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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap



Posted by Nukaya , in BZPower and LEGO Apr 28 2009 · 143 views
Heyyyyy people. The blog's all shiny and stuff now. Hope it is up to everyone's expectations. Because I remember people being all "go make your blog look nice and whatnot". Going to bed now, as it is one in the morning here.



Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Apr 27 2009 · 75 views
Posted Image



Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Apr 24 2009 · 111 views
storm trooper, star wars
Posted Image

Man....that does suck. And he has to take the metro. Yeesh!


Oh My.....

Posted by Nukaya , Apr 22 2009 · 75 views
What is one supposed to do when they have an art project due tomorrow and another project due on Friday, but you're leaving on Friday at noon for a two day track meet after doing a three-hour radio show to be stuck on a bus for five hours and you have a program that's happening Sunday to set up for your R.A. class and a powerpoint for another part of the same class that's due in a week and a half, but at the same time, you feel that you're on the verge of absolute collapsion because of getting heat exhaustion on Monday, finding out that your childhood hero died before you ever got to thank him, having the friends of another person you thought was your friend go and verbally attack you on the internet with some of the most vile, inappropriate and immature language you've ever seen along with the promise that they will physically harm you if they ever meet you, finding out that one friend was in a really bad bike accident on Tuesday while another is also going through a really rough time and getting super worried about both of them because you're not at the same college as one of them and you feel hesitant asking the other if he's ok because you're worried he might take it the wrong way and go off on you like the last person you asked about how they were feeling and lose another friendship over it, and being so stressed that you just want to go hide somewhere and cry, because you just don't know how much longer you can keep all of this up and continue telling people that you're doing "okay" when in reality there's nothing you'd like more is a genuine hug and some help getting through all of this?

It's only fourth week.....I shouldn't be feeling like this, but I'm absolutely terrified.....I need to get this art project done but if start pulling all-nighters, I'm worried that I'm going to put myself in a even worse position for the rest of the week.....my parents and friends don't seem to realize just how stressed and completely depleted I feel right now.....I look completely exhausted......the physical trainers and my hall director are telling me that I need to drink more water and get electrolytes and nutrients in my system, but I am and it doesn't seem to be making any difference......I keep feeling that I'm on the verge of having a panic attack or just passing out.


Don't Ever Do This.....

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Track and sports Apr 20 2009 · 104 views
heat exhaustion bites
Don't get heat exhaustion. It sucks. I had it today, almost passed out until a couple of friends ran to get a physical trainer. Then I ended up spending three hours in the physical trainer's room because I was so messed up and kept starting to get better then getting worse again, and they were worried that if I left, I'd end up passing out somewhere and no one would be able to help me. I'm still kind of dizzy. Not a good day....


Beware The Aloe Vera Shortage!

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 19 2009 · 132 views
track, I need more aloe vera
Because the entire EOU track team is extremely sunburnt (myself included) from the meet this weekend and will likely be buying up most of the world's aloe vera supply. I got myself a lovely reverse soccer tan (see the picture), burnt arms, and a very sunburnt face (think perpetual blush).

I laughed when I found out my time in the 100m was 13.37. And I'm so happy for my friend: she vaulted 12', which broke our school record and qualified her for nationals!

Posted Image

Holy goodness! There's actually a picture of me vaulting! That like never ever happens.

I really like some of the bizarre faces my teammates made while they were competing this time around. Usually there's only a couple of shots I get like that per meet, but this time I had tons of crazy facial expressions.

Click for image folder.



Posted by Nukaya , in Life Apr 19 2009 · 106 views
radio, les sarnoff
So my mom called me and told me that Les Sarnoff passed away from cancer today.

Thank you for everything you did, Les. I'll miss hearing you on the radio.

Posted Image



Posted by Nukaya , in Life Apr 17 2009 · 71 views
college, radio, dj
I am currently djing it up from 9-12 at 91.7 KEOL, the radio station at my college.

First time on the air as an actual dj! Woo!

Yeah, I'm kind of stoked. :D


But wait! There's more. Why on earth would I ever want to get involved on the radio in the first place?

Les Sarnoff, a dj at Kink FM, a station in Portland is pretty much my reason. I grew up listening to him every morning as little kid. Whenever I was eating breakfast and getting ready for the day or my parents were driving me and my brother to school, that was the station we listened to. He's also extremely involved in the community and from what I've heard, he's a really nice guy to boot. Plus, he has like the best voice ever. It's just so positive and optimistic. I remember listening to him on 9/11 as he was describing what was going on in NY, and it was almost like he was saying "Hey, everything is going to be okay. You'll see" despite the fact that such a terrible thing was occurring.

The other djs at the station are quite cool as well (though if you ask my dad his opinion, he'll likely go on a rant about how they all talk too much about pointless topics) and even when I would go listen to other local stations, I always seemed to end up wandering back to Kink, and eventually back to Les in the mornings.


The Current Contents Of My Bed

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Apr 14 2009 · 80 views
college, MY BED IS A MESS
-Wall-E blanket
-crazy t-shirt quilt
-Kermit the frog green sheets
-brown comforter
-a bag containing a sketch book, glue stick, pens, hair clip, art class instructions, and a United Air Ways flight pin
-package of Craisins
-water colour paints
-paint brushes
-huge pillow
-sports bra
-tank top
-chopped-up text book
-sketch paper
-Mountaineers track team shirt
-another bag containing a water bottle, note pad and the Marauders Map
-empty blueberry yogurt container with some India ink in it
-soap box derby sweatshirt
-sweat pants
-bowl containing water and two paint brushes
-fleece jacket
-KEOL t-shirt
-paint palette
-October 1975 National Geographic magazine
-steel ruler
-sleeping bag
-yoga pants
-spandex pants

....which will all be promptly shoved off my bed tonight so I can go to sleep.

This also might be a good reason why I need to stop using my bed as an extra table when I'm working on art projects.

And I'm now (finally) in the 4 digits numbers for post count! Woo! Only took me like.....five years and a bunch of days to get there. *throws confetti*


What An Odd Weekend....

Posted by Nukaya , in Photography, Track and sports Apr 12 2009 · 83 views
waor, spokane, washington and 2 more...
I mean, usually my weekends are extremely interesting or extremely boring, but this one was just odd.

And am still being indecisive about this blog's name.....gah.

The track team left on Friday at 9 AM to go to the WAOR meet in Spokane. Nothing like being stuck on a bus for four hours! Once we got to Spokane, we did a quick practice at SCC's track, checked into the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went to a banquet dinner for the four Oregon college teams and the four Washington college teams. I don't think I've ever seen so much spaghetti in one place before, though and some of the spaghetti feeds that the XC team has done have had a ton of spaghetti. The dinner was pretty neat; Dominique Arnold, the American record holder in the 110 metre hurdles was there and did a speech and answered questions from the audience. He was super nice and talked about some really great stuff, like how when he was first in college he was a 15 second hurdler and dealing with injuries and setbacks.

Saturday was meet time! And, of course, since the day before was 70 degrees and sunny and the perfect meet conditions, that meant that the weather became cold and wet and miserable. I've never had to try to take photos before in the rain, so it was fun testing out the rainsleeve (aka, a fancy plastic bag) I got for my camera a while back. Out of all the events, we had two champions, one of our distance runners in the women's 1500 and our women's 4x400 relay team, and quite a few other top eight placers. I am currently trying to forget any memory of the pole vault competion right now, but I did ok in the 200m and was pretty close to PRing, so that's good.

Posted Image

(click for some pictures I took of the meet)

And now, today is Easter. My mom sent me a Easter basket, and my room smells all lovely and orange-vanillaey from the reed diffuser that was in the basket (thanks, Mom!). I'm wearing a dress over pants and I'm not sure why. I went to get brunch at our cafeteria and was told that I looked beautiful by one of the cooks and then was serenaded randomly with a mix of James Blunts song "You're Beautiful" and a song in Spanish by a guy who was in my Geography class last term when I went back to get more food.

I think that may have been the first time in a very very long time that someone has told me that I looked beautiful who wasn't extremely intoxicated. It was weird, and kind of funny.

Anyways, happy Easter!

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