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Rayg's contents, under pressure.


A girl and her dog

Posted by InnerRayg , Dec 13 2012 · 522 views
Posted Image

Hannah and her dog Pommes Frites have always been the best of friends - it's not often you find someone who so openly shares your passion for the potato!


Fan Art. By me. For my own project.

Posted by InnerRayg , Dec 10 2012 · 357 views

Posted Image
An image from the glory days of the might PREDACONS. Andrew's roommate would insist on doing this every show.



Posted by InnerRayg , Nov 01 2012 · 454 views




Posted Image



I never asked to be a fisherman in such a sea as this.

Posted by InnerRayg , Sep 20 2012 · 692 views

Just so you know I'm incredibly proud of my work on that Inception paragraph in the latest update - it's every bit as pompous, angsty, and overbearing as I could make it. Had to channel my inner sixteen year old, but the results are undeniable. One parts ridiculous pop culture references, one part pointless pining for love, and a dozen drops of meaningless philosophical refuse make the perfect concoction.


Lonely Artist seeks Programmer

Posted by InnerRayg , Sep 13 2012 · 620 views

Hey there beautiful, what brings you to my little corner of the internet world?

Oh, you say you're itchin to do some code huh?

Well you're in luck. I've got my eye on some saucy wench who could mix me up a dumbed down version of MNOG. Are you suave enough to handle it??

I'll just bet you are.

Seriously though, if you've got an interest in helping me with a neat project and the abilities to do so, please shoot me a message.


It's been so long

Posted by InnerRayg , Sep 07 2012 · 413 views

Posted Image
^My face when I realized how many months I've been doing this^

So today marks a very significant landmark for me and the silly little webcomic I've been creating for you guys the past...oh...seven months now? (OH GOD seven MONTHS??). The first set of Server/Client pairs is just about to go full steam ahead with this game, and I can tell you guys I'm very excited. We really are moving forward, this is further than I ever dreamed we would get, and now is where it's time to drop all your expectations because things are going to change significantly.

Admittedly, I showed a few of my cards already with the reveal of Stardex. I was a little hesitant to actually do it when we did - originally it was more of an End of Act kind of reveal. However, I think now it actually helps by showing exactly how this comic compares and differs with Homestuck - you expected dreamselves and a golden city, but as you'll come to see even these things are very different than what you thought they were going to be. Likewise with this game. I'm excited for you to see it friends, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have making it.


Flash Fire

Posted by InnerRayg , Jul 09 2012 · 335 views
Art Contest, Brickfair
Posted Image

Boom. That's right, sweet new art contest. Enter now guys, this one's only gonna last like two weeks and that's IT.

This is intended as a design challenge for our members - the plan originated when it was decided we would have a sweet matte painting done as a backdrop for some of our MOCs this year at Brickfair - we wanted Ta-Koro, but the question became what about the most popular members of this little village? What of poor Tahu, noble Vakama, and sad little Jaller? Do they not get to be featured? We couldn't very well just put the sets on display, and me drawing them on the scene seemed a little boring. Plus, I wanted a way for Bionicle artists to get some play at Brickfair this year - we often have members send in posters they have done, but I wanted something more visceral and interactive. That's how I hit upon the idea of asking our members to design the characters themselves so that I could print them out and basically create free standing pieces of artwork that could intermingle with the various MOCS on display. Thus, the contest was born. Unfortunately the entry period got a bit truncated by the Battlescapes contest which uh...overran it's runtime by a bit. So sorry about that! On the bright side, sweet stickers are the prize. And also maybe some other stuff. Possibly.

Oh yeah, and that comic? we're working on it. update maybe tomorrow. With brickfair getting closer and closer I've had to catch up on some other tasks to get ready for it.


Bottlenecks And Art Contests

Posted by InnerRayg , Jul 03 2012 · 593 views
BZPStuck, Fire
There are two things we're gonna discuss here today!

First: that comic I do. Just wanted to remark how crazily small things can bottleneck this process. Last week, what was one night's worth of work got spread out over a week thanks to my busy work schedule. This week, I'm finally caught up and right on time but now our content producer is getting overwhelmed. This has made what should have been a week's worth of updates spread out into two or three weeks. Very aggravating! Real world, time to step. off.

Second, that contest I'll be doing.

What contest you say?

Oh just some art contest. Don't worry about it. You'll find out more soon. Hope you like drawing characters from Ta-Koro. You're gonna have like a week to do it.


Bzpstuck: External Mode (With Bonus Rss Feed!)

Posted by InnerRayg , Jun 25 2012 · 586 views
Hold up y'all, you remember how it was becoming a pain in the butt to load 200+ images everytime we updated that comic just to read the newest ones?


That's right, we came, we coded, we spent days rearchiving, and now you can view the fruit of our labors HERE.

Major props to my brother for the heavy lifting on the php side of it, and here's hoping you guys find this a much easier way to enjoy our little story!


New Banner

Posted by InnerRayg , Jun 05 2012 · 279 views

Just a small update for now - We're using a new banner system, and we'd like to invite any fans to feel welcome to use it as well. Everytime there's a new update, the banner will change to reflect that to remind you and other members to check it out even if you don't normally visit GD. Super sweet!

The Image
Posted Image

and the code, for your convenience.


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