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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


Mspa Flash

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Oct 25 2011 · 101 views
mspa, homestuck and 1 more...

Going to bed because "I showed up late to class because I was too busy flipping out over a webcomic update" is not an acceptable excuse to my professor.


My Name's Paul, But You Can Call Me Railroad.

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Eclecticness Oct 21 2011 · 126 views
oh my goodness what, college
I went grocery shopping today. Partially because I am hungry and partially because this is the only time during the weekdays that I can go. As I have no car and the distance from home to WalMart is not an ideally walkable distance due to headwinds both ways (which is a legitimate thing here), I take the thing that has been deemed "public transit" in this town, which is a bus that runs to several different stops once an hour that will leave you stranded if you are not precisely on time to the stop.

I'm sitting at the bus stop outside of WalMart, when this guy rolls up on a beat up black mountain bike and says, "Hey, you waiting for the bus?" I said yes, because I am. He replies with, "Cool, I'm waiting for my own ride. It's the train. I'm heading to LA."

On his bike's handlebars, he had a bunch of his possessions balanced between them in a sack. His clothes were ruffed and he looked like he hadn't showered in a while. He was overtanned, as if he'd been biking for months. A tooth was missing and had been replaced with a silver one. Based on his slight stumbling, he also appeared to be a bit tipsy. This man was clearly homeless, which put me on the slight defense.

Oregon alone has one of the highest numbers of the homeless in the nation. Being from Portland, I've grown up seeing homeless people wandering the streets with their belongings piled into shopping carts, standing on the freeway offramps with signs asking for money or food, or sitting downtown with a sign that says "I have to be honest, all I want is a beer". It's a kind of sad reality of life. The town my college is in has trains running through it all day, so it becomes a sort of pit stop for vagabonds to stop in, get some food and rest, and then head on their way.

This particular man was....something else. Usually, in my (thankfully positive) experiences with the homeless, they ask for any spare change or food you may have, accept your (often likely) rejection, and go on their way to ask the next person (though, Pat and I had a great experience with one homeless man who we shared the overflow of fries with we had gotten from a food vendor. He politely asked us for ketchup several times, thanked us for the food, and left). This one, however, did not seem to want food or money, he just wanted to talk. He said that he'd started out in Florida and had been going from place and was heading down to LA to see his two year old granddaughter for the first time. He asked me if I'd ever been to LA, and I told him I had been a few times and that it had been very nice. The train he'd be taking was going through San Fransisco, so he asked me if I recommended stopping and checking out the area there. I said that I'd also been there a few times, and it had been very nice.

Then he asked me my name.

"Maddison", I said.

"Maddison? That's nice" he said. "My name is Paul, but you can call me..."

He then pulled up his sweatshirt to show me the tattoo arching across his stomach.


This wasn't just a d.y.i. tattoo someone would do in their bathroom with a bottle of ink and a sewing needle. This was a legitimate, went to a tattoo parlor, got a nice font for the letters, and slapped a considerable amount of money down tattoo. Paul, who I shall refer to as Railroad as he requested, asked where I was from. I said Portland, and he became very interested, as his train would be going through Portland as well! Would it be a good place to stop and check out? I said that I highly recommended stopping there, as it was an extremely interesting place.

At that point, Paul said goodbye and was about to depart to bike over to catch his train, when he noticed the large truck parked on the street. A man was selling apples from it. Railroad turned around to ask me if it was the taco truck he'd heard about in La Grande. I said it wasn't and that I thought it was located on the other side of town. Railroad suddenly asked "have you ever eaten sesos?" I said that I hadn't and that I didn't know what that was.

"Well, sesos is cow brain! I eat cow brain tacos all the time. They're so good and they really fill you up. I can eat one and I'll be set for the entire day. Not like those tacos they have at Taco Bell where you'll eat five of them and still be hungry."

Just around this time, the bus pulled up. I said goodbye to Railroad, and we went our separate ways.

And that was my afternoon shopping adventure. Have a safe trip getting to LA, Railroad.


The Titanic

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Apr 14 2011 · 55 views

How to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the Titanic colliding with an iceberg and sinking the next day, causing 1,517 people to die:

1) Play "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, because it's that one theme song from the Titanic movie, everyone knows that even if they haven't seen it, duh!
2) Play "Cold As Ice" By Foreigner, because, you know, everyone falls into the water and they are cold. Cold as ice in fact!
3) Play "White Flag" by Dido, because she's all "I will go down with this ship", and that's what happen to the people on the Titanic!
4) Laugh with evil glee as your radio listeners wake up to this three song theme.

They are straight up one of the worst, most insensitive radio stations I have ever heard.


Time Lapse Gif

Posted by Nukaya , in Uncategorized, Art, Life Apr 05 2011 · 160 views
Seventy-something frame gif I made of me putting up nearly all of my art from my freshman and sophomore years of college over the course of at least three hours for my art program admission last fall. Kind of mad that I couldn't fit everything I set up in the frame, as there was a bunch more on easels to the left:

Posted Image


Love Is....

