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Zatth Blag



Posted by Zatth , Apr 17 2010 · 195 views
I'm sick.

It sucks.



Much Stuff, Man

Posted by Zatth , Jan 20 2010 · 204 views
So a lot of stuff hapenned today:

*I got Skopio after waiting for a month

*I played Halo 3 and came up with an idea with Toa Phoenix

*I saw how the first chapter of KoS's audiobook for RotGB was posted. Yay.

In general... I guess life is good.



Posted by Zatth , Dec 22 2009 · 346 views
I saw Avatar, and I loved its message.

You can't try to take over others for resources, even if they seem savages. They are also sentient, you know? Also, don't mate with the female that already has a mate.

Oh yeah, and awesomesauce effects.




Posted by Zatth , Nov 24 2009 · 235 views
Sp, BIONICLE is ending. I'll take a 30 day hiatus until I can absorb this fully.

Goodbye until December, everyone.



Posted by Zatth , Nov 23 2009 · 266 views
So funny how many behave when a member says they have been taken by Life. Some members act as if that person is never coming back, others as if nothing. Sooner or later, they return. Plus, they always visit.



Posted by Zatth , Nov 21 2009 · 217 views
So I got from a Waffle, I mean WACFL, and I didn't do that well. If that wasn't bad, I have a fever, and are really sick. Whoopee.


They're Here!

Posted by Zatth , Nov 20 2009 · 279 views
Yes! biggrin.gif Today I arrived home to find that all my belongings had finally arrived from overseas! smile.gif I now have all my posessions! Now... I have to organize all my BIONICLE and LEGO unsure.gif ... woot sad.gif



Posted by Zatth , Nov 17 2009 · 392 views
I convinced (and irritated) my parents to take me to Toys R Us. So at 8:30 p.m we were at the store, and I saw them!

There they were!

The Stars!

I got Tahu, Rahkshi, and Piraka (Nektann). Perhaps I'll get the reamining 3 when I've paid off my toy debts that I owe... my parents sad.gif



Posted by Zatth , Nov 13 2009 · 384 views
So I went to see 2012 today. It was a pretty interesting movie. I loved the effects, but as always, there were some downsides that can't be avoided, but that still made me bored:

1. Characters nobody likes die

2. Before almost all the deaths there is a sentimental moment

3. The main characters always seem to save themselves in impossible ways

But still, that can't be avoided. Still, overall it was a good movie.

And if you want to know, no. I don't believe in 2012.


Homework Excuse

Posted by Zatth , Nov 03 2009 · 266 views
In Math class, we had to do some homework for tomorrow. This girl raises her voice and shouts the most ridiculous statement today:

"But Mr. _________, I can't do homework today, I have to go to the Hannah Montana concert! ... and ... I also have a medical appointment."

So some of us actually have after-school activities dealing with helping poor people, or some of us help family in other moments, or some ACTUALLY have medical appointments. Is it really smart to tell your teaher you can't do schoolwork because of a concert?

I don't understand how she's still in that class.