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A Comment I Dwell On

Posted by Brappy Hour , Mar 10 2013 · 440 views

Did they just shoehorn an entire years worth of story and sets in a 20 minute show? Seriously?
And yet Ninjago and Chima get entire seasons.
Why does LEGO care so little about this series?

I left this comment after watching the new Hero Factory "Webisode". Which is just Hero Factory episode 9. On the video hosting site I left it on I received a couple replies, and to my surprise none of were negative. They were all positive towards my response.
If you wish to see why I made this comment, and why I and many others feel this way. I suggest you watch this "webisode" and see for yourself.
However there will be a series of books written by the great Greg Farshtey, as well as rumors that there may be more episodes for this year, but that doesn't help the fact that this whole event that they were advertising to be a huge battle, wasn't huge at all. It was seriously underwhelming. It's as if they made any one of the Bionicle movies 20 minutes long.
It seems like LEGO is caring less and less every year. It was disappointing enough that there was only two episode for last year, and only half of that years sets were featured.
Perhaps I'll dive into this more later. I don't know. I'm just hoping I can be more active around BZP. ^_^
Thanks for reading, Raptor

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The Present Automaton
Mar 10 2013 01:45 PM

I can wholeheartedly agree with this. Everything felt so absurdly clumsy, from the setup to the finale. When the battle was over and Surge was telling Breez about what he'd learnt, I remember just thinking "hang on a second...was that tiny bit of dialogue glossed over in half a minute really meant to be significant?". There was all the build up to Dragon Bolt that seemed to have been forgotten when he finally popped up on screen. And not to mention the fact that Aquagon got...what...five seconds worth of screen time?


It all just felt so lacklustre to me, which made it all the more annoying because I felt that there was potential for this to be fantastic. The fight scenes that we did see were really quite energetic and fast paced, especially Surge vs Breez. I think if they'd given this section of the story an episode to itself then it would have been more fun. I'd have liked them to actually show Breez and Surge's relationship instead of just saying "yeah, they're friends and it's a sunny day".

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