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There is no place to run



Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 08 2012 · 699 views
Alright. Where my peeps at? I know you're out there so report in.


Yet Another Pony Entry

Posted by Kevin Owens , Oct 17 2011 · 315 views

Who would have ever guessed that a children's show about friendship could cause so much vitriol?


What I Did During The Downtime

Posted by Kevin Owens , Oct 14 2011 · 198 views

Posted Image

And maybe some other things?



Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 20 2011 · 288 views

Welcome to the no whining zone.


Trans Siberian Orchestra

Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 19 2011 · 255 views
Music Monday

They'll be playing in town tonight.

I won't be going.



Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 18 2011 · 269 views


Lil' John

Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 14 2011 · 222 views
Music Monday
Gato: Let's be perfectly honest here
Gato: Lil' John is the greatest artist of our time
Aho: how so
Gato: Just the way he uses his words to express himself
Gato: It's elegant in it's simplicity
Gato: Beautiful in it's brutality
Aho:: ah
Gato: It touches me in a way that other artists can only dream of
Gato: I'm listening to his album Crunk Juice
Gato: And it's really just pure beauty in an audible form
Aho: lol

The question is, am I being serious or am I being facetious?


The David Bowie Contest

Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 07 2011 · 488 views
I'm making this public. It's time for a Moderator Challenge!

It has recently come to my attention that not many people know about David Bowie. David didn't really do Glam Metal. He was born before metal was even a genre. He did Glam Rock. I talked with some people a bit off BZP, and they admitted they had no idea who David Bowie was. I honestly thought they were trolling, but in reality it turns they you just didn't know.

So that's why I'm going to give yourself a chance to improve yourself. To expand your horizons. To see what's out there in the world. Since you obviously know nothing about Bowie, you will learn and you will tell us of your findings. There will be three sections to this contest, and each section will be put to a vote. The person with the most votes gets nothing special except the admiration of thous around him.

Remember people, there are no losers here. Each and every single one of you is a winner for taking the time to learn something new.

You have until April 15th to get your entries in!

You may pick one of these three.

1) Dress up like David Bowie

In this challenge, you will dress like David Bowie. It doesn't have to be something that he once wore. It just has to look like something he'd wear. This will be informitive as it will force you to think like David Bowie and look and examine just what his taste in fashion is. You will prove that you have dressed like David Bowie by posting a picture of yourself in the clothes in question.

2) Sing like David Bowie

For this challenge, you will sing a David Bowie song. I don't care which one, but it will be BZP appropriate. You will then host the audio file and post it here. You don't have to have any backing, your simple voice will suffice.

3) Praise David Bowie

In this challenge, you will praise David Bowie and write a 500 word minimum summary of the achievements of David Bowie. You may not copy and paste from any website, and doing so will make your entry null and void and you will be forced to do one of the other challenges. The summary must be a praise article, you must not be facetious, sarcastic, or otherwise demeaning of David Bowie. If you do so, your entry will be null and void and you will do one of the other challenges.

Entry Format

[b]Section Entered:[/b]
[b]Entry[/b][/ code]


Q: But what if we know of/like Bowie?
A: You can still enter! Remember, this is about broadening your horizons. Explore an area of Bowie's accomplishments that you weren't aware of. I'm sure that (most of) you haven't recorded yourself singing a Bowie song or dressed up like Bowie, so those are fair game.

Q: Also do I win the contest if I successfully put out fire with gasoline?
A: Doing so and posting a video of you doing so will net you an auto-win.

seriously though please don't do this



My Whole Life Is A Lie

Posted by Kevin Owens , Apr 05 2011 · 412 views
Rakaru619: I also never realized that the main character of VeggieTales is a fruit.
The Lunar Rabbit: Huh
The Lunar Rabbit: I guess he is
Rakaru619: I'm now looking up cucumbers
Rakaru619: because I honestly don't know what they are
Rakaru619: as in fruit/vegetable/somethingalien
Rakaru619: huh
Rakaru619: I guess they're fruits too
The Lunar Rabbit: Spink
The Lunar Rabbit: You have ruined my childhood
Rakaru619: VeggieTales has lied to me ;-;
The Lunar Rabbit: May I blog this?
Rakaru619: feel free
Rakaru619: let's ruin EVERYONE'S CHILDHOOD 8D
The Lunar Rabbit: WOOP WOOP

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