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Zatth Blag


On Those Delays...

Posted by Zatth , Feb 12 2015 · 167 views

This is mostly for the few of you who follow A Mystery Explored, but it also applies to anyone who felt my presence or productivity decline over the past two weeks.

I had an operation on Tuesday of last week for the removal of a polyp in my small intestine. Long story short, they snipped off a part of my intestine, sewed it back together, and I've been recovering since.

Nothing to be alarmed over, I had great medical care, a very high pain tolerance which has the doctor and my parents amazed (and angry), and good spirits that have carried me through.

I didn't mention anything before the operation because, well, to be honest, I was given the date the Sunday before the operation, and Monty Oum's passing was announced on a Monday. I'm not lying when I say I tried to keep myself as awake as possible after the anesthesia, making it to seeing the lights in the operation room, because my sense of mortality was that much heightened, and so only close family members, friends, and my professors knew about the procedure.

But hey, now I'm out and recovering well! I go back on campus on Monday, and though I can't lift anything over 10 lbs for the next four weeks, my gut hasn't burst open and that's all we can ask for.

Posted Image


Deciding On A New LEGO Project

Posted by Zatth , Jan 31 2015 · 103 views

I think it's a blessing and a curse to want to switch things up while simultaneously one-upping myself.

Anywho, I've delved into mosaic building. I've made models of the Hagia Sofia, the Poporo Quimbaya, and the Cathedral of Barichara (these last two are Colombian in origin).

So of course it makes sense that I now want to devote myself to a quasi-microscale model of a theme park in Colombia.
A theme park which, I might add, includes a 1:25000 scale raised-relief map of Colombia, an actual Colombian destroyer that fought in WWII, a 1:1 scale replica of the Taj Mahal, mini replicas of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, castles that depict the Divine Comedy and the 1,001 Arabian Nights, a self-titled "Museum of Man", and an entire section of the park which is a zoo.

Please. Send help.


BOM Podcast

Posted by Zatth , Jan 06 2015 · 109 views

So if you've been following the BIONICLE: ANP, you might know that, eventually, some other kind of project would spring out of that.

Here/s the link:

I believe that after this, I now have to proceed with my BIONICLE Parody Songs EP, including tracks like "Do You Want To Build a Boxor?", "The Plan", and everyone's favourite, "Some Story That I Used To Know"

i may or may not be joking about all of the above



Posted by Zatth , Jan 06 2015 · 96 views

My New Year's Resolution is bringing tubular back.


In 2015

Posted by Zatth , Jan 01 2015 · 116 views

Be fierce.
Be fantastic.
Be only the person you can be.

Seize the day (or the year, in this case).
I love y'all :)


If You Ever Want To Talk

Posted by Zatth , Dec 30 2014 · 251 views

I admit I'm very privileged. I admit I cannot fully empathize with a lot of you because we haven't had the same life experiences. I know I'm some online person hiding behind a Kanohi Zatth.

But I am here for you. I'm sure everyone else on this site is, but I just want to put it in writing.

There is too much oppression, hatred, and sadness in this world, and nobody deserves that. As an immigrant (and third world kid), chronically ill, mentally depressed, demiromantic 19 year old, I know I can't empathize with everything, but I will listen to anything and everything you ever want to say or think about. I've been trying to change my ways and learn to be a more toleran and open person, and if nothing else, your talking to me about things will open up my eyes and make me want to make a bigger change.

Talking to me might not do much. Whether it's because you've never met me, or don't trust me, I totally get that. But this is, more than anything, an open invitation to talk with me about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It can be silly, it can be nonsensical, it can be looking for someone to vent to and not want or wait for an answer.

Just remember that there are always those who will love you and will accept who you are, in any and all facets. This is an open invitation to PM me about anything at any time. Y'all are loved, and y'all matter to me.


A Mystery Explored - Chapter 4

Posted by Zatth , Dec 26 2014 · 109 views

I'm shocked and happy that I've been able to stick with this for so long :)

Anywho, here's the new chapter! Again, any comments and criticisms are appreciated and welcome


The Sandman

Posted by Zatth , Dec 24 2014 · 138 views

I'm a big Neil Gaiman fan. But more than anything, I'm a HUGE Sandman fan. I think it revolutionized the graphic novel scene. I credit it with getting me back into an interest in mythology and religion in modern-day literature. I think Dream is such a cool character, and one day that will be my next costume/cosplay.

So naturally I wanted to pay homage.

Two years ago I brought to BrickFair this little fella (and the mosaic):
Posted Image

As soon as that weekend was over, I viciously dismantled the mosaic and got to work on the new one. I've been going at it during this break, and this is how it looks like at the moment:

Posted Image

I hope to have it finished by the time BrickFair VA 2015 rolls around.

Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Any are welcome!



Posted by Zatth , Dec 21 2014 · 155 views

I was hospitalized at NIH a week ago, and while there my mom told me she was thinking of having us go on a vacation as a family to some theme parks in Florida. I was surprised, but super excited.

A week later, and it looks like we're going to Legoland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Should be fun. Stuck in a car with my sister for 14 hrs might be tough, but I WILL SURVIVE. I'm scared because we're visiting Legoland on the 31st, and I dunno if they'll have Bonkles in stock then. Because it would be unreal to buy my first Gen 2 BIONICLE from Legoland.

I'm excited about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter after reading the entire series for the first time in May (why, you ask? For a class. Yeah, my classes are THAT cool). Since I know what house I'm in I feel more pumped to go and shell out money on unnecessary things. BECAUSE I'M AN ADULT.

Any of y'all who have gone or live there have any tips? Preferably for Harry Potter since we've been to Legoland in California.


The Colbert Report

Posted by Zatth , Dec 19 2014 · 122 views

First off, don't think I'm not grieving about Korra being over, I just haven't seen it yet (I don't want to cry twice in one night).

ANYWHO, I just watched The Colbert Report finale. There were a lot of feels. And don't worry, no political message in this blag entry.

When I moved here five years ago, I came from Venezuela. For those who don't know, during the time that I lived there (2000-2009) I lived through a coup, the Venezuelan government threatening my home country, lack of basic food and medical needs, many of my friends being assaulted and almost murdered. Colombia wasn't much better. Even though I only lived in Colombia for three years, my parents lived through three political candidates being murdered, the newspaper where they both worked being bombed to nothing, and more. My uncle was murdered, my grandfather lost all his land leaving my mom's family almost penniless when she was in her teens. A car exploded a block from where my parents had parked their car. Had they been a block closer to the car, I would've been left an orphan at age three.

What did all this have in common? Not much freedom of speech. In Colombia, my parents being journalists meant that they could be targeted at any moment if they were to delve into investigative journalism. In Venezuela, I saw news stations being brought down, religious and secular places vandalized, and became paranoid of leaving my own house. Just this February, I spend a week not knowing if my friends had died protesting in the riots because the media in Venezuela didn't cover any of what was happening.

Why do I mention all this? I want y'all to be thankful. I have been amazed and grateful to live in a country where someone like Stephen Colbert can have a humorous political show and say things and not be killed or shut down or be forced to flee. I am amazed that a man can have a political caricature for nine years, and can end his show when he wants to.

We had a person like that in Colombia. Jaime Garzón was a comedian who basically had his own Daily Show/Colbert Report hybrid for almost a decade. His life was ended in 1999 by paramilitary forces, not just because he didn't shy away from the truth, but because he engaged in humanitarian efforts. I was four when my parents brought me to the front of our building. I remember waving a small white handkerchief at a black car that passed by the streets of Bogotá that day.

All I'm saying here is to think about that. The freedom of speech that y'all have. That a satirist can end his show by his own will, not by the bullet of an assassin. Don't take these things for granted, because they matter.

With that, I'm off to watch the Korra season finale and cry again.