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A Band (Help Influence Me!) And My Design Class

Posted by Nukaya , in Art May 24 2009 · 74 views

art project
Ok, so I need everyone's help for a project I'm doing in my graphics class. It's for my final project, and basically what it is is that I have to design a logo, a CD cover, and CD booklet for a made-up band. I have rough drafts for two different logos: number one and number two. I think my general style would be sort of alternativeish, but still kind of quirky, like Sia, Imogene Heap, lady danville, Dave Matthews Band, and a bit of Operator Please all mixed up together.

What I need help with is ideas for a band name and different names for songs. And since I believe y'all are rather creative peoples, I think you guys would dream up some great ones! I would do it myself, but the last time I had to make up bands and design CDs for them, there were track names such as "Mongolian Tribble", "Emo Emu", "Rum For My Parrot, Tea For Me", and "Sprinkles and Bullets", which I think weirded my teacher out quite a bit when I handed my project in.

So, many thank yous in advance if you care to assist me with this.

Also....some of my art projects from my design class, if anyone cares for a peek of what I've been up to....lots more to come later:
First project and a detail shot. Bleh. It kind of got....messy. And very last minute.
Object project: We had to take an object and warp/change it while still keeping some sort of recognizable elements of it. Take a gander at what I chose?
Metamorphisis project: Two AM, paper, and xacto knives are not a good combination.
Colour wheel project: The love-hate relationship with acrylics continues!

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Here's some ideas....

"Flying Squirrel Squadron"
"Gene Wilder Stole My Cane"
"Buffalo Block Party"
"Help! Johnny Drank The H2SO4!"
"What's The Number For 911?"
"I Blame China For Lead Zeppelin"
"Doughnuts From The Sky"
"Gimme Back My Sandwich"
"The Song In Which Something Cool Happens"
"Tell Me Darth Maul: Who Does Your Tattoos?"
"Let's Procrastinate! (Tomorrow)"
"Excuse Me, Will You Please Stop Grabbing My Pancreas?"
"What, You Were Expecting Another Crazy Song Title?"
"Colonel Sanders Marches From Illinois"
"Montana Called, They Don't Want Their Hannah Back"
"Don't Get Hit By A Greyhound Bus"
"Garfield Goes Homicidal After One Diet Too Many"
"Listen To This Song For Funky Bass Lines"
"I'm Running Out Of Ideas!"
"Seagulls Or Bagels?"

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Vezok's Friend
May 24 2009 02:59 AM
Oh dear...my brains all dried up ^^ I wish I could think of something but the only thing that came to mind was "Funky elves in pink robes"...And I don't suppose that is very helpful...
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May 24 2009 10:53 AM
I like the turtle/rabbit pic. Band: The Tortoise 'n the Hare? (Because it's a tortoise "in" a hare and the story is the tortoise "and" the hare.)

Not too good on the track names, though. Sorry.

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Brappy Hour
May 24 2009 11:33 AM
Well I might have some ideas.

For the CD covers:

Number 1
In Slow Out Fast
Deceitful Wearings
The Race Within

Number 2
Self Played
Living Music (Saw the heart and gave me the idea.)
Playing With Heart

I guess I could come up with music names too if you want me too. happy.gif

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  • Band name candidates:
  • AbsoluteZero
  • Club Blunt Weapon
  • Shark's Guild
  • Asphalt Man Walking
  • Song name candidates:
  • The Glass
  • Hail Leader
  • Nightswatch
  • Hidden Ninja
  • The MisInspirational MisInformational
  • Parody (a fable)
  • Fable (a parody)
  • Anachronological
  • mAlcapItaLiZation
  • Havoc Wreaker
  • Siege Bringer
  • The Unsung
  • Gibberish
  • Shades of Black
  • The Burden
  • Misadventurer
  • Hypothesis Man
  • LastFirst
  • FirstLast
  • Little has Transpired

And if you go with any of my choices, either logo would work... I think...

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Turaga Dlakii
May 28 2009 09:05 PM
What you could do is play that Wikipedia game. Just keep clicking "Random Page", and use the name of each random page to name your songs. tongue.gif
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