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Appearance: Kahad is a medium-sized Makuta who, despite his size, is extremely powerful. He bears the Kanohi Shelek and wears gold and black armor.
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Kahad wields a short but powerful double-ended katana blade.
Power(s): 42 Kraata Powers. He also has the power to create energy from his blades and channel it as a weapon.
Biography: Kahad’s origin and history is unknown. All that is known is that Kahad is an experimenter, and the outcome of one if his experiments resulted in the creation of Nazar, his minion/pet.

Name: Nazar
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Alignment: Chaotic (More of a beast/animal, no good/evil.)
Appearance: Nazar is an enormous, overly muscular brute. He is an insane animal but, despite his stupidity, he knows certain commands. When he is commanded to attack, he signifies his understanding by outstretching his tongue. Nazar is most composed of dark, grey and black colors mixed together to form a deep and menacing look.
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Nazar carries no weapons but his fists and tentacles that can be released from all over his body and used as extra arms.
Power(s): Amplified Speed and Strength, Stronger Senses (Can sense presence of enemies), Night Vision, Immediate Regeneration.
Biography: Nazar used to be a Toa, but upon being captured by Kahad, he underwent experimentation that caused him to lose his sanity and humanity. He is now a beast under command of Kahad. Nazar has one weak spot: the back of his neck, because the central nervous system is located there. Due to his utter stupidity, Nazar can't get out a certain radius of his master, for he is defenseless without his commands. He is too stupid to act for himself, independently.


I'm not Toa of Dancing
Name: Dyi (Die-ee)
Gender: Female
Species: A species very much like Toa
Mask: Zatth
Appearance: About 1.8 bio tall, easily making her taller than most Toa. Dyi has muscle on every single square inch of her body, with an equal amount of armor. She has double jointed legs, which is one factor in her height. Otherwise, she appears like a Toa in basic build. Her torso and Zatth are mostly teal, with bits of trans-blue (including the yes). Her arms are solid trans-blue. Dyi uses a claymore as her primary weapon, along with keeping a small pistol with a bayonet strapped to her waist.
Abilities: Plantlife, natural high strength and speed
Personality: Think drill Sergeant, plus the Joker, with a little bit of zookeeper and botanist thrown in. Mix all of this up in a blender, and you get Dyi. Because of this, her sanity is often questioned. But she makes up for it by being an impressive foe in battle. Though a Toa, Dyi has dropped all virtue.

Name: Ja'lek
Type: Makuta
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black, with shades of dark green. His Kanohi is an Akaku.
Weapon: Long, black staff with an axe blade on one end and a small, sharp point on the other. He has carried a Cordak blaster on his shoulder (it is removable) since he got his armor repaired in Po-Metru.
Powers: He used to have all 42 Kraana powers, but a defeat in battle left him with control over only electricity, weather, teleportation, and magnetism.

Name: Ranvyr
Type: Toa of Magnetism
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears Miru and has gold and gray armor.
Weapon: Longsword that fires long ranges bursts of magnetism.
Bio: Ranvyr is a Toa of Magnetism that came to Metru Nui after he became a Toa as a part of an ancient ritual on his home island. He got involved with thugs and the confederation saved him. He now works as a Lieutenant and uses his still developing magnetism powers to aid in large battles or sieges. He is slow due to his element's nature and uses the longsword to aid him by using it to pull enemies close so he can use his enhanced strength to delivers strong blows.

Name: Tyeran
Type: Toa of Ice
Gender: Male
Appearance: White and Gold, Miru (Nuva in design)
Weapon: Longbow, and a Short Sword (Not seen in pic)
After becoming a Toa, shortly before the fall of the Metru Nui Universe, Tyeran was rarely seen. As the many beings fled from the damaged universe, he and eight others joined a group of three in creating an army of sorts.

