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There is no place to run


Bleh Or Meh?

Posted by Kevin Owens , Aug 09 2006 · 156 views
Good news: I'm eating a HUGE bowl of ice cream.

Bad news: I'm feeling like junk in da trunk.

Halfway through the peru trip I got a bad cough. I come back home and get a bad runny nose on top of my cough. I'm constantly tired and Ocirist is gone so no one coments on my daily comics. Tomorrow I'm going to have to tripple post (Lets just see how that goes over tongue.gif)

Bleh, that was such a non funny entry. But then again, none of mine are. OOOOOOH BURN!!!!


Wait, did I just insult myself?



Back From The Dead

Posted by Kevin Owens , Aug 05 2006 · 120 views
I'm back from the dead once again. You only live twice so I guess I better be the man with the golden gun!

Yeah, I'm back from Peru. It was a mission trip so I can't go over a lot of the stuff. However what I can go over...

The showers are insane where we slept. No hot water whatsoever. And the water pressure was ######. So I was pretty much stuck with uber cold showers for most of the trip.

They should make a new ride in disney world and call it 'The Peruvian Taxi'. The drivers there are insane. No bodys watching out for you so you have to look out for yourselves. What should be two lane streets become five lanes. Horns are constantly going off.

I'll probably open my comic topic tomorow. So adieu!

YAY I FOUND THE GOLDEN GUN!!!! *Runs off to find Darkshines*



Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 22 2006 · 114 views
You. Yeah you. Come over there. Don't worry. I will bite.
Yeah. Well you wanna hear a bit of juicy grapefruit? Er... I mean gossip. Well you can't tell anyone I told you this. It tends to get some... people upset.

Well it turns out that Spitteh runs a comodore 64. YA RLY. His monitor even has 'Etch A Sketch' on the side. His modem has a 2 bit conection. Fo real.

Now don't get me started on Lady Kopaka. No seriously. Dont. I tend to get vulgar.

Bleh, Cee is a whole new ball park... if you know what I mean. He's running a 286. I asked him 'What kinda chip are you using?' He said 'A Dorito.' And then I said 'I like grapefruits, if you know what I mean.'

So that's your daily bit o' gossip... if you know what I mean.

You know what I mean.... right?



Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 18 2006 · 116 views
Bleh. That's how I'm feeling now. THe thing is, I don't think that my comic isn't being as funny as it could and SHOULD be. But then again, I'm moving into more of a serious comic. I feel as if... as if I should just ditch my recent comics and keep up with the funny ones. However, theres a problem. I'm bone dry of funny things. I haven't come up with anything funny recently. Mayhaps thats why I'm moving into more of a serious comic...

And then there's my blog. Recently a very good friend of mine (Cap'n Exo/Problematique/Exo M7/ Exo of Valrock) just got BoTW. Now I feel like I have something to live up to. Some sort of goal that I have to acomplish with this blog. And that's not how I want my blog to feel. I want my blog to be a place where I can be as random as I want to be and still have some serious ones every so often. Now I'm feeling pressured to do more funny blog entries and make them more funny.


And in a completely unrelated note I made you a cookie but I eated it.



Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 17 2006 · 174 views
I had a cookie for breakfast. That makes me holier than thou. So there. You fail/10 at life!



Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 16 2006 · 153 views

I stalk Omi because he's so cool. I wub Omi. I have dedicated this blog entry to Omi. Because he's so cool. And stuff....

Why am I here again?


Thought Provoking?

Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 15 2006 · 167 views

Well I was bored and hungry today so I ate a tape measurer. So I was all like ‘Yum’ and stuff. However my Mom said ‘All your base are belong to us!’ And I was all like ‘What you say!’ And then she got all indignant on me and said ‘OWNED BY THE FLAMING UNDEAD GRAPEFRUITS!!!!’ And then I said ‘O ######!!!!’ And then we went on a picnic.

However on the picnic the flaming monkeys came back and they wanted my tongue. AGAIN! So I was all like ‘No. And then they got all angry. So decided to attack them with a flame thrower. Well it turned out that that wasn’t that hot of an idea because they were already ON fire. So I hit them with a fire extinguisher and they fled.

And that’s my day in a nut shell!


Blog Lock Down

Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 13 2006 · 186 views

Comencing the Blog Lock Down. Please stand by...

Blog lockdown finished. Thank you for your time.


Blog Lock Down

Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 12 2006 · 184 views
Tomorow (7/13/06) I will comence the first EVER blog lockdown. From 1200 to 1300 all blog entries will be locked. If you notice something strange between that time it is merely an effect of the blog lock down.

Thank you for your time.


When Dalu Attacks

Posted by Kevin Owens , Jul 11 2006 · 153 views
So I was just walking along minding my own business when I felt an icy tingle run down my spine. Someone was watching me. I shudered with fear wondering who it could be. I quickly whirled about only to come face to face with Dalu. I shudered with horor wondering what she could be contimplating behind that emotionless stare of hers. A smirk swept across her face. My mind was screaming for me to run but my feet wouldn't obey. and then WHAM!!!!!

I'm still missing the eyeball.

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