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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


The Super Bowl

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Feb 06 2011 · 44 views

In other news, Ashton Eaton broke his own heptathlon world record and Yelena Isinbayeva came back after a 11 month hiatus and won the Russian Indoor meet with a vault of 4.91m this morning.

Boyfriend is super adorable to listen to when he's watching the game. Especially when his team wins.


Throwing Discuses In The Name Of America

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Jul 04 2010 · 142 views

Posted Image


(At a meet last March, this guy decided since he was competing unattached, he'd dress like this instead of just a plain uniform. It was quite creative)

I really want to get flag running shorts, though. A few guys on the XC team during high school did, and aptly dubbed their group "The Running U.N.". Except, then they were all "Maddison! You need to be part of this! You should get....Canadian flag shorts. Yeah! Because Nate is Irish, so he got the Irish flag shorts, Edgar's originally from Mexico, so he got the Mexican flag shorts, and Taylor's like super American, he got the American flag shorts, so you need to get Canadian flag shorts!"

I'm still kind of confused and have yet to discover how they got to the conclusion that I=Canadian, though.

Anywhoo, happy Fourth of July! Have a safe and fun time, everyone.

(and 30 days until BrickFair!!!!)


Knocking On The Door Of 12'

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports May 28 2010 · 48 views

Posted Image

I went into nationals ranked 21st out of 24 with a best of 11' 3".

And I finished yesterday placing 10th and vaulting 11' 9"!!!

*continues to run around shrieking with glee*

It was awesome! I came in at the opening height (11' 3"). It took me until my third attempt at it to clear it, and man, I cleared it. Same with the next height 11' 9": I cleared it on my first attempt by a ton!

A giant (somewhat sarcastic and highly annoyed) thank you to Concordia for giving us the wrong pole, which made me quite peeved and probably ended up helping me a bit to finally get some great jumps on that 13' pole because I didn't have any other poles with me that would work. That 13' pole is definitely what I needed yesterday as well as for future vaults.

In regards to the title...the next height was 12' 3", which I was sooooo close to making. I was over it, but the last part of the vault where you push off from the pole over the bar I wasn't quite finishing, so I was hitting it on the way down, which I think may have been partially due to a lack of consistent practice doing that and being tired since it was ridiculously warm that afternoon. Our coaches and I were looking at the results, and had I made 12' 3", I probably would have placed in the top six and made All-American status, but the fact that I went from being ranked from 21st to 10th and PRed at nationals is amazing enough to me. It was a great first nationals experience!

Some pics that our sports information guy took. I don't think my teammates got any of me....but apparently there is video somewhere of the majority of the jumps, but the link is being wonky:
1, 2, 3

Overall though, this season was....amazing. I'm so fired up for the next two years and hopefully indoor and outdoor nationals now. Doing so well in the 100 and 200 this year and PRing by so much in those two alone was awesome. Being put on the 4x1 relay was great as well, but pole vault this year. Wow. I improved my personal best by at least 20 inches from last year to this year. That's pretty darn neat by itself! I'll be happily skipping around for the rest of the week. I don't think I could have done it without people like my teammates, friends, and our coaches who pushed so many of us to do the best we could do especially Tim, our vault coach and our main coaches, Ben and Jack, who definitely took a chance on even sending me here on a provisional mark. And thanks to you all for listening to my random track ramblings. I know that talking about track and vault can be odd enough as it is, but thanks so much for the support! It was greatly appreciated.

(and 67 days until BrickFair!!!!)

Hahahahahaha a teammate is already asking me when I'll get pics up from nationals and they aren't even over yet. Not like I have well over a thousand pictures to edit, and we've still got all of finals tomorrow to watch or anything.

Omg, you guys, B6 GRADUATED. From COLLEGE. That's fancy and cool. Good job, man.


Track Panoramic

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports, Photography May 27 2010 · 44 views

Link'd, because it's an awkward photo size to post here.

This is the track that nationals is being held on here. It is beautiful (and soooo fast) and I want to somehow take their pole vault mats home with me. If I could fit them into my carry-on, I would.

Oh, and you know what's fun? Realizing that if you have wavy/curly hair and you don't dry/straighten it after a shower and go outside for a while, your hair pretty much goes *kapoof* because of the heat and humidity and your teammates (like the nice people they are) get a good laugh out of it and are like "wow, you look like you just got an electric shock".

The Brickfair Mosaic Project will not frizz out and look like Hermione Granger when it is left outside in the humidity, but you should still check it out and get involved with it anyway.

(and 68 days until BrickFair!!!!)


This Place Is...