Name: Phase
Type: Toa
Element: Gravity
Gender: Male
Guild: Agents of Chaos
Mask: A silver Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
Powers: All the powers a Toa of Gravity has: generating gravity, forming a gravity well, manipulating gravity in an area, controlling gravity to achieve flight, absorbing the gravity in an area, unleashing a Gravity Nova Blast, etc.
Weapons: An arm cannon (think Samus) that can fire bursts of gravity elemental energy, as well as energy nets.
Appearance: A gray Toa with silver highlights and a silver Kulasi.
History: Little is known of Phase's history except that, approximately 40,000 years ago, a member of his Toa team died because another member refused to follow Phase's orders. In a rage, Phase crushed the guilty Toa and left the island, never to return. Since his departure he has worked as a mercenary, building up experience and a reputation. He is arguably one of the best mercenaries out there, with a tactical mind and little conscience.

Gukko Force Captain
Type: Toa
Gender: male
Appearance: Green, with a Calix (Air)
Guild: Agents of Chaos
Weapon: An air double-edged sword and a Zamor launcher that fires explosives (not strong enough to kill)
Profile:Nahtez had to defect to the Agents of Chaos after he saw friends there. He doesn't like killing, feeling it against his honor, but will disable enemies when necessary. He is fiercely loyal to his friends. He also likes to fly whenever possible, and thus is a good pilot.


Name: Zorrakh
Type: Mutant Kraata
Gender: Male
Apperance: As Kraata: Silver and grey in color with three larg spines on the back and several smaller sharp spines running down the tail, size is roughly 4 bio in length, has a sharp point on the end of tail
As Matoran: Black and dark silver armor with two daggers, one in each hand
As Rahagh: Black and some grey in color, has clawed feet and a staff with a Guurahk staff head
As Toa: Tall with black and silver armor, two large skeleton-like wings and cape, has somewhat sharp talons on hands
Abilities: Can shapeshift between a Matoran, a Rahagah-like being minus Rhotuka Spinner, and a Toa capable of flight as well as his original form, a giant 4-bio long Kraata. He is a master at hand-to-hand combat and a somewhat experienced shooter. As a Toa, Zorrakh has power over minor shadow abilities and power over fear. As a Kraata, he has power over infection when in contact with a mask and has power over Kraata-level fear.
Kanohi (As Toa only): Kanohi Krataka, Mask of Infection. Allows the user to infect masks through touch. Depending on the target mask and the mask's wearer's will, more contact over a longer period is needed to entirely infect.
Weapons: As Kraata: Sharp tail and spines
As Matoran: Twin daggers
As Rahagah: Clawed feet, Staff that gives off a very minor electrocution
As Toa: Spiked sword named Zagranok (Virtures' Bane), talons
Personality: Zorrakh only speaks when spoken to most of the time, but will sometimes take the initiativite to voice oppinion. He is usually serious but does have a cruel sense of humour. Zorrakh prefers to be left alone and to watch what others do during discussion (as he is a do-er, not a talker), but is at the front of the battle field when the need arises. He also listens to suggestions and will consider them.

The pangolin under E's bed
Name: Anaraznal
Species: Former toa of fire, now mutated beyond belief
Mask: Mask of mind-reading (It was fused into his armor)
Apperance: solid black, triple jointed legs, head of a deformed bull, a long tail with what looks like four tuffs at the end. Carrys a staff
Abilities: Mind Bending, insanity inducing, scheming huge systematic plans.
Personality: Insane, doesn't care who gets killed when trying to complete a goal, the ultimate schemer, has a strange connection to rahi, hates toa
Bio (I know this shouldn't be here, but whatever): Anaraznal was a toa of fire on a small island. A makuta scientist named Lokaer kidnapped him and "Did everything he knew to him", sending him to his current form. When he was returned to his island they shunned and attacked him. The side affects of the experiment caused him to go on a rampage, and within a week had the island systematicly destroyed, not leaving a single stone rat or anything alive. Shortly afterward he became overridden with guilt and hid in a cave, wondering why he killed his past comrads and all his homeland. But soon insanity set in. He began to think that what he did was for the better, and that he ended them because it was the right thing to do and that they must be stoped. He knew that there must be other islands that must be destroyed, and join the organization because "He felt they were the only people on the same page as him".

