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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


Lego Website In 1996

Posted by Nukaya , in Uncategorized, BZPower and LEGO Apr 06 2011 · 86 views

Check it. Seems to take a while to fully load (maybe to liken back to 1996 internet speeds?), but it might just be my computer.

I am starting a wizards on bikes brigade.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Put them in your signature, put them in your blog, wherever. Just make sure you follow the signature and avatar guidelines, especially the "signatures can contain up to ten images" one.


Bzp Mosaic '11, Part 2

Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO Mar 28 2011 · 42 views

Would anywhere from 9-12 people be interested in putting together pieces for a second BZP Mosaic for BrickFair 2011, since the first one is filled up?

Post here (or CF's entry), and if we gather enough interest we'll continue work on a second image.


Spoiler Tags

Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO Mar 20 2011 · 73 views

A reminder:

Spoiler tags are not to be used in the blogs unless it is hiding information that requires spoiler tags (storyline info, web content, new sets, etc.) as per the BZP spoiler policy here.

Oh no!, you say. What will I do if I can't hide all of my blog approvals/large amounts of quotes/photos/crazy storyline info in my blog entries and content boxes behind spoiler tags?

You can:
1. Deep link to each image, blog approval, topic, etc.
2. Create a blog entry, lock the entry, edit the information into it, and then put a link to it in a content box, similar to what I have done with the list of blogs I follow here.


Toa Of Probablistically And Hipster Bohrok

Posted by Nukaya , in Art, BZPower and LEGO Mar 06 2011 · 118 views
Posted Image
"I don't know man, it's just too mainstream to just be clearing off islands all the time. I mean, talk about disrupting my latest eco gluten free ultra vegan steampunk organic underground garden with all the noise. Those poor tomatoes can't grow in such a disruptive and harmful environment."

Posted Image
"Throwbots were better."

DeeVee and I were talking. We decided the Bionicle universe needed some hipsterness.


Toa Manicato

Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO, My MOCs Feb 14 2011 · 57 views
bbcc 61
So I entered BBC Contest 61.

When all of the Bionicle pieces I currently own can fit in a 8"x3"x4" box and not even fill it halfway.

And I've never MOCed anything using Bionicle pieces before.

Unless you count building a Bohrok from memory at LEGOLand when I was twelve.

Go comment or something.

Also go and comment and later vote on this one too. It's crazy manly cool.

Posted Image


Baby, You're A Firework

Posted by Nukaya , in Art, BZPower and LEGO Feb 09 2011 · 43 views


A one hour study in charcoal. Check it. And post any comments/critiques there, please!



Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO Feb 05 2011 · 704 views
the best thing ever, bbcc 61
HEY, do you wanna feel SO ENERGETIC? Try BBC CONTEST 61. A contest for people who need GRATIUITOUS AMOUNTS OF MOCs. With all new MANLY MOC EXAMPLES like BUFF ELECTRIC-O'CHOCOLATEMILK, it's like adding MOCS to an ELECTRICAL CHOCOLATE STORM. Sound the alarm, you're gonna be UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC while you MOC.

Posted Image

What's that? You want STRAWBERRY MOCS? Well how about GRISTLE MCTHORN-LIGHTNINGBERRY? He's made with LIGHTNING, real lightning. Sports (AAAHHHHH!). You'll be good at them. It's an energy drink for MANLY MOCs. MOCMENERGY. These aren't your dad's MOCs, these are ENERGY MOCs. TURBOMOCs.

Posted Image

MANLY MOCS, ENERGY, MANLY MOCS, ENERGY, ELECTROMOCS, TURBOMOCS, POWERMOCS, more MOCS than your ROOM HAS SPACE FOR. You'll be so fast at MOCING, Pohatu will be like, "Sloooooowwww dooowwwwnn." And you'll be like, "RAHGH MOCS!" and kick him in the face with your ENERGY MOC LEGS.

Posted Image

You'll make so many MANLY MOCS (AAAHHHHH!) just MOCING ALL THE TIME. MOC running, MOC lifting, MOC sweeping, MOC dating, MOC eating, MOC laughing, MANLY MOC babies. You'll make so many MOC babies. 400 MOC BABIES.

Posted Image

Give Shockolate to your MOCS and they'll be good at SPORTS. Make your MOCS run ABNORMALLY FAST. They'll run as fast as KENYANS. People will watch them running and think they're KENYANS. They'll race as fast as KENYANS, in a race with actual KENYANS, and it'll be a tie, and they'll get deported back to KENYA.

Posted Image

Hey, go with the sure thing. Don't gamble on your MANLY MOCS (SNAKE EYES!). Try BBC CONTEST 61, the contest that will make you (AAAHHHH!) MOCS (AAAHHHH!).

Posted Image


A Year And A Day

Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO Jan 30 2011 · 49 views

on staff.

*continues to yell angry incoherent things about school work while eating apricots and generic Cracker Jacks*


Staff Bio

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, BZPower and LEGO Jan 28 2011 · 63 views

This thing is stupidly difficult to write.

You still haven't written it.-FN



Icy Art And Snails

Posted by Nukaya , in Art, BZPower and LEGO, Life Jan 23 2011 · 64 views

Snail helmet.

That image link above is a design I did for a helmet design contest a local bike company was doing. Basically, design a helmet based off of a certain brand of helmet makers helmets (which often "feature whimsical, ironic, sometimes loud, other times just plain pretty designs"), and then we'll pick our favourite and the designer gets a $500 gift card to our store.

Now, this was something I'd heard about a few weeks before, but forgot about until Friday, the day before it was due. So, in a "oh, I have a couple hours this morning and afternoon before track practice. Let's see what I can create in that time....except I don't really have time to do this via pencil or charcoal or paint, sooooooo tablet drawing it is" moment, I gave it a shot. I kind of went into it at that point with the notion that I was doing this for fun as well as a bit of practice with the tablet, seeing as I rarely use it because it feels weirdly confining in comparison to other mediums.

So, imagine my surprise when I came home this evening to an email saying that I'd won. Even better? My mom said that if I won, she'd trade me $500 for the gift card because she's been wanting to get a bike from that company for a while. So, hey there money that will help with maybe buying a new camera body since my Nikon's apparently decided to kick the bucket today after two and a quarter years or maybe making it to one or two of these conventions.

Also, check it. I made some real Bionicles arts with a silly title.

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