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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


P. S. Snape Kills Whatisface

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jul 14 2009 · 102 views
harry potter, cake, birthday
In lieu of being unable to go see the midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which I am ridicilously disappointed about) as I'm currently working at a summer camp and have no way to get to a movie theatre, I'm posting these mini cakes that I made for my friend's 18th birthday last year.

Yay! =D

"My parents are dead, my life sucks, I can't hold a girlfriend, and I'm always surrounded by goblins!"

"Let's bother Snape! BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER."

"Alas! A cornucopia of love!"

"Voldeymort, Voldeymort, ooh, Voldeyvoldeyvoldey Voldemort!"

"Swish and flicker. That's my favourite."

Tee hee hee.


I'm Drowning In Camp Songs

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jul 08 2009 · 127 views
summer camp, songs, music
Today during lunch they were like "Let's learn some songs!" and I realized that I am sort of out of practice in regards to a lot of camp songs, so I pulled out my song book from Namanu and I've been reviewing them for the past hour or so.

Unfortunately, the tune of some songs that they sing here at Meadowood varies from what I've learned, so it's been a bit of an adventure trying to put another version of a song to memory. And, I feel slightly awkward as there's a ton of camp songs that I know, especially ones that are night songs (songs that are quieter) but no one else knows them....and I'm slightly/ridiculously shy about having to teach the entire staff songs by myself, but at the same time if I have to live until August third hearing the same ten songs, I will probably go crazy.

Hmm, I wonder if I should post some of the camp songs up here. Not as a lyrics entry, but as an actual video (or sound clip? I don't know how to/where to upload something like that) of me singing it. Albeit, you all would have to put up with my not so great singing voice, but there are some amazing night songs I know and it might be a bit cool and would go along really well with the music theme.


Broadcasting Live....

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jul 06 2009 · 41 views
radio, pimp your blog
So (if anyone cares to know), I decided to enter the Pimp your Blog competition (despite my better judgement as I'm leaving tomorrow to go work at a summer camp until August third, and don't really know just how much time I'll have to use the internet each day for updates and such).

But, why radio for my blog design for the Pimp Your Blog competition? I could have gone with numerous band-themed designs (U2, lady danville, Barenaked Ladies, Death Cab for Cutie, etc.) but once again, I seem to have stumbled off the map of wherever I was and into who knows where.

Radio's always been in this weird little part of my life. While every other kid in my age was off watching TV, I was listening to the radio. I love how really good DJs can make it sound like they're talking to you and only you, which is a wondrous thing at two or three in the morning when you're working on some project and desperately need some company but no one else is awake. And, in the time before social networking sites where every band and the singer's mother had their own profile page, radio kind of was the way (at least for me) to get updates on new music and upcoming artists.

I'm really lucky to have lived in Portland all my life, because there are some great stations around (not to mention some of the phenomenal bands that have came out of the Northwest), and KINK, the station that I grew up listening to had some awesome DJs working there, including one, Les Sarnoff, who pretty much is the reason I ever got interested in being a DJ in the first place. Almost everyday when I got ready for school, I would listen to his morning show. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer this past spring, which is extremely unfortunate, as I never got to meet him and say thank you for inspiring me.

All of this sort of balled up into one big mess which eventually tumbled to college with me last fall, where lo and behold, they had a FM broadcasting class that I took so I could become a DJ at the college station, KEOL. I don't have a snazzy DJ name like some people I know do, I just go by Maddison, and my show's name isn't that great either (it's "The Random Eclectic". Our station manager Brian thought that up at the last second), but working at KEOL is still like the coolest job in the world. So much music in one place. Sometimes people call in and sometimes they don't, but taking requests and playing what the listeners want to hear instead of my eclectic mix of music is great. And the other DJs are such a great, off-the-wall group. It's wonderful!

Hence, the radio theme.


Emperor Whenua And Buses

Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO, Life Jul 01 2009 · 73 views
emperor whenua
I walked after a bus through an airport parking lot for 15 minutes in order to see EW for about eight minutes, much to the amusement of my brother and EW's troop and probably EW as well as we were on the phone with each other the whole time.

Picture ('cause this actually happened (that's right, I'm lookin' at you, Sumiki)):

Posted Image

I'm not really sure what he's doing here, but look at the crazy LEGO people from Oregon!


Painting Evolution

Posted by Nukaya , in Art, Life Jun 30 2009 · 42 views
art party
Look! Look at what my friend made with the pictures I took of our art party painting we did this past weekend!

Posted Image

And this is a better angle of the final painting, which shall reside in my friend Jordan's apartment:

Posted Image


A Beatles Story

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 26 2009 · 61 views
the beatles, story and 1 more...
Once upon a time, there was a little five year old girl. You could consider her relatively normal and such, except for the fact that unlike the majority of five year olds, she absolutely loooved the band The Beatles. She had a Beatles calendar (but that will be another story for another time) and would always go and listen to her parents Beatles CDs and would also eventually have several years where she annoyed many DJs at the local radio stations with her constant phone calls requesting Beatles songs.

So, anyway, this little girl had a friend, and one day, the little girl was hanging out at her friends house. At one point, her friend asked her what her favourite band was, and the little girl said The Beatles and asked her friend if she liked The Beatles as well.

Her friend replied with "Yeah, I do. I really want to put some beetles in my sister's cereal bowl one of these days."

Being so shocked by this, the little girl decided to never be friends with this girl ever again.

The end!

And, before anyone says anything....I was five at the time, okay? In my mind, not knowing who The Beatles were was an absolute atrocity. Nowadays, I'll let it slide, but really? I was five for goodness sake!


It May Be Easier To Just Set My Room On Fire.

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 24 2009 · 35 views
Cleaning wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for it feeling like I just threw away about three-quarters of my life.

Mom, don't you dare touch those LEGO bricks.


Emo Bun

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Jun 22 2009 · 59 views
bunny, rabbit
Posted Image

Lookit how cuuuute! With the little swooshy emo bun hair and everything!



Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 21 2009 · 37 views
the labyrinth, father's day
Gotta love it when my friend randomly calls me up at 10 PM and is like "I'm sending people over to pick you up. We're all watching The Labyrinth. Bring popcorn." It was a good evening, especially as I've never seen that movie before.

Annnnnd, for my dad, and all the other dads out there:

Posted Image

(I would put up some picture of my dad and me looking ridiculous or something, but I think these dessert burgers are a lot cooler)


Balloons Are Amazing

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Photography Jun 19 2009 · 59 views
college, balloons and 1 more...
Posted Image

Ok, so one balloon by itself is pretty cool. Like, you can play volleyball with it, or entertain a cat, or fill it with water and throw it at someone, you know, tons of fun stuff. But. what if you had several thousand balloons? All in one room? And then you added some college students who just got done with finals and have a bit too much energy? The results are quite astounding:

One half of the mastermind team that started this entire thing.
For a comparison to just how tall the balloon pile was, I am on a bed here (about 18" off the ground) and I'm about 5'4".
O.o Balloon creeper!

Posted Image

Oh, and we probably broke a lot of/all fire safety codes doing this (about a week ago. Never got time to post this until now due to moving out of dorm), but our RA didn't complain and sort of joined the balloon fray as well, so no worries. The Fire Marshall would've probably had a heyday, but we would've invited him to join in if he had showed up.

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