Name: Phauxx Lightning
Species: Toa
Element: Lightning
Mask: Crast. Shaped like a Adaptive Miru. (Like my Av)
Appearance: Toa Ignika-like build, yet with thicker armor. Purple and Black armor. Black Cloak. About 6 feet tall
Weapons: Whip
Abilities: As Strong as the average Toa. Can move VERY fast even with his heavy armor. Not that agile, yet very tough and hard to defeat.
Personality: Very laid back. Has years of expierience, and prefers to work alone. He's unpredictable, and hard to find.

Kini Hawkeye
Name: Tec 'Rizvhar Karzhan
Species: Deamon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jet black armour, covering nearly al of his body. Shadowy whisps of smoke trail out of where there is no armour, and Dragon-like wings sprout from his back. His head is tusked, but only the tusks and eyes can be seen around the combination of smoke and oversized Skull helmet
Abilities: Tec 'Rizvhar is able to control shadow and Flame. He is able to create small portals and blow his enemies back with a thought. He is also able to fly.
Weapons: Flame Whip
Bio: Many matoran mistook him for a dragon or other flying Rahi when he first flew over the land.... that wasn't true.
One of the only awake members of a long defeated race of warriors that used to rule Tabula Rasa thousands of years before, Tec has traveled the land in search of a way to awaken his brothers.
After a long battle with Arrik, he was defeated. However, he sent Arrik to the Matoran Universe as his last attack, also wiping the former's mind of the events. He was considered a 'traitor' by his people thousands of years before, because of starting a war with another race of 'Angels'

Name: Boshuko
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Fire and Shadow
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Appearance: Boshuko
Faction: Agents of Chaos
Weapon(s): Two blades stylizied like those of Toa Lhikan
Power(s): Being a toa of Fire and Shadows, he has control over those two elements. However his power over Fire is much stronger than that of his Shadow abilities. The fires that Boshuko create are black instead of red.
Biography: Once a noble Toa, Boshuko was corrupted after his Toa teamed was killed in a fight with a gang of Makuta. The Makutas attacked him again and drained most of the Good energy from him. He is ashamed of himself for letting every single one of his team members to die.


The Guitar

Posted by Eeko , Jun 23 2009 · 111 views

Just curious, but who was the other person to vote for my entry? I want to give them a hug! laugh.gif

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jun 21 2009 · 120 views

One thing that irks me about the BBC contest, while I agree that the "Bioni-Grips" are a better MoC then mine, most of the people that posted said they voted for it because of function. Mine is a working guitar!! If that is not a 'function' then I don't know what is! wacko.gif

Sorry, had to go on little rant there.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif


Mt. Rogers

Posted by Eeko , Jun 19 2009 · 100 views

I'm leaving today to go backpacking up Mt. Rogers! For those of you who don't know, it is the tallest point in Virginia. I've been there once before, it's awesome. We saw almost one hundred wild horses. So yeah, I'll be gone till Sunday. C'ya!

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif


Vote For Me!

Posted by Eeko , Jun 18 2009 · 91 views


~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif


Zomg! Bbc Contest#54!

Posted by Eeko , Jun 14 2009 · 113 views


~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jun 14 2009 · 110 views

Went to a Gipsy Kings concert last night. It was awesome.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jun 09 2009 · 96 views

Finally saw UP. Amazing movie. Go see it, now.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif



Posted by Eeko , Jun 01 2009 · 104 views

Today has been an odd musical day, started with Three Dog Night, then Rush, now The Who. I'm thinking Boston's next.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif


I'm Back!

Posted by Eeko , May 29 2009 · 82 views

That's right! I had fun at Sea Base, I'll update more when get pictures.

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif

Did somebody say...crombie?

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