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Mar 28 2011 · 68 views

...stealing onion rings off a deserted table for him and him eating his burger and making sure to save her a bite with bacon on it.


Ch. 11: The Persuadee

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Mar 13 2011 · 77 views

As the old saying goes, it takes two to tangle.

-Interviewing Principles and Practices


I thought it was tango. Not tangle. I'm looking at a list of common errors in English usage, and it's saying that it should be tango, not tangle.


Looking At My Art History Notes

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Feb 18 2011 · 76 views
Three terms of art history, and it is still almost impossible for me to spell "Renaissance" correctly when writing notes.


Halftime Show

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Feb 08 2011 · 46 views

I think that it was hilarious. There certainly will be better Superbowl halftime shows, and there certainly will be worse, but XLV's was hilarious because of just how out of control it became:
  • Fergie: When you are combined with a bad microphone and trying too hard, you start to sound like Adam Sandler. You are a better singer than that.
  • The people or person in control of the sound board: Some of this is partially your fault. Weird lagginess and sound issues shouldn't be happening at an event that is viewed not only nationally but world-wide.
  • Weird transition from "I've Gotta Feeling" to "Boom Boom Pow": That was...weird. I don't know if that was supposed to be some sort of attempt to be cultural or they needed a quick transition or what, but that was very weird sounding, and I half expected Fergie and will.i.am to start salsa dancing to it.
  • The light up one piece outfits the dancers wore: Those were FUN and kind of really cool. Oh man.
  • The four giant green people arrows: I did not understand this. Yes, they imply a forward movement, but they were just random. I understood the giant while people arrow "clicking" on the stage when Slash showed up, but the green arrows were odd.
  • All five million dancers on the field: I'm guessing the choreographer was trying for a "Beijing Olympics opening ceremony" feel? There were too many of you and it didn't seem as if there was enough rehearsal time beforehand, and unfortunately it showed. If you are going to make giant concentric circles on the stage, you need to make sure you do it right.
  • Taboo: You point your finger and spaceship noises happen. Enough said.
  • apl.de.ap: Based on your voice modifier and your mention of Cybertron during "Boom Boom Pow", I have concluded that you are really secretly a Transformer. I feel as if this one-ups Tony Starks announcement that he is Ironman.
  • Slash: Uh...you just sort of showed up. Like, you just popped out of the stage. At that point I was honestly expecting more random musicians to show up out of nowher-oh hey, Usher just flew out of the sky on a chain!
  • Fergie (again): What are you doing while you walk around Slash. You look confused, like the little kid at the talent show who gets shoved out on stage with her older sibling and doesn't really know what to do when she's not singing. Mind you, he kind of had an air of indifference about him, and you both seemed slightly confused and/or lost, but he pulled it off loads better as he just kept playing. Though, as per my searching, you sing "Sweet Child of Mine" with Slash on a semi-occasional basis (news to me), but you can also can apparently sing it much more successfully than you did here. I guess there's a difference in singing on a stage facing one direction and a stage that is focused on a giant audience in central style staging.
  • The random drummers and trumpet players who showed up during "Pump It": You kind of added to the overall clutter of too many people. Shoo!
  • Usher: You were lifted up by several dancers in an almost cheerleader-like pose at one point, and then jumped over will.i.am and landed in a sort of split jump. Many manly points of hilariousness to you. There is also one point where you are dancing and all of your dancers sort of fan out and you pop out and say "oh myyy god". I really want to have this as a gif.
  • The stage: Actually kind of great seeing as it was designed to be put together and spell out "LOVE". That's pretty cool. The world always needs more of that. This would have been even cooler if there hadn't been five million dancers running around.
  • Lack of audience on the field: Half of the fun is the fact that there are several hundred raving fans who paid some absurd amount of money and probably had to go through a background check to get tickets to be on the field during halftime.
  • Watching every person on the entire field do the running man and then multiple heel clicks in sync: Ok. I'll give that one to the choreographer. That was pretty neat.
  • Whoever designed the outfits: I fully expect to see these for sale on various websites with two of the search tags being "Steampunk inspired" and "TRONish".
I think if they'd just had the magic transforming stage, the Black Eyed Peas singing, a proper number of dancers that were only on the stage and not on the field, an actual audience surrounding the stage, and I guess we could still throw Slash and Usher in there during their respective appearances, it would have been a lot more successful. It still was quite fun, regardless of how over the top-silly-funny-out of control-ridiculous-hilarious it became.


The Super Bowl

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Feb 06 2011 · 44 views

In other news, Ashton Eaton broke his own heptathlon world record and Yelena Isinbayeva came back after a 11 month hiatus and won the Russian Indoor meet with a vault of 4.91m this morning.

Boyfriend is super adorable to listen to when he's watching the game. Especially when his team wins.


Staff Bio

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, BZPower and LEGO Jan 28 2011 · 67 views

This thing is stupidly difficult to write.

You still haven't written it.-FN


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