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There is no place to run


Greatest Thing Ever!

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 23 2006 · 36 views




You can all go home now.


*insert Witty Title Here*

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 21 2006 · 33 views
Bleh, I've lost my funny touch. I was over at exo's recording videos yesterday, and I just could't be random. Its awful. I need something to jump start my funny. Like a pick me up or something...

Did some one say pick up lines?

No amorous, go away.


Now where was I?


Another Day...

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 19 2006 · 39 views
another name.

That's right people. I have a new name. Now longer am I TheMog, not Mog. Now I am TASTY WHEAT!!! No! Don't think about it. Just be consumed in the all powerful randomness that is tasty wheat!!!!


Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb!

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 18 2006 · 44 views
Yeah. Somebody set up da bomb on my compy. So its totaled now. That means I can't comic anymore so this means the end of Mog's comics. Yeah, pretty sad.

I know something you don't know! B6 is the bingo!


The Official Guide To Strange Compulsion

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 14 2006 · 39 views

Check out that nifty guide on the left. Just made it. It ranks an awsome/10 in my book.

In other new people are starting to take notice of my 'attempts' at being popular through.... questionable methods.

The Notice Wheel

Looks like I'm going to have to be more careful from now on. No more daylight excursions. I must remain secret and update at night. Today a comic. TOMOROW A FORUM MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!1783124895734286&^


New Blog Title!

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 13 2006 · 50 views
I finally changed the title of my blog. Quite fitting, isn't it!


er... moving on...
I was walking down the street the other day. I came across the coolest Chinease resturant ever. Apearently chicky chang got him a restraunt now!

IPB Image

Yeah, pretty cool.


Return Of The Dalu Attack

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 12 2006 · 41 views
Bleh. Dalu attackted me again. There I was minding my own business writing. I look up to see Dalu. OH I'll always remember that smirk on her face. Oh the horor. The smirk. The eyes. The ketchup! SO anyways, she jumped up on my sholder. I thrashed around trying to get her off. Then it happened.


Gosh, you take ONE picture and a gal holds a grudge forever.


Chuck Norized

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 11 2006 · 50 views
Exo once went to a dance. Not even Chuck Norris could witness the shear horror.

Ooooh burn!



Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 11 2006 · 47 views
My computer fell on my foot. It hurt!



Bleh Or Meh?

Posted by Exit Sign Fuses , Aug 09 2006 · 26 views
Good news: I'm eating a HUGE bowl of ice cream.

Bad news: I'm feeling like junk in da trunk.

Halfway through the peru trip I got a bad cough. I come back home and get a bad runny nose on top of my cough. I'm constantly tired and Ocirist is gone so no one coments on my daily comics. Tomorrow I'm going to have to tripple post (Lets just see how that goes over tongue.gif)

Bleh, that was such a non funny entry. But then again, none of mine are. OOOOOOH BURN!!!!


Wait, did I just insult myself?


About Me

"I have never seen such a cocky and egocentric man (or woman) with such an inflated, festering wound of self entitlement as yourself." - Hothead
"He's an easy guy to love, but really hard to respect." - Princess Grace

There was BZP information here but the updates borked it and everyone knows BZP doesn't really matter.

Personal Pronouns: He/She
Age: 24
Height: 6'
Status: Remember.  You're stuck here forever.
Temperament: Fickle
Adores: Hugs
Current goal: To find a new job
Currently learning: How to overcome the pains that addictions bring
Basic interests: Video games, hanging out with friends, writing, reading, role playing, digging myself into holes
Currently shipping: Gato x Ran Sama, Rose x Marie x Clover X Kirsten x  Nixie x Rachel x Alex x Terra x Samantha x Elizabeth x Jessica x Amaranth x ALEX
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Favorite Salad Dressing: Honey Mustard

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