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports May 25 2010 · 39 views

Muggy. Soooo muggy. I forgot how muggy it gets in this part of the country. Oh my gosh, Indiana and Ohio make it feel like you're swimming in a pool the second you step outside. And the fact that it's warmer at night here than it ever has been at college any time this year is kind of hilarious.

Another team is watching some game or something on the television here and they are LOUD. You might be able to hear them from where you are.

Also: apparently when I travel on planes for long distances, I am unable to tell which time zone I am in once I land. The last few hours were rather interesting.

Brickfair Mosaic Project. Look at it. Get involved with it. Please?

(and 70 days until BrickFair!!!!)



Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports May 18 2010 · 47 views




(and 77 days until BrickFaiOH MY GOSH I'M GOING TO NATIONALS!!!!)



Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports May 17 2010 · 56 views
conference championships
Oh wow wow wow wow wow.


Conference champ in pole vault. Didn't hit the automatic standard for nationals (went 10' 8"), but still: conference champ!

Second in the 4x100m relay, barely two-tenths off the automatic qualifier for nationals, and we broke the school record.

Almost forgot about the 100m until about 15 minutes beforehand because I was on the other end of the track taking pictures. Won my heat, only to find out that I'd gotten fourth overall and ran sub-thirteen (12.94s) and broke my old PR by about three-tenths of a second.

Ninth overall in the 200m, smashed my old PR, and ran sub 27 (26.59s).

I'm not sure if the 4x100 relay will be taken to nationals on a B standard qualifier. If it does happen, then I might be able to pole vault, but at this point I don't know if I'll be going to nationals or not: it's really all up to the coaches and the people in charge of the heats at nationals. But, wow! What a weekend!

And some pics! I think this was my opening jump, so about....10' 3"ish.

Posted Image

Relay team on the podium
Shiny stuff
And someone at my school took this one right before I ran the 200. I find it hilarious because I don't think I've ever looked that focused.

Right now I'm panicking quite a bit in regards to the amount of work I have to get done. That panic would be lessened a lot if one of my professors for my online class would actually reply to her emails, as I've emailed her quite a few questions in regards to class work, and she's yet to get back to me for any of them. And I know it's not an issue of accidentally misspelling her email or something: one of our written assignmetns had to be emailed to her, and she just posted the grades for it, so I know that she's got to be checking it on at least a semi-regular basis.

FYI: if I'm not really on a lot or chatting much on messenger in the next three weeks or so, that's why.

(and 78 days until BrickFair!!!!)


Flaming Hammers!

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports May 08 2010 · 77 views
Oh yeahhhhh. B-)

Posted Image

For those who don't know, the hammer throw is an event in track and field. It's primarily held in collegiate competitions and up, and we sometimes like to step it up a notch at my university.

Another one
This one sparked
Three stripes
A fan
And then we set the ring on fire

The best part was when the cops and a fire truck showed up due to "reports of flaming arrows and objects that may possibly be UFOs". And the "ka-woooooosh" noise that the flames make while the throwers spin was amazing.

(and 87 days until BrickFair!!!!)


We Were Optimistic....

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports May 02 2010 · 52 views

...until the bus broke down at midnight. We got back home at four thirty in the morning. Good times!

And, while at the meet, this guy came up to me and was like, "Hey! How did you do today?", but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out who he was even though he seemed to know who I was. He seemed really familiar, though. I think he may go to a school in our conference, so he should be at the conference meet in two weeks, so I'll see if I run into him there. And speaking of in two weeks, hopefully I'll be over this being sick and slightly injured bit I'm going through, since I upped the pressure to do well at the conference meet in for vault when I cleared the A standard twice at this last meet and bumped it off the bar on the way down both times. Rrrgh.

Here's a random picture I took of a guy pole vaulting during the meet, because the sky was being all cool- looking (plus we don't have any guy vaulters, and I've yet to see any pictures of me vaulting, so taking pictures of other people vaulting is the next best thing):

Posted Image

(and 93 days until BrickFair!!!!)


11' 3"

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports Apr 20 2010 · 44 views

Eeeee. So cool. I just need to vault four more inches higher than that and I'll have a ticket to Nationals in May.

And WOAH. It's reallllly bizarre to be nationally ranked. Or to be suddenly leading the conference for pole vault. Or to even have finally jumped higher than 10' where I was stuck at for a while.

Hey everyone: The entry period deadline for Pimp My Blog 2 is coming up tonight! If you've redesigned your blog for it but haven't posted it yet in the entry topic, make sure you do so.

I'll have an update probably tonight or tomorrow about the BrickFair Mosaic project. Xccj is magic because he can get the PicToBrick program to work, so we actually have an image for one mosaic ready. Woo!

(and 105 days until BrickFair!!!)

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