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The Flu

Posted by Nukaya , in Life May 04 2009 · 121 views

swine flu is silly stop panicking
On another site, a friend pointed this out: 141 out of 300,000,000 Americans have gotten swine flu, but 36,000 people die every year from REGULAR flu.

Hey media. LOOK. Something contrary to the mass hysteria you're trying to blend up!

Wait....how exactly does one blend up mass hysteria? Is there a recipe for that? "Hi, I'd like a mass hysteria shake with a side of fries." "Ok, that'll be 4.99 at the window. Would you like to supersize that mass hysteria for twenty-three cents more?"

Yes, that is exactly how you make it.-FN

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May 04 2009 01:38 PM




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Convince everybody they're gonna die. Tomorrow. Unless they buy your product immediately.


I know....it's kind of like how it is at home where there's a supposed snow storm that's about to hit, and all the channels do these huge segments showing people going to stores and stocking up on food and snow shovels and sleds and all the bus drivers chaining up the buses and prepping the MAX line for de-icing, only to have like half an inch of snow.

Meanwhile on the other side of the state, it doesn't matter if the entire town is snowed in and the pass is blocked; you're going to your classes anyway. Gotta love Oregon.

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Lady Kopaka
May 04 2009 01:53 PM
Haha...people listen to the media waaay too much.

Maybe we should vote the media off the island....?

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Smaug the Terrible
May 04 2009 01:59 PM
40.000 people die because a doctor screws up every year. If you played a message each day in the news about how many people die because of doctors mistakes, you'd be scared as heck to see a physician (and No, I am not saying docs are bad, but they are human too)
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Just like the "bird flu".

It came around, infected a few people, made the government cower in terror, and nothing very much ever came of it. bored.gif

~skk.gif o.gif skk.gif~
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Jenny Quantum
May 04 2009 05:35 PM
Mad Cow Disease. Avian Flu. Now Swine Flu? What's next, Goat Fever?

And seriously! They make a big thing about 100 people getting killed by this thing (which is debatable in itself) while that same amount of people die in a couple days due to car crashes. Do you hear about car crashes a lot? I thought not.


I'm personally hoping for something with a really obscure animal like white-faced capuchin monkey fever or pika pox.

Ooh, no....t-rex fever. That'd have everyone confused!

I agree! A couple of people have pointed out about how it seems like the media just wants to find new material other than the economic crisis or whatever else they've been ranting about in recent weeks. And don't even get me started about how many people die a day from diseases that could be easily cured with a simple vaccination.

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In some random interview with some random people, we have today some random info that is randomly false!1!

QUOTE(random person)
so mexico is all like "we're a-firin our SVINE FLU and ya they had like these russian accents dude so sue me

And after you hear this interview, go and get some random gas masks so that you can randomly protect yourself from this random SVINE FLUE!1!

Makes sense to me...

~skk.gif o.gif skk.gif~
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