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There is no place to run


Name Change

Posted by Kevin Owens , Oct 04 2006 · 34 views

That's right! I am no longer Tasty Wheat. I am.... drumroll please.

Bah Fine

*Drum roll is brought to you by Mog's home baked Brownies. When you want that home cooked taste. You can't go wrong with Mog.*

Not Tasty Wheat!

it is fair and just. You stole my Idea!

How'd you get here?

I took the elevator.

So yet another joins the crowd of personalities.

Yeah, we already have a ton already.

Shut up all of you before I start firing you. pirate.gif


P Is For Purple

Posted by Kevin Owens , Oct 02 2006 · 53 views

This blog entery is not dedicated to anyone.

But you can still talk about Omi.



Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 30 2006 · 42 views
Oh yeah!

I promise you that none of those posts were spam!

But you're still being beaten!

Oh shut up Rage.

Anyway, at the rate I'm going I'm probably going to hit the big 1000 in the next few weeks! happy.gif

Not if the Mods stop all you're spamming.

sleep.gif Nobody loves me.


Tell Me Bzp....

Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 30 2006 · 40 views

I currently have a ball joint lodged up my nose. Any Idea on what to do?

Feel free to check out my new music video Otherworld



Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 28 2006 · 96 views
I might be rather new to the critique of art. I can't swing my weight around like some artists have. Heck, I don't even have that much to throw around. But I have seen a lot of art and have a decent sense of anatomy. I can generally distinguish between good art and bad.

But theirs always been something that has pushed my buttons. It has started ever since I started regularly visiting the Art forum.

For the love of all that is holy, do not make female breast's spheres/have them have no chest at all.

I'll start with the spheres first. It's quite easily the most screwed up part of a female next to proportions. People just like to slap on two circles in the chest area and call it a day. It looks awful and is totally wrong. Breasts are if anything tear drop shaped.

But perhaps even worse than spherical breasts is the lack of breasts at all. Nothing steams me more than a female without a chest. It's like toast without butter. It just doesn't work. They have boobs. Draw em'! Not however that I am not telling out to go out and make every female drawing of yours a Dolly Parkson. Not at all. Just make em noticible.

I beg of you General Art, just give it a shot.


Halfway To The Four Digits.

Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 26 2006 · 44 views

I recently just got 500 posts.

Here's the moc Topic in celebration.

Pease feel free to senselessly praise me.



Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 24 2006 · 43 views
I hate sundays.


Pinkishly Purplish

Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 22 2006 · 47 views



Breaking News

Posted by Kevin Owens , Sep 21 2006 · 27 views


About Me

"I have never seen such a cocky and egocentric man (or woman) with such an inflated, festering wound of self entitlement as yourself." - Hothead
"He's an easy guy to love, but really hard to respect." - Princess Grace

There was BZP information here but the updates borked it and everyone knows BZP doesn't really matter.

Personal Pronouns: He/She
Age: 24
Height: 6'
Status: Remember.  You're stuck here forever.
Temperament: Fickle
Adores: Hugs
Current goal: To find a new job
Currently learning: How to overcome the pains that addictions bring
Basic interests: Video games, hanging out with friends, writing, reading, role playing, digging myself into holes
Currently shipping: Gato x Ran Sama, Rose x Marie x Clover X Kirsten x  Nixie x Rachel x Alex x Terra x Samantha x Elizabeth x Jessica x Amaranth x ALEX
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