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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


We're California Bound

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports Mar 24 2010 · 43 views

Heading to San Francisco from today until Sunday, as there are not just one, but THREE track meets all within 30 miles of each other on Friday and Saturday. The hotels we'll be staying at should all have internet, but if I suddenly disappear, it means we are internetless. It should be a very good rest of spring break. The first part was pretty awesome and I have wonderfully wacky photos from the first half of it to upload as well.

And, how is everyone (who else is on spring break? We're all kind of on different schedules depending on school status)? If you've got a blog, don't forget to start thinking and brainstorming ideas for Pimp my Blog 2! It's going to be a really interesting and awesome contest!

(and 132 days until BrickFair!!!)


Knees And Nationals

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports Mar 06 2010 · 25 views

The past few days have been the indoor national championships for NAIA, and all ten of the athletes from my university who qualified for it placed in the top fifteen in their respective events, with three of them placing in the top six in their events (thus reaching All-American status). Plus, they pretty much rewrote our school records doing all of this, which is phenomenal. AND, to add on to how well the team has done, one of our other runners competed at the masters indoor track world championships that took place in Canada this weekend, and she ended up taking fourth in the Pentahalon, second in the 800m, and third in a 4x200m relay.

So, what do I do to add on to all of these achievements that my teammates have had this weekend?

I go and dislocate my kneecap. Again. For the....what is this, the 14th time now? I'm losing count.

I'm torn on whether or not I should tell my coaches that it happened. I mean, they'll obviously notice that I'm suddenly wearing a knee brace and walking oddly, but I have a feeling that they'll probably be all "no outdoor season for you!" with no discussion of the subject, when it's really not something that would take me out of the entire track season. I guess it'll be back to wearing that confounded knee brace, more time trying to re-strengthen my knee, and becoming best friends with an ice pack for now.

Pardon my aggravated ramblings here, but goodness, this is frustrating. Almost made it three years without any knee problems and literally one misstep messed it all up again.

And excuse me while I go and contemplate ways to destroy my computer mouse, due to it's newfound glitch of randomly deciding to click on things that it shouldn't. Like RANDOMLY DRAFTING BLOG ENTRIES and causing MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CONFUSION BECAUSE OF IT.


(and 150 days until BrickFair!!!)


Puddle Jumping!

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Jun 06 2009 · 58 views
puddles are awesome
That is what I did to commemorate one year of being a high school graduate on Thursday. Because nothing says "Yes! I worked through 13 years of schooling and lived to tell the tale, thank you very much!" like running around your campus with a group of friends while stomping in puddles during a thunderstorm.

It's kind of a weird feeling, though, because on Wednesday, the class of '09 from my high school graduated and I know a ton of people in that class, and my brother is going to graduate from high school next year. One year ago I was just some seventeen-year-old ecstatic to be graduating with her friends, looking forward to the summer, while on the brink of scurrying off to some college in the middle of nowhere completely excited but at the same time sort of terrified for this whole new turn of events, but now I don't even know what I would really be. A college student? An artist who is also an athlete? The gal people have yet to figure out because she's too hesitant to decide for herself? Someone just trying to get along in college and find a way to be happy? Where do I fit in? It's a confusing world.


Mountie Awards

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Jun 04 2009 · 61 views
Mountie Awards
The Mountie Awards, an award thing that the athletic department does was last night. I wasn't going to go, and then Carla was all "NO. You. Are. Going. To. This. I don't care what you say. Everyone is attending. Therefore, you are attending it as well" despite my protests that I had nothing to wear ('cause it was like super formal) and didn't really want to go. So, she went out and found me a dress to borrow and it all went from there.

The track team was nominated for team of the year, but the mens basketball team won it, though they really deserved it as they made it all the way to the Elite Eight this year at nationals, so congrats to them. And then after, Hoppie (in the red) stopped me after and was going on and on about how "We don't have any pictures of you. We need a picture of you. You're always taking photos of us but there's no photos of you" and he rounded up a couple of the other guys from the team and got a photo. I think this also stands as a testament as to how short I am, as I've got heels on in this photos, yet they're still all towering over me by a good eight inches.

Posted Image

Also, side note: I absolutely loathe wearing heels so much. Honestly, walking in them was hard enough, so why on earth do they constantly show female protagonists wearing high heels and trying to defeat evil and whatnot? I wish I could have worn my Converse, but they weren't really proper footwear for the fanciness of the event.

Posted Image


The Werst Race

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports May 30 2009 · 55 views
Werst Race
Just got back from the Werst Race, a race for a guy who was on Eastern's track and cross country teams about 10 years back and is a phenomenal runner (like, placed at nationals and is an All-American) and really good cyclist who got and beatleukemia. All the money raised goes to help him pay off his medical bills.

I finished the 5K in about 28 minutes, which I'm fine with, as distance running is not my forte. I didn't train much for it (very unwise idea) and my asthma deciding 2/3 into the race that no, I did not need to retain the ability to breathe any more.

So, yeah. Fun, but not fun. It is, however, very sunny out and will be staying that way all day and the track team is doing a barbecue, so yay!



Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports Apr 30 2009 · 110 views
pole vault, busted pole
Yesterday I was at vault practice.

Which is all fine and dandy.

Except for the fact that one of my teammates snapped a pole during one of her vaults. Luckily, she's ok.

Which is somewhat all fine and dandy.

Except the pole she broke was the pole that all four of us girl vaulters use the most in practice and competition.

Which is not at all fine and dandy.

Oh, and the mishaps link now has a fun, best way I've ever seen to break a pole animation. It's awesome and fits quite well with this entry.


Don't Ever Do This.....

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Apr 20 2009 · 129 views
heat exhaustion bites
Don't get heat exhaustion. It sucks. I had it today, almost passed out until a couple of friends ran to get a physical trainer. Then I ended up spending three hours in the physical trainer's room because I was so messed up and kept starting to get better then getting worse again, and they were worried that if I left, I'd end up passing out somewhere and no one would be able to help me. I'm still kind of dizzy. Not a good day....


Beware The Aloe Vera Shortage!

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 19 2009 · 154 views
track, I need more aloe vera
Because the entire EOU track team is extremely sunburnt (myself included) from the meet this weekend and will likely be buying up most of the world's aloe vera supply. I got myself a lovely reverse soccer tan (see the picture), burnt arms, and a very sunburnt face (think perpetual blush).

I laughed when I found out my time in the 100m was 13.37. And I'm so happy for my friend: she vaulted 12', which broke our school record and qualified her for nationals!

Posted Image

Holy goodness! There's actually a picture of me vaulting! That like never ever happens.

I really like some of the bizarre faces my teammates made while they were competing this time around. Usually there's only a couple of shots I get like that per meet, but this time I had tons of crazy facial expressions.

Click for image folder.


What An Odd Weekend....

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 12 2009 · 100 views
waor, spokane, washington and 2 more...
I mean, usually my weekends are extremely interesting or extremely boring, but this one was just odd.

And am still being indecisive about this blog's name.....gah.

The track team left on Friday at 9 AM to go to the WAOR meet in Spokane. Nothing like being stuck on a bus for four hours! Once we got to Spokane, we did a quick practice at SCC's track, checked into the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went to a banquet dinner for the four Oregon college teams and the four Washington college teams. I don't think I've ever seen so much spaghetti in one place before, though and some of the spaghetti feeds that the XC team has done have had a ton of spaghetti. The dinner was pretty neat; Dominique Arnold, the American record holder in the 110 metre hurdles was there and did a speech and answered questions from the audience. He was super nice and talked about some really great stuff, like how when he was first in college he was a 15 second hurdler and dealing with injuries and setbacks.

Saturday was meet time! And, of course, since the day before was 70 degrees and sunny and the perfect meet conditions, that meant that the weather became cold and wet and miserable. I've never had to try to take photos before in the rain, so it was fun testing out the rainsleeve (aka, a fancy plastic bag) I got for my camera a while back. Out of all the events, we had two champions, one of our distance runners in the women's 1500 and our women's 4x400 relay team, and quite a few other top eight placers. I am currently trying to forget any memory of the pole vault competion right now, but I did ok in the 200m and was pretty close to PRing, so that's good.

Posted Image

(click for some pictures I took of the meet)

And now, today is Easter. My mom sent me a Easter basket, and my room smells all lovely and orange-vanillaey from the reed diffuser that was in the basket (thanks, Mom!). I'm wearing a dress over pants and I'm not sure why. I went to get brunch at our cafeteria and was told that I looked beautiful by one of the cooks and then was serenaded randomly with a mix of James Blunts song "You're Beautiful" and a song in Spanish by a guy who was in my Geography class last term when I went back to get more food.

I think that may have been the first time in a very very long time that someone has told me that I looked beautiful who wasn't extremely intoxicated. It was weird, and kind of funny.

Anyways, happy Easter!


Goin' To Waor

Posted by Nukaya , in Track and sports Apr 09 2009 · 124 views
waor, spokane, washington
We've got a meet this weekend up in Spokane. Woo! Evidently WAOR is this huge meet where it's Oregon track teams versus Washington track teams in an all-out track battle for who will be the border clash champions. I'm competing in pole vault and the 200m (though my coach must have great faith in me for putting me in the 200, as there are gals on the team who are loads faster than me), but I think it'll be fun.

I just have to not go all mental and psych myself out during vault like last practice.....

On Friday, there's a banquet with all the teams and Saturday is when the meet is actually occuring, so we're leaving Friday at 9 AM to drive the four or so hours to get there, but I'll be bringing my laptop with me as I have a design I'm working on for someone ,so I cross my fingers that the hotel we'll be at will have wifi of some sort.

The one problem that I have is that the radio show I'm doing at the college's station is from 9-12 and the bus leaves at nine, so I unfortunately have to miss it this week. D:

And, today the photo editor of my college's newspaper offered potential paying work for me as one of their photographers. Even though it'd probably not be much money-wise, it's still awesome that someone is actually offering to buy my photos instead of just flat-out stealing them.

Hmm, this blog needs a better name....as much as I like "The cupboard under the stairs" it's just sort of like stating "why yes, as a matter of fact I am totally a blatantly obvious crazed insufferable know it all of a HP fan who does not think that that fact is siriusly riddikilus at all". The though of "Mishaps and Bubble Wrap" comes to mind, as well as a few other ideas, but suggestions, anyone?

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