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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


And In The Span Of Three Minutes Ben And I Realize Something....

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Nov 15 2009 · 59 views
ChocolateFrogs, college

Benjamin: emote roommate hasn't seen wall-e

Maddison: ??

Benjamin: I was like "what kind of person are you??!!"

Maddison: well, rene hasnt' seen it either i guess

Benjamin: D:
we should put them in a room together with the movie playing

Maddison: so, we're locking the two of them in a room and making them watch it

Benjamin: ahahaha!

Maddison: way to read my mind

Benjamin: that was awesome

Maddison: i think this might be bzp blog worthy

Benjamin: absolutely

Maddison: oh wow. that was just bizarre

Benjamin: LOL

Maddison: dang...

Benjamin: hehe
that made my day prolly

I think this means we might be telepathically linked or something.

(and 262 days until BrickFair!!)


Shoe Bunny

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Nov 09 2009 · 62 views
bunny, college
Instead of an entry consisting of me screaming with utter frustration due to my lack of focus for getting my homework and midterms completed, here are two pictures of a bunny in a shoe:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I want to hug it and hide it in a coat pocket so I can take it to class.

(and 268 days until BrickFair!!)


Ring Ring Ring Ring

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Oct 29 2009 · 35 views

Three random images from my computer:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Gonna go to sleep. It has been an odd day.

(and 281 days until BrickFair!!)


Pomegranates Go Boom!

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Oct 25 2009 · 45 views
Why pomegranates are amazing:

1. They have pretty colours.

2. They taste awesome and are good for you.

3. If you're not very good at getting the seeds out of it like I am, they kind of explode and the juice goes everywhere and it leaves you and your kitchen looking like you've been in a fight.

(and 284 days until BrickFair!!)


Cabinets Of Curiosities!

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Oct 21 2009 · 43 views

Yesterday, in my painting class we were discussing Julie Heffernan's painting "Self-Portrait as Wunder Kabinet". Someone wanted to know what exactly a "wunder kabinet" was, so the professor was explaining how it was a cabinet or room that was first used in the 16th century to store objects such as valuables or antiques. I started giggling, and when my professor asked what I thought was so funny, I told her that it sounded so much like it could be the wardrobe to Narnia.

Gotta love how my mind works....

(and 288 days until BrickFair!!)


Darth Vader And Elevators.

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Oct 01 2009 · 85 views
star wars, darth vader

Today, it was "Superhero day" at school. Our school has an elevator, and as I walked passed, four stormtroopers came out along with some fog from a portable fog machine. Darth Vader proceeded to walk out, look around, and went on his way. My college is the best.

I think no matter which Darth Vader you're assuming this could be, this is pretty darn awesome.

(and 308 days until BrickFair!)


Ryldsoaww (Randomness With E W)

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Sep 17 2009 · 42 views

From a few days back....an epic text conversation I had with EmperorWhenua. The randomness that occurred felt necessary enough to share with the rest of you, because even now, I'm not sure why he was texting me random letters or why I thought up such odd replies.

EW: R.
Nukaya: R? R is for....rabies? OMG, you have rabies?!
EW: Y.
Nukaya: Y....? You are sitting in a yew tree listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
EW: L.
Nukaya: L....you're sitting with Luna Lovegood discussing loser's lurgy?
EW: D.
Nukaya: D....Mr. Diggle and Mr. Diggory are playing the drums while Dumbledore dances.
EW: S.
Nukaya: S....Snape, Snape, Severus Snape, SNAPES ON A PLANE!
EW: O.
Nukaya: O....ouch. The run I just finished really hurt.
EW: Aww.

(and 322 days until BrickFair!)


Toast Cat

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Sep 10 2009 · 31 views

As myths go, apparently if you butter toast, and it falls, it is supposed to land butter-side down no matter what.

And, cats are supposed to land on their feet no matter what.


Cat+piece of buttered toast strapped to its back=antigravity?

Where is my cat? And where is the bread?

(and 329 days until BrickFair!)


In Australia...

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Sep 08 2009 · 63 views
So apparently it's illegal to dress up as Batman in Australia.

And Halloween isn't that far away....

Phy, watch out. I'm headed your way. This Halloween is going to be fun.

(and 331 days until BrickFair!)


" Define Dancing "

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Sep 01 2009 · 49 views
wall-e, music
Even though it has been out for ages, the Wall-E soundtrack is so great.

Anyway, what are some of your favourite movie soundtracks?

Last day for voting in the final round! If you do vote, thank you so much! (click banner for a link to the voting page)
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