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Wall Of History (Muro De La Historia)

Posted by Zatth , Oct 20 2015 · 484 views

ChocolateFrogs inquired about the subject in the latest Meet The Staff episode, calling me "the leading face for the Spanish[-speaking BIONICLE] online community" (which is too kind; I am nothing of the sort).

Nonetheless, it is true that over the past year I've been helping out to give back to the Spanish-speaking community. This has taken the form of a YouTube channel I started last year called El Muro De La Historia, or Wall Of History. I mention it now because I wasn't entirely sure I'd continue doing this for too long. A year later, we've got 75 subs and over 5,000 views, and it doesn't seem like people want us to go away :P

The only video in English we have so far is an interview we did with Kevin Hinkle, which I think all of y'all will enjoy (thanks to Sumiki for being a lovely cameraperson)

I hope this channel can, first and foremost, be a hub of content for the Spanish-speaking BIONICLE and LEGO community. However, I hope the channel expands beyond that main mission. When I return from Oxford I aim to start translating some of our videos in English, in the hopes of also providing to the English-speaking fans (our weekly series where we review the news in the LEGO world is one that I would love to start providing in English). I also hope to continue creating videos that not only share knowledge on conventions, theme parks, and the latest news, but also foster discussion and interest in the toyline we all love.

Feel free to suscribe if you want, though I will warn you that the YouTube subtitle feature will not help with the videos (unless your aim is to get a laugh, in which case I will highly recommend you turn on the subtitles). I can't say where the channel will be in a year, but as long as it allows me to continue helping out the community, I will be glad to welcome whatever comes :)


NaNoWriMo 2015

Posted by Zatth , Oct 11 2015 · 405 views

Made a topic for BZPers to discuss/plan/worry over NaNoWriMo! Head on over there to exchange novel/NaNo info, pitch ideas, and in general see there are many of us who are wild enough to try and write 50,000 words in one month!


Some Quick Updates

Posted by Zatth , Oct 08 2015 · 435 views

Ended up not being able to visit Brickeens as was planned :/

Realized the night before flying that Ireland isn't part of the U.K, and so I needed an Irish visa to visit Ireland (the benefits of being Colombian: you're internationally stigmatized due to your nationality). Had to cancel the trip at the very last minute. But on the bright side, it looks like the office in London should allow me to get an Irish visa quite quickly, so the trip is just postponed, not cancelled!

Started as a student of New College this week. Doing a course on Shakespeare and Metatheatre, and one on the Romantics (Poetry and Prose). Also our college campus is intercut by the old city walls. So that's kind of cool, or something?

Will be doing NaNoWriMo this year! If you're doing it as well, look me up as Zatth! Here's the (tentative) cover so that I feel bad if I don't finish it!

Posted Image


Sumiki has a phrase I have stolen from him: "I can't brain today, I have the dumb." Yesterday I discovered there is a word in the English language that means exactly that.



An Evening With Brickeens ft. Pablo

Posted by Zatth , Sep 25 2015 · 467 views

Posted Image

(okay, i should provide some context. we have a vacation week starting tomorrow, and my trip will include legoland windsor on the 27th, doctor who experience and cardiff on the 28th and 29th, and then a flight from bristol to visit brickeens. spoiler alert: the trip to visit him was actually the reason for the study abroad program)



Posted by Zatth , Sep 23 2015 · 454 views

I'm sitting in a flat in the centre of Oxford, doing a semester-long program.

A year ago, we never would've imagined that I could live alone. That I could live alone in another country, without my doctors and parents. That I could study and be myself and learn and make mistakes and keep growing.

I'm sitting in my (not really mine) creaky black chair, putting aside a one-page essay I have to finish, in order to read breaking news.

Around 30 minutes ago, the announcement came that the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla group have reached an agreement on the fifth and toughest part of a possible peace accord. They're saying the conflict should end, at most, by March 2016.

I've been on this earth for 20 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 3 days. Of those, none have known a day of peace in Colombia. For the first time, I (and so many of us) will know what it means to live in a time of peace.

I've often felt naive, too optimistic for my own good. But there are days here and there when the universe and those around you remind you that, sometimes, it's good to be hopeful and to dream the impossible. Because maybe, just maybe, the impossible can come to be.




Posted by Zatth , Sep 02 2015 · 474 views

There's a tower built by William the Conqueror, it's one of the two oldest buildings on campus.

And it's a block away from my flat. I pass it on my way out every morning.

What is this place and can I haz it forever.

(also hi yes i am safe and sound and england is lovely)


BrickFair VA - Omnibus 2015

Posted by Zatth , Aug 25 2015 · 578 views

You asked for it (at least, I hope you did), and here it is!


when you ask people to give input on a name for a photo album for your semester abroad in england and a friend gives his artistic input

Posted by Zatth , Aug 18 2015 · 493 views

Posted Image

(currently adding onto this thing of beauty by adding Picasso and Neruda poking their heads by the sides)


Team Farm Animals: UPDATE ALERT

Posted by Zatth , Aug 10 2015 · 448 views


(i'm very tired)