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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


Balloons Are Amazing

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Photography Jun 19 2009 · 70 views
college, balloons and 1 more...
Posted Image

Ok, so one balloon by itself is pretty cool. Like, you can play volleyball with it, or entertain a cat, or fill it with water and throw it at someone, you know, tons of fun stuff. But. what if you had several thousand balloons? All in one room? And then you added some college students who just got done with finals and have a bit too much energy? The results are quite astounding:

One half of the mastermind team that started this entire thing.
For a comparison to just how tall the balloon pile was, I am on a bed here (about 18" off the ground) and I'm about 5'4".
O.o Balloon creeper!

Posted Image

Oh, and we probably broke a lot of/all fire safety codes doing this (about a week ago. Never got time to post this until now due to moving out of dorm), but our RA didn't complain and sort of joined the balloon fray as well, so no worries. The Fire Marshall would've probably had a heyday, but we would've invited him to join in if he had showed up.


I Am Waaay Too Trigger Happy

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Photography Jun 17 2009 · 64 views
soap box derby
I took over 900 photos last Sunday in Salem at the local qualifier for the soap box derby world championships. I think I should lay off the shutter button a bit.

However all I have to say is "EDWARD YOU DID IT! YOU'RE GOING TO AKRON!!!"


Spring Fling And Centrevol

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Life May 16 2009 · 78 views
music, centrevol
Basically yesterday went like this:

I go to the radio station at like 8:45ish and I'm doing my show and I'm there and it's going great, and I'm finding awesome music and around 11, Brian, our station manager calls me: "Hey, Maddison, there's a band coming in and I'm interviewing them, so I'm kicking you off the air an half an hour early."

Except, Brian didn't know what time they were coming and I just ended playing stuff until they got there, so it was pretty much the full time anyway. So, they (the band, Centrevol) finally show up and we're all in the studio, which consists of Peter, Kai, Jon, Nate, plus Peter's wife, plus me and Brian, and it's putting the place on the verge of squished because there's extra microphones and wires and things going everywhere. Anyways, Brian's still setting stuff up and I was playing one of the songs off of their promo cd, which is all fine and dandy until I go on the air and proceed to say:

"So, that last song was from Centr-uhm, ok guys, I'm sorry, but is it "Center-val"? How do you pronounce it? Oh jeez, I'm so sorry. Center-vol? Argh. Anyways, uhm, yeah that was their song off their newest album and they're going to be here today playing on campus...."

Now this probably wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that they filmed the entire thing to put on their website. But, they were super nice and their interview with Brian went great, and we all headed over to the Spring Fling. Over at the event, they had a velcro wall, gyroscope thing, water slide, snocones, volley tournament, food, and frisbee spin art. And, of course Centrevol. I think their concert went pretty well, even though a lot of people were still just wandering around and playing volleyball, but they sounded awesome. At one point, Nate also yelled for me to pick a number to choose their next song, and then proceeded to inform everyone in the area of the college radio station and how awesome it is and how everyone needs to listen to my show. And while I'm standing there unable to decide to be completely mortified or flattered, it prompts my friend to ask "are you their groupie or something?", which caused me to completely facepalm and make a vain attempt to explain that no, I was not and that this is what I get for hanging around the studio during their interview.

I gave them an Heart in Oregon sticker to put on their van after Kai said my Heart in Oregon shirt was cool. After several attempts to convince me to go with them to Portland, their next stop in the tour, we all said our goodbyes and they drove away while I wandered back to my dorm to deal with a sunburn, photo editing, and some last-minute homework (and believe me, I was ready to just hop in the van with them and go to Portland and then somehow get back to La Grande at a later date. I so want school to be over with right now). It was an unusually great Friday.

Also, this quote made me giggle when I heard it today:

"And please eat more chocolate and please listen to more Coldplay." -Chris Martin

Hey, you don't know this yet, but Centrevol is going to try to get famous and then break up. Sorry about that.-FN


Beware The Aloe Vera Shortage!

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 19 2009 · 153 views
track, I need more aloe vera
Because the entire EOU track team is extremely sunburnt (myself included) from the meet this weekend and will likely be buying up most of the world's aloe vera supply. I got myself a lovely reverse soccer tan (see the picture), burnt arms, and a very sunburnt face (think perpetual blush).

I laughed when I found out my time in the 100m was 13.37. And I'm so happy for my friend: she vaulted 12', which broke our school record and qualified her for nationals!

Posted Image

Holy goodness! There's actually a picture of me vaulting! That like never ever happens.

I really like some of the bizarre faces my teammates made while they were competing this time around. Usually there's only a couple of shots I get like that per meet, but this time I had tons of crazy facial expressions.

Click for image folder.


What An Odd Weekend....

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 12 2009 · 98 views
waor, spokane, washington and 2 more...
I mean, usually my weekends are extremely interesting or extremely boring, but this one was just odd.

And am still being indecisive about this blog's name.....gah.

The track team left on Friday at 9 AM to go to the WAOR meet in Spokane. Nothing like being stuck on a bus for four hours! Once we got to Spokane, we did a quick practice at SCC's track, checked into the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went to a banquet dinner for the four Oregon college teams and the four Washington college teams. I don't think I've ever seen so much spaghetti in one place before, though and some of the spaghetti feeds that the XC team has done have had a ton of spaghetti. The dinner was pretty neat; Dominique Arnold, the American record holder in the 110 metre hurdles was there and did a speech and answered questions from the audience. He was super nice and talked about some really great stuff, like how when he was first in college he was a 15 second hurdler and dealing with injuries and setbacks.

Saturday was meet time! And, of course, since the day before was 70 degrees and sunny and the perfect meet conditions, that meant that the weather became cold and wet and miserable. I've never had to try to take photos before in the rain, so it was fun testing out the rainsleeve (aka, a fancy plastic bag) I got for my camera a while back. Out of all the events, we had two champions, one of our distance runners in the women's 1500 and our women's 4x400 relay team, and quite a few other top eight placers. I am currently trying to forget any memory of the pole vault competion right now, but I did ok in the 200m and was pretty close to PRing, so that's good.

Posted Image

(click for some pictures I took of the meet)

And now, today is Easter. My mom sent me a Easter basket, and my room smells all lovely and orange-vanillaey from the reed diffuser that was in the basket (thanks, Mom!). I'm wearing a dress over pants and I'm not sure why. I went to get brunch at our cafeteria and was told that I looked beautiful by one of the cooks and then was serenaded randomly with a mix of James Blunts song "You're Beautiful" and a song in Spanish by a guy who was in my Geography class last term when I went back to get more food.

I think that may have been the first time in a very very long time that someone has told me that I looked beautiful who wasn't extremely intoxicated. It was weird, and kind of funny.

Anyways, happy Easter